12V Socket Hardwire Kit Comparison: Power Magic Pro vs. Vico-Power Plus

The BlackVue Power Magic Pro has been around for more than 4 years and has undergone some revisions since it was first released. The voltage cutoff levels have been changed from 11.8V/12.0V to 12.0V/12.5V. This sort of hardwire kit with a female cigarette socket has become less popular over the years as manufacturers like Thinkware and BlackSys have moved towards direct hardwire kits which are significantly smaller in size. That being said, there is still a market for this style of hardwire kit and the two main contenders today are the Power Magic Pro and VicoVation's Vico-Power Plus.

Vico power plus power magic pro

Power Magic Pro (PMP)

The Power Magic Pro is the simpler of these two hardwire kits. It's also significantly cheaper at about half the price with a few less features. We like that BlackVue/Pittasoft has included the dip switch configurations on the label of the PMP now as it makes changing settings a lot easier. That being said, the new voltage cutoff level of 12.5V is essentially useless as most cars will shut off immediately when the ignition is switched off. This is because healthy car batteries should be at around 12.6V while the car is off but given the voltage loss that occurs through the wiring of the PMP, 12.5V happens rather quickly if not immediately. The physical on-off switch determines whether power is supplied when the car is off and is very helpful for those that don't want their battery drained while the car is parked in their garage.

VicoVation Vico-Power PLUS

It's clear when unboxing the Vico-Power PLUS that it's a more sophisticated hardwire kit. The LCD screen has large and clear text which may be easier for some users than the dip switches used on the PMP. However, the button interface and navigating the menus can be a little confusing. The range of voltage cut offs is awesome and greatly appreciated over the limited choices provided on the PMP. With the VicoVation, you can configure this to your heart's content as every 0.2V increment between 11.4-12.6V is available.

One unique feature is the high temperature cutoff which will turn your dash cam off if the cabin reaches a certain temperature. We're not sure if this is particularly useful as many higher end dash cams have an internal cutoff and the temperature between where the hardwire kit is mounted can vary greatly. Perhaps more importantly, we do feel that the VicoVation is a better built device. It uses an in-line fuse to prevent issues if there are any shorts and the supplied dual lock tape is excellent to use. The overall materials and build quality feel great and it's a lot smaller than what pictures might lead one on to believe.

What do we recommend?

The PMP is a great choice and will be very cost-effective if you are okay with a hardwire kit that only really has a 12.0V cutoff. However, if your vehicle needs a higher cutoff level, such as heavy duty diesel trucks, then the Power-PLUS may be a better choice. Also if you run a secondary battery or simply want to run a more aggressive voltage cutoff, VicoVation's hardwire kit has you covered as well.

In terms of installation, both hardwire kits use the same sort of wire configuration. Pick up two add-a-fuses and a circuit tester and you should be able to complete the installation. That being said, the slightly larger size of the Power-PLUS may be a bit harder to place within certain vehicles.

What dash cams are compatible with these hardwire kits?

As we mentioned previously, direct wire dash cams like the Thinkware F800 Pro use a direct hardwire kit. Dash Cams that use this kind of setup are not compatible with the Vico Power Plus or Power Magic Pro as they will not know when to switch into parking mode. Battery packs like the BlackVue B-112 and Cellink Battery B are also incompatible as these hardwire kits cannot supply sufficient current to charge them.

Here are some of the dash cam models that are supported by the Power Magic Pro and Vico-Power PLUS. This is not an exhaustive list, if your dash cam is capable of using motion detection mode through a 12V/Cigarette power cable, it should also work.

Comparison Chart

Power Magic Pro Vico-Power Plus
12V Voltage Cutoff Yes Yes
12V Cutoff Levels 12.0/12.5 V 11.4/ 11.6/ 11.8/ 12.0/ 12.2/ 12.4/ 12.6 V
24V Voltage Cutoff Yes Yes
24V Cutoff Levels 22.8/23.2 V 23.2/ 23.4/ 23.6/ 23.8/ 24.0/ 24.2/ 24.4/ 24.6 V
Accessory Mode Switch Yes Yes
Timer Cutoff Yes Yes
Infinity Timer Setting Yes Yes
High Temperature Cutoff No Yes
LCD Screen No Yes

Installation Video