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Dash Cam Installation Hub

Everything you need to know about installing your own dash cam

Regardless of vehicle or product type, it’s important that your dash cam installation is set up correctly or you may miss out on important video footage when an accident occurs. Dash cam installation may look more difficult than it actually is, but by following our instructions below, we will make sure your dash cam installation goes smoothly.

There are several different methods for installing your dash cam, ranging from easy to intermediate. We will take you through each method below.


~5 minutes

OBD Install

~20 minutes


~1.5 hours

Battery Pack

~2 hours

Dash Cam Installation Methods

Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA)

Installing with a CLA is the most straightforward, plug-and-play option which only requires you to plug the 12V power cable to your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Installation can take as little as 5 minutes.

These typically come included with your purchase, but if you need one, shop for one here.

CLA Installation

How this plug-and-play solution works

OBD-II Install

This OBD-II power cable installation method is a straightforward approach to powering your camera, offering easy access to your vehicle's onboard diagnostics port & unlocking parking mode. Installation can take about 20 minutes or less.

Shop for an OBD-II power cable here.

What is an OBD cable?

Created as an easy plug-and-play solution to unlock parking mode

OBD Power Cable Install

Complete installation guide

IROAD OBD-II Power Cable Install

Complete installation guide

Hardwiring Install

This hardwiring & add-a-fuse installation method is essential for enabling 24/7 parking mode & ensuring uninterrupted power and protection for your vehicle. Installation can take around 1.5 hours, dependent on vehicle model.

Hardwiring kits come included for most dash cams, but if you need one, shop for a hardwiring kit here.

Hardwiring Installation

A complete installation guide

Add-a-Fuse Installation

How add-a-fuse works in hardwiring

Battery Pack Installation

Installing with a battery pack takes the hardwiring installation method to the next level by unlocking parking mode without draining your vehicle's battery. Installation can take around 2 hours, dependent on vehicle model.

Shop for a battery pack here.

What is a Battery Pack?

Battery packs are designed to maximize your parking mode

Battery Pack Installation

Complete installation guide

Output Cable

Choosing the right output cable for your battery pack

Wire Splicing Guide

How to fuse and connect multiple cables together

Installation By Vehicle Types

Check out our wide range of vehicle-specific installs in our installation gallery


Dash cam installation tailored for SUVs & hatchbacks' unique needs


Hybrid-specific dash cam setup for seamless integration


Dash cam installation optimized for electric vehicle compatibility

Pickup Truck

Easy-to-follow dash cam installation guides for pick-up trucks


Dash cam solutions tailored for cargo trucks & large vans

Installation Notes By Brands


Advice and Guidance for working around BMW systems


Common dash cam installation issues with Mazda vehicles


Installing a dash camera in a Subaru around its Eyesight system

Setting Up Your Dash Cam

Discreet Setup

Exploring discreet dash cam setups: How to seamlessly integrate your camera into your vehicle for minimal visual impact while maintaining full functionality.

For the easiest installation, shop our Essential Installation tools.

Discreet Setup Guide

Things to consider when setting up your dash cam

Discreet Setup Tips

Advantages of a discreet setup

Dash Cams & Airbags

How to safety run dash cam wires over your airbags


Master the basics of dash cam mounting: Key tips for secure and effective positioning to capture the best possible footage.

Mounts & tapes come with your dash cam, but if you need more, shop Mounts & Tapes here.

Positioning the Cams

Find the best positioning for optimal visuals

Installing a Rear Cam

How to best install the rear camera

Using a Magnet Mount

Installing your rear camera with a magnet mount

Uninstall Guide

Follow our straightforward guide to safely uninstalling your dash cam, ensuring no damage to your device or vehicle.

How to Uninstall

How to safely remove your dash cam with no damage

Car Tint

How to uninstall a dash cam from a tinted window