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Installing a Dash Cam with a Battery Pack

The Best Way to Install For Those Who Want the Greatest Protection For Their Vehicles

Installing a Dash Cam with a Battery Pack

A dash cam battery pack is a highly recommended product for those who value parking-mode recording and want the greatest protection for their vehicles. These battery packs do many things, such as: providing greater recording duration, eliminating wear-and-tear on the vehicle’s battery and allowing a simple connection to just the vehicle’s 12V cigarette socket with a cigarette lighter adapter (CLA) and still achieving parking-mode recording.

We offer three batteries: the Cellink NEO Battery Pack, the BlackVue B-124 Ultra Battery Pack and the Thinkware iVOLT BAB-50 Battery Pack. Installation for both are the same, and both of these battery packs are compatible with all the dash cams we sell. The output cable that you need differs depending on the dash cam you're installing, so we will make sure you have the right cables during your purchase.

There are different ways to install a dash cam battery pack, which we will explain in detail below:

Battery Packs We Offer

BlackVue B-124X

Recommended For BlackVue

Thinkware iVOLT BAB-50

Recommended For Thinkware

These batteries both feature Bluetooth technology with smartphone integration, whose apps are both Android and Apple-compatible.

From there, the apps will show useful information such as overall remaining battery life, whether the battery is charging or discharging and time remaining until fully charged.

For Product Specific Information

The following is a general guide for installing dash cam battery packs. Click on your battery below for more:

BlackVue B-124X Power Magic Ultra

Cellink NEO Battery Pack

Thinkware iVOLT BAB-50 Battery

Method #1:
Hardwiring Installation

Hardwiring a dash cam battery pack with your vehicle is very similar to the traditional regular hardwire method. Please read our hardwiring guide if you are unfamiliar.

Power Input Hardwire Cable

The traditional method of hardwiring involves connecting a hardwiring kit to the vehicle's fusebox. You have to connect one wire from your hardwiring kit to a constant fuse (typically red), whereas the other wire will go into an ACC/ignition-switched fuse (typically yellow). Your last wire (in the shape of a ring or a C) will go to the metal ground bolt.

In hardwiring a battery pack, you will be using a Power Input Hardwire Cable, where you only have to connect the ACC (ignition-switched) fuse, and the other wire to a ground bolt. The last outlet will specifically be for your dash cam battery pack.

Cellink NEO Owners

As the NEO is compatible with many dash cams in the market, for compatibility reasons, your output cables (the cable connecting the battery to the dash cam) may be different. The installation process will be the same. Please visit our Cellink NEO Setup Guide for more information.

Ensure that you have the battery set to the “HIGH” input selection in order to maximize the quicker charging via hardwire. A full charge from empty will take about 60 minutes.

Power Input Hardwire Cable

Method #2:
Cigarette Socket

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

For a simple installation, a dash cam battery pack can also be connected to the vehicle’s cigarette socket, for those who do not wish to hardwire. Please read our cigarette lighter adapter installation guide if you are unfamiliar.

For a simple cigarette socket installation, you would simply need to insert the included 12V cigarette adapter into your vehicle’s cigarette socket. Ensure that your vehicle’s cigarette socket does turn off when the vehicle is off, otherwise the battery pack will continue to draw power until your vehicle’s battery is dead (as there is no voltage cutoff protection).

Ensure that you have the battery set to the “LOW” input selection so as to not blow the cigarette socket fuse due to high power draw. A full charge from empty will take about 90 minutes.

Power Input 12V Cigarette Plug

One Last Step

Whichever method you choose to install with, the final installation processes after installing remains the same. Make sure your dash cam is working properly prior to this.

You would need to tuck wires into panels, seams and headlining of the vehicle. The only difference is that the battery packs must be hidden somewhere safe, preferably under the driver's or front passenger's seats, or areas in the trunk or in the glove box compartment. We also recommend taping or zip tying the excess wires out of the way (included in our Essential Install Package) in your vehicle so it doesn't block any access to your fuse box.

We typically recommend under the driver’s or front passenger’s seats, areas in the trunk or in the glove box compartment. The BlackVue B-124 and Cellink NEO Battery Pack both include velcro-sided adhesives, making them useful when mounting onto carpets.

Hide the wire between A pillar to B pillar.

Hide the wire along the headliner

Hide rest of the wire underneath the carpet and the passenger's seat.

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Battery Pack Dash Cam Installation

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