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BlackVue 3-Wire Hardwiring Kit (for X and X Plus Series)

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BlackVue 3-Wire Hardwiring Kit for X-Series

Hardwiring cable to connect your dashcam to your vehicle’s battery via the fuse panel. The BlackVue X-Series dashcams feature built-in timer and voltage monitoring for Parking Mode.

BlackVue Part No. CH-3P1

Parking Mode

BlackVue X-Series dash cams

Hardwire Install

Hardwiring Solution

Want to hard-wire your BlackVue X-Series dash cam directly to your vehicle's electrical system? The BlackVue 3-Wire Hardwiring Cable works with all X-Series dash cams to offer you a hassle-free power solution to unlock your dash cam's parking mode features.

The 3-Wire Hardwiring Kit connects directly to your vehicle's fuse box so that your X-series dash cam will remain on at all times, as long as your vehicle's battery is above the safety threshold you have specified in your dash cam configuration during setup.


The BlackVue 3-Wire Hardwiring Kit utilizes the new low-voltage protection feature that is now built-in to X-Series BlackVue dash cams

Compatible with the following models:

The 3-Wire Hardwiring Cable does not contain any low-voltage cutoff logic, and should not be used with the BlackVue S-Series.

Fuse Box Connections

The 3-Wire Hardwiring Cable adapts 12V vehicles electrical system to all BlackVue X-Series dash cams.

Fuse Box Connections:

  • Black: Ground
  • Red: ACC, or switched power
  • Yellow: Battery, or constant power

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What's Included

  • BlackVue 3-Wire Hardwiring Cable (4.5m / 14.7 ft)
  • 6-months Warrant

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