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Top Auto Crime Prevention Tips to Reduce Your Risks and Loss

Auto crime is a serious concern for all car owners, and with the recent surge in crime levels, one can't be too careful about these things. No one ever thinks that something like this would ever happen to them until it does. You don't have to experience something of this sort to be concerned about the safety of your vehicle. Auto crime prevention has become increasingly relevant and more sophisticated over the years – car alarm systems are not the only layer of security you have at your disposal now; they are helpful but far from enough.

This article will discuss some of the essential tips and recommendations to help you prevent the theft of your vehicle and share expert insights about the matter. We will also discuss the technological advancements and shed light on how being open to such must-haves can reduce the risk of getting involved in an auto crime and reduce your loss if you unfortunately became a victim of auto crime. You can't always be there for your vehicle, and you can't always find a perfectly safe parking spot, but you do need a foolproof system to keep your car safe no matter what – read on to find out how this can be made possible!

The Thinkware F200 PRO Dash Cam Comes To The Rescue

The most significant deterrent for most people with regards to getting a dashcam is the budget. Technology has become increasingly accessible and more affordable over the years; thus, getting your hands on a budget dash cam with all the high-quality features of a premium product is not very hard. You can land a decent product within a more affordable range and not have to compromise on the quality of the product itself and the capabilities that come with it.

Getting a dashcam should not be an overly expensive venture, and the product in discussion is a perfect example of that – Thinkware F200 PRO Dual-Channel Full HD WiFi Dash Cam. This product has redefined what it means to be a budget-friendly dash cam with premium features and unparalleled reliability. It is an entry-level product that can capture footage from both the front and the rear in perfect HD quality, that is 1080p, making the image quality crystal clear and very helpful in the event of attempted theft, i.e., identifying the culprit. With a 140° wide-angle, superb night vision capabilities, and a handy Parking Mode, the camera does not miss on anything – you'll see everything you need and whenever you need to.

In your bid to secure your car from any crook, your primary asset would be to get a capable dashcam system that covers the features we've mentioned above. Best of all, the product is very affordable and does not demand much technical expertise from the users' ends either. Being an entry-level product, it is the perfect first-of-its-kind gadget you might want to install in your car to keep it completely safe on the streets while driving and when parked.

Track Your Vehicle Anytime, Anywhere with BlackVue

The ability to track your car, review dashboard footage, and remotely access data coming from your vehicle is the perfect anti-theft package - and you can do it all with a Cloud-ready dash cam. The Thinkware U1000 and the BlackVue DR900X Plus are marvelous 4K UHD Cloud dash cams, but one thing they lack is a built-in LTE module. And that's what makes the latest BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus the perfect anti-theft must-have.

The BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus comes with a built-in LTE module -all you need is an active data SIM card. No need for additional mobile hotspot devices or the CM100 LTE module. With the built-in LTE module, the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus can connect to the BlackVue Over The Cloud anytime, anywhere, giving you the ability to track your car, playback footage, backup the files onto the Cloud, as well as two-way voice communication with the person(s) in the vehicle. Now, that has to stop them from doing any further damage to your car.

Other Anti-Theft Devices To Look For

Dash cams are only one segment of the picture. There are a ton of other anti-theft devices to go for as well. For instance, you can try out electronic immobilizers which cut the vehicle's ignition, making it utterly immobile in the event of theft. With the ignition system cut off, the car is practically disabled – the thief won't be able to drive off with your car, trapping them in the situation. This is the perfect theft deterrent because even if the crook breaks into your vehicle, they can't do anything with it.

You could also try something less sophisticated like a car alarm, pretty low tech – it sounds up and alerts people of an underway theft. The siren draws attention towards itself, making it the perfect deterrent for thieves and crooks who might eye your car for a steal. Another excellent addition to this repertoire would be a steering wheel lock, which, as the name suggests, locks the steering wheel, once again rendering the car disabled in the event of theft.

Suppose you top everything with sophisticated GPS tracking technology and label the car stating that the vehicle is being tracked. In that case, that will be the perfect anti-theft combination. GPS tracking is the ideal tool to help you keep track of your car remotely. Thus even if your vehicle is stolen, you can track it and contact the police for recovery.

Lock Out Auto Crimes

The best trick of all is to deny a potential crook any opportunity to steal your car:

  • Keep your keys on your person at all times when outside.
  • Choose a perfectly safe and well-lit parking area frequented by people.
  • Keep your car's doors locked, and windows rolled up when parking your vehicle.
  • Don't stray too far from your vehicle, and don't be gone for too long.
  • Never keep valuables in your vehicle, especially not in the open for anyone to see.
  • If you do have items to keep in your vehicle, keeping them in your trunk, away from prying eyes, would be your best bet.
  • Lastly, don't keep your spare keys inside the car.

Bottom Line

Anti-theft devices are a serious thing for all car owners – the idea is not merely to prevent theft but also to be able to take serious measures if your vehicle is stolen. The ability to track your car, review dashboard footage and remotely access data coming from your vehicle is the perfect anti-theft package. Of course, you can increase the effectiveness of your anti-car theft protocol by being extra careful on your own as well, taking notice of your surroundings, and making generally wiser decisions.

Things like this don't happen with a warning, but if you're prepared well enough, you can keep your car safe from all sorts of crooks.

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