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Dash Cam Captures Rear-End Collision

Are you still thinking about sticking to a front-only dash cam?

We couldn’t stress enough how important it is to have a multi-channel dash camera, especially for you folks out there who are operating taxis, ride-sharing vehicles, or trucks for fleets. Your schedules and locations vary every day, so having a dash cam to record your trips will surely protect you, your passengers, and your cargo inside.

Speaking of taxis, we have one story to share with you for today’s blog! Our friend Rick, a taxi driver, experienced a rear-end collision on December 30th, just before 2024 New Year’s Eve. If you are still torn between getting a one-channel or a multi-channel dash cam, read on.

Rick went out that Saturday, with his dog tagging along, Rick put his furry friend in his taxi’s second row, making sure he’s seated comfortably. Along the way, a lady driving a Chevrolet SUV suddenly bumped and collided into the rear of Rick’s taxi, causing a strong impact which both Rick and his dog felt.

The impact was so strong that Rick’s dog was rustled out of his spot, eagerly searching for what happened after the accident, and even barking at the responsible party when confronted by Rick. How did we know? It’s because of both Rick’s interior dash cam, capturing their reactions during the exact moment, both from the front-backwards, and the back-forwards, a full 4-channel setup. Watch this clip:

So after the collision, Rick went down to check the damage, and asked the lady driver if she’s fine. He examined the exteriors of his car quickly, while also double-checking if his taxi’s rear liftgate was working. Fortunately, there was no serious damage on both Rick and the lady driver’s vehicles, so both of them ended up just greeting each other with a Happy New Year. In the spirit of good-faith, Rick waived all liability and ensured that she was alright as well.

Meanwhile, you might be wondering… how did the lady driver bump into Rick’s rear? Was she overspeeding? Tailgating? Did she miss stepping on the brakes? Thanks to Rick’s rear camera, he was able to capture the reason – the ever-dangerous distracted driving.

In the footage, we can see that the lady driver was looking down, probably checking her phone before hitting Rick’s taxi. Regardless of your country, we all know that distracted driving is against the law, right? According to research, thousands of motorists die due to distracted driving every year, involving cell phone usage as one of the main culprits.

It’s comforting to know that Rick, the lady driver, and the dog did not get hurt in the incident. Although in some cases, a rear-end collision may lead to more serious damages costing money for repairs and even hospitalizations.

In this incident, Rick realized that choosing a four-channel dash cam is one of his greatest decisions in life as a driver. Thanks to his Vantrue N5, he was able to record the scene in multiple angles – from the front, rear, front interior, and rear interior as well. The dash cam footage served as reliable evidence not only of the collision, but of all aspects around it, including the aftermath.

You’ll never know when accidents will happen, and choosing a multi-channel dash cam gives you the peace of mind and protection for the road ahead, the back, or even inside your vehicle. Most importantly, as a driver, it’s your responsibility to keep your eyes on the road. Don’t let a split second of not looking lead you and innocent ones to danger. Plus, if you also have a pet in the vehicle, a dash cam is always helpful for keeping an eye on them.

Drive safe, and always remember: hands on the wheel, eyes on the road.

Now, if you badly have to check messages and manage things through your phone, there are safer and more efficient ways to do it, such as installing an Android Auto/Apple CarPlay on your vehicle for hands-free and less distracted driving. When doing so, choose one that is compatible with any vehicle models, like the SmartDrive.

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