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[REFURBISHED] BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X)

Original price $393.99
Original price $393.99
Current price $340.99 CAD
from $340.99 CAD
Current price $340.99 CAD
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Certified Refurbished - Final Sale
Professional Installation Available

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What does refurbished mean?

All Refurbished items are tested for functionalities and defects. This unit comes with 12 Months Warranty.
May show signs of mild wear and tear and may not include all original packagin or user manual.

Item NOT Compatible with Expansion Battery Packs

The BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X cannot be used with the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery Expansion Pack B-124E or the Cellink NEO Extended Battery Pack. There are currently no expansion battery packs available for the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X.

Please Note:

The 12V cigarette lighter power cable installation method may not be compatible with all vehicles due to insufficient power draw. In cases like this, we recommend to only use the hardwiring cable for your installation.

BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X)

7,500mAh/96Wh high-capacity battery designed for parking mode, the B-130X is slightly more compact than its predecessor, the B-124X, but offers 25% more power and is more accurate thanks to the new fuel gauge-integrated circuit. The compact aluminum casing optimizes heat dissipation and lets users easily hide it under a seat or even fit it in a glove compartment.

Wide Compatibility

Built-in Bluetooth

Parking Mode

Smartphone App

Large Capacity for Longer Runtime

Although slightly slimmer and more compact, the Power Magic Ultra Battery is a 7,500mAh/96Wh battery pack and offers 25% more power than its predecessor, the B-124X, to give you up to 30 hours of parking mode protection for a 1-channel BlackVue DR900X-Plus (or approximately 19 hours for the dual-channel version).

Battery pack capacity quick comparison:

  • BlackVue B-130X - 7,500mAh/96Wh
  • BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery - 7,500mAh/96Wh
  • Cellink NEO - 6,000mAh/78.6Wh
  • BlackVue B-124X - 6,000mAh/78.6Wh

Fast-Charging While You Drive

The Power Magic Ultra Battery recharges when driving and powers your dash cam when the ignition is off. The B-130X battery comes with two wiring cables:

12V power cable: For a quick and easy installation, simply plug the 12V power cable into your car’s 12V auxiliary power outlet (ie. the cigarette lighter socket) for a full charge in 90 minutes (charging current 5A).

Hardwiring cable: While slightly more complex to install as it requires connection to your car’s fuse panel, it allows the B-130X battery to be charged almost twice as fast in 50 mins (charging current 9A).

Smarter Installation with Wiring Auto Detection

Unlike other batteries, including the B-124X, which have a Low | OFF | High (or Cigaretter | OFF | Hardwire) switch that must be set manually based on the way the battery is wired to the car’s electrical system, the B-130X automatically adapts its power draw to match the wiring method - all you need to do is turn it ON or OFF with the ON/OFF switch.

12V/24V Compatibility with USB Power Outlet

The Power Magic Ultra Batter (B-130X) supports 12V and 24V electrical systems. It is compatible with most individual and commercial/heavy-duty vehicles.

Input Voltage/Current

12V System:

  • Cigarette Plug: 11V - 18V / 7.2A (max)
  • Hardwired: 11V - 18V / 13.0A (max)

24V System:

  • Cigarette Plug: 22.5V - 30V / 3.6A (max)
  • Hardwired: 22.5V - 30V / 6.4A (max)

The B-130X battery also comes with a 5V USB (2A max) power output that you can use to charge any accessories, such as a phone or a WiFi hotspot, to keep your Cloud dash cam connected while in Parking Mode

Fuel Gauge Integrated-Circuit

The B-130X battery capacity readings are more accurate thanks to its fuel gauge integrated circuit. That chip’s role is to constantly analyze the current coming in and out of the battery (especially when the battery is in discharge mode, ie. parking mode) to provide more reliable capacity information. The capacity readings on the B-124X and older BlackVue batteries are estimated purely based on the voltage coming out of the battery.

One app to control it all

Use the same BlackVue App to control dash cam settings, Cloud features, and battery monitoring.

  • When charging, the app displays charge percentage, charging voltage and expected remaining time until full charge.
  • When the ignition is off, the app shows the remaining Parking Mode time based on the dash cam’s power consumption.

Battery Pack Comparison

What's Included

  • Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X)
  • Cigarette lighter plug power cable (male)
  • Output cable for dashcam (Female cigarette lighter socket)
  • Hardwiring power cable
  • Power Output cable of your choice
  • Fuse tap kit (3 types)
  • 2 velcro strips
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty



12.8 V / 7,500mAh / 96Wh


50 min (Hardwire) | 90 min (Cigarette Plug)


14.2V / 7500mA








152.7 mm x 206 mm x 33.6 mm




-20 °C − 45 °C (-4 °F − 113 °F)










South Korea


1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

See helpful BlackVue Battery Packs questions and answers on our FAQ Knowledge Base.

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