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Blackvue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X

What's new in this dash cam battery pack?

In 2019, Blackvue by Pittasoft introduced the Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X with the goal to maximize the vehicle battery and power for BlackVue dash cameras. With a large 76.8 Wh capacity, the BlackVue B-124X provides about 20-30 hours of power for a BlackVue one-channel device and about 15-20 hours for a BlackVue dual-channel device. This also comes with the B-124E expansion pack that can store up to 6600mAh of power. In other words, if you use the B-124X and the B-124E in tandem, you'll get a combined 12,600mAh of power to run parking mode.

Three years after the release of the B-124X, Blackvue designed an upgraded version to meet the increasing power demands of dashcams. In 2022, the South Korean brand introduced theBlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X), an upgrade to the B-124X.

What's new on the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X?

The BlackVue B-130X is the successor to the B-124X, both of which are designed to keep your dashcam running while in Parking Mode and keep your vehicle's battery from draining.

In comparison to the B-124X, BlackVue added the following features to improve the dashcam power up experience.

LiFePO4, with 25% Higher Capacity from its predecessor

The BlackVue B-130X has 25% more power while maintaining the same high reliability. While the B-124X has a 6,000 mAh / 12.8 V / 76.8 Wh specs, the B-130X battery pack carries 7,500 mAh / 12.8 V / 96 Wh.

It continues to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, which are extremely cold and heat resistant. Unlike Lithium Ion batteries, which are commonly used to power smartphones and other portable devices, LiFePO4 batteries can operate safely in both hot and cold environments. Needless to say, it is a must-have for use as a Parking Mode battery pack.

Slimmer Design, Despite Slightly Heavier Weight

This Blackvue battery has a slightly lower total volume despite its larger capacity and heavier weight. While the Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X measures 157 mm x 171 mm x 39.5 mm, the BlackVue B-130X is 152.7 mm x 206.0 mm x 33.6 mm. It is, however, heavier at 1,537g compared to the B-124X's 1,400 g.

Fuel Gauge IC Accuracy

The BlackVue B-130X includes a fuel gauge integrated circuit, which was not existent in the B-124X. The primary function of the fuel gauge is to monitor the current that enters and exits the battery. This means that battery capacity readings are more accurate, particularly when the battery is discharged (while powering your dash cam in Parking Mode).

When charging after a full discharge, the capacity may initially hover around 70-80% before "jumping" to 100% as the battery detects that it is fully charged and recalibrates itself. However, while discharging, the readings are more accurate.

Smarter Wire Auto Detection

The B-124X has a 3-way Cigarette | OFF | Hardwire switch that the user must manually set depending on how the battery is connected to the vehicle's electrical system. The BlackVue B-130Xhas only an ON/OFF switch, and the battery automatically adjusts its power draw to match the wiring method.

If the battery is plugged to a 12V auxiliary power outlet, it will draw 5A or up to 90 minutes to full charge. Meanwhile, if the battery is hardwired to the vehicle’s fuse panel, it will draw 9A or up to 50 minutes of charging time.

For your convenience, you can also track your battery status wirelessly through the Blackvue app and Wi-Fi connectivity. When charging, the app displays charge percentage, charging voltage and expected remaining time until full charge.

B-130X: Get More Efficient Dash Cam Parking Mode in this BlackVue Battery

The BlackVue B-130X can be either be connected to a cigarette lighter-type power socket or hardwired to your vehicle's fuse panel. Within 50 minutes, this Power Magic Ultra Battery can reach a full charge, while also lasting for over 30 hours in parking mode.

Fast-charging, long-lasting and connected - these are the top reasons to get the Blackvue B-130X. Power up every drive with the B-130X, now available at BlackboxMyCar.