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Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X vs. B-124X

Best Booster for your Blackvue dash cam Parking Mode

For users who want to use dash cams with parking modes, dashcam battery packs are an alternative to traditional hardwiring kits. Powered by Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4, they are ideal for drivers who park for long periods of time and come in handy when the vehicle's battery is insufficient to power up the dashcam.

Having this in mind, Blackvue created battery packs specifically for Blackvue dash cameras: the B-124X and the B-130X Power Magic Ultra Batteries. Let's look at the specifications and features to see which of the two will provide you with more power capacity and efficiency.

Review: Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X

Launched in 2019, the BlackVue B-124X Power Magic Ultra is designed to support BlackVue dashcams and their parking mode recording features. The B-124X provides extended parking-mode duration and eliminates battery wear and tear.

B-124X Battery Capacity

The B-124X, like the B-124 before it, has a 12.8V/6000mAh/76.8Wh battery housed in an aluminum enclosure. Depending on your dashcam, you can get anywhere from 16 to more than 24 hours of Parking Mode. The Lithium Iron Phosphate cells enable the B-124X to operate reliably in temperatures that would render regular Lithium-Ion batteries dangerous.

B-124X Compatibility

The first battery pack released by Blackvue, the B-124, was only compatible with 12V systems. The B-124X adds 24V compatibility, allowing it to be installed in most individual, commercial, or heavy-duty vehicles.

B-124X Installation and Charging Time

With the included adapter, the B-124X can be powered from your vehicle's cigarette lighter power socket. With the included kit, it can also be hardwired to your vehicle's electric system via the fuse box. For the quickest charging time, hardwiring is highly recommended.

When connected to the cigarette lighter, the B-124X will draw at most 5A and charge in less than 80 minutes. When hardwired, the B-124X can draw up to 9A and charge in about 40 minutes.

B-124X Connectivity

The B-124X includes a 5V (2A max) USB power outlet for charging accessories. This may be a way to keep your WiFi connectivity hotspot operational while in Parking Mode if you use BlackVue Cloud menu app.

The BlackVue Battery App for the B-124X also allows you to connect to your Ultra Battery via Bluetooth to check its status. Once downloaded, you can access it either separately or from the BlackVue App's main menu.

Review: Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X

Three years after the release of the B-124X, Blackvue designed an upgraded version to meet the increasing power demands of dashcams. In 2022, the South Korean brand introduced the more powerful, more efficient Blackvue B-130X.

LiFePO4, Higher Capacity up to 25%

When the ignition is turned off, the B-130X recharges and powers your dashcam. It continues to use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, which are extremely cold and heat resistant. In comparison to the B-124X, its sleek compact enclosure houses a large-capacity battery at 12.8V / 7,500mAh / 96Wh - bringing 25% more power.

Slimmer Design, Despite Slightly Heavier Weight

This Blackvue battery has a slightly lower total volume despite its larger capacity and heavier weight. While the B-124X is designed to be 157 mm x 171 mm x 39.5 mm, the B-130X is designed to be 152.7 mm x 206.0 mm x 33.6 mm. It is, however, heavier at 1,537g compared to the B-124X's 1,400 g.

B-130X Compatibility

Like the B124-X, the B-130X is compatible with both 12V and 24V electrical systems. This means it is compatible with the vast majority of personal, commercial, and heavy-duty vehicles on the market.

B-130X Installation and Charging Time

The B130-X also supports two installation modes and automatically adapts its charging current accordingly.

Simple installation: Just plug the battery into the 12V auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter socket) of your vehicle. Charging current: 5A – Charging time: approx. 90 minutes.

Hardwired installation: For the fastest charging speed, connect the battery to the fuse panel. Charging current: 9A – Charging time: approx. 50 minutes.

When connected to the cigarette lighter, the B-130X will draw at most 5A and charge in less than 90 minutes. When hardwired, the B-130X can draw up to 9A and charge in about 50 minutes - longer than 10 minutes for both installation types on the B-124X.

B-130X Connectivity

In the B-130X, you can charge any accessory, such as a phone or a Wi-Fi hotspot, using the USB power output to keep your Cloud dashcam connected while in Parking Mode.

You can use the BlackVue App to connect wirelessly to track your battery status. When charging, the app displays the charge percentage, charging voltage, and estimated time remaining until full charge. When the vehicle ignition is turned off, the app displays the remaining Parking Mode time based on the power consumption of the dashcam.

Blackvue Battery Booster: What makes the B-130X Better than its B-124X Predecessor?

If you're wondering what's new and better on the successor, the 25% higher power capacity of the B-130X may be the biggest improvement. It also has a new app connection to check battery status and fuel gage IC that makes the user experience more efficient.

Additional Feature: Smart Wiring Auto Detection

Moreover, it also has a smarter wiring detection feature. The B-124X has a 3-way Cigarette | OFF | Hardwire switch that the user must manually set depending on how the battery is connected to the vehicle's electrical system. Now, the B-130X has only an ON/OFF switch, and the battery automatically adjusts its power draw to match the wiring method.

Its Parking Mode can last more than 30 hours with a single-channel DR900X Plus, and 19 hours with the dual-channel version.

Fuel Gauge Integrated Circuit for Higher Accuracy

The B-130X also includes a new fuel gauge integrated circuit, which was not existent in the B-124X. Its primary function is to monitor the current that enters and exits the battery. This means that battery capacity readings are more accurate, particularly when the battery is discharged (while powering your dashcam in Parking Mode).

Product Comparison: BLACKVUE B-130X vs. BLACKVUE B-124X

Battery Capacity

96 Wh

76.8 Wh

Charging Time

50 min (9A Hardwire) | 90 min (5A Cigarette Plug)

40 min (9A Hardwire) | 80 min (5A Cigarette Plug)

Charging Voltage and Current

14.2V / 5Ah (Cigarette Lighter Plug) 14.2V / 9Ah (Hardwired)

14.6V / 5Ah (Cigarette Lighter Plug) | 14.6V / 9Ah (Hardwired)

Operating Capacity (Max)

30 hours

24 hours


152.7mm X 206.0mm X 33.6mm

157mm X 171mm X 39.5mm




Operating Temperature

-10°C - 60°C

-10°C - 60°C

Power Switch (for switching between Hardwire and Plug-and-Play charging)






Electrical Systems Compatibility

12V (Car) / 24V (Trucks)

12V (Car) / 24V (Trucks)



BlackVue B-124E

Extension Pack Compatibility



Package Inclusions



Special Features

Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X, Cigarette lighter plug power cable (male), Output cable (Female cigarette lighter socket), Hardwiring power cable, Dashcam hardwiring power cable, Fuse tap kit (3 types), 2 velcro strips, User Manual

Power Magic Ultra Battery B-124X, Cigarette Lighter Plug Power Cable (Male), Output Cables (Female Cigarette Lighter Socket + Unspliced 3 wire output cable), Hardwiring Power Cable Fuse Tap Kit (3 types: ATO, Micro 2, Mini), 2 Velcro Strips, User Manual

Country of Origin

South Korea

South Korea


1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Upgrade You Need for Your Blackvue's Parking Mode:

Compared to the B-124X, the features and capabilities of the Blackvue B-130X provides more power and efficiency.

With its new highlights such as 25% higher capacity, slimmer design, smart wiring auto detection and fuel gauge integrated circuit, the B-130X makes a perfect choice to boost your dash cam and battery's overall performance.

The Blackvue B-130X is now available at BlackboxMyCar. Click on the link below to reserve and order yours now!

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