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How to Install the BlackVue B-130X Power Magic Ultra Battery

To meet the increasing power demands of parking mode for dash cameras, BlackVue upgraded its B-124X entry in the battery pack segment with the more powerful, more efficient Blackvue Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X.

The Blackvue B-130X supports two installation modes: Simple Installation and Hardwired Installation. You will find everything you need for either installation method inside the box.

What's in the Box?

The BlackVue B-130X Power Magic Ultra Battery comes with the following cables and accessories required for its installation:

  • Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X)

  • Cigarette lighter plug power cable (male)

  • Output cable for dashcam (Female cigarette lighter socket)

  • Hardwiring power cable

  • Dashcam hardwiring power cable

  • Fuse tap kit (3 types)

  • 2 velcro strips

  • User Manual

Simple Installation: Cigarette Lighter Power Cable

This is called the Simple Installation as all you need to do is plug the battery into the 12V auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter socket) of your vehicle.

  • Charging current: 5A
  • Charging time: approx. 90 minutes
  1. Ensure the Power switch on the Blackvue B-130X is in the OFF position.
  2. Take the Cigarette lighter plug power cable (male) - plug the2-prong adapter of the cable into the DC IN port on the B-130X.
  3. Take the cigarette lighter adapter end into a 12V auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter socket) of your vehicle.
  4. Turn the B-130X ON to make sure there's power.
  5. Locate the best stowaway place for the battery pack inside your vehicle. Typically under a seat or in the glove box.  

Hardwire Installation: Hardwiring Power Cable

For the fastest charging speed, you can connect the Blackvue B-130X directly to your vehicle's fuse panel.

  • Charging current: 9A
  • Charging time: approx. 50 minutes


Always refer to your vehicle Owner’s Manual to identify a Switched fuse in your interior fuse panel.

Typical examples are the cigarette lighter and car stereo fuse slots. Be sure to avoid connecting to a constant power fuse which may result in depletion of your vehicle’s battery.  

1. Getting Started

Ensure the Power switch on the Blackvue B-130X is in the OFF position before you proceed.

Take the hardwiring power cable - plug the2-prong adapter of the cable into the DC IN port on the B-130X.

2. Identify the best fuse slots in your vehicle's fuse panel

The Blackvue B-130X Battery Pack hardwiring kit is a 2-wire cable: one for ACC (constant) and ground. You need to look for an empty fuse slot or one you can piggyback off using the add-a-fuse kit included in the BlackboxMyCar Essential Install Kit.

Use the circuit testing in the Essential Install Kit to help you find a suitable continuous power fuse that is less than 10A. Always refer to the Fuses section in the vehicle's owner's manual to avoid fuse slots that could pertain to certain safety features within your car.

3. Connecting the Wires

Using a crimping tool, connect the wire labeled ACC to the fuse tap. Insert the fuse you removed from the fuse panel into the slot closest to the blades on the fuse tap, then insert a new fuse into the slot furthest away from the fuse tap blades.

Once done, insert the fuse tap into the empty switched fuse slot in the fuse panel. You can connect the ground wire to a ground point, such as a bolt, that is directly on a bare metal part of the vehicle's frame.  

Set the power switch to the ON position and you're done!

4. Find the best location to store the battery pack

Next, you will want to find a location to mount the Blackvue B-130X Battery Pack. Typical placement options include under a seat or in the glove box. Included with the battery pack are 2 velcro strips that you can use to help secure the B-130X battery in place.

Powering Up the Dash Cam

You will need to use the Output cable to connect your dash cam to the Blackvue B-130X. The BlackVue B-130X battery pack comes with 2 output cables: a female socket cable and a unspliced hardwiring kit.

Which one should I use?

The 12V cigarette socket output cable is typically used for BlackVue dash cams and other cameras that switch into parking mode using the G-sensor.

For BlackVue X and X-Plus models only: If you preferred that your BlackVue X or X-Plus dash cam goes into parking mode immediately upon parking, rather than after a 5-minute delay of the vehicle being idle, you can splice the Unspliced 3-wire output cable to your dash cam's 3-wire hardwire kit, matching ACC to ACC, and Constant to Constant.

Connecting to the BlackVue App

You can use either the BlackVue Battery App or the BlackVue App to manage your Blackvue B-130X.

In Oct 2022, BlackVue integrated the BlackVue Battery App functions into the BlackVue App - you can now manage your BlackVue dash cam, BlackVue Cloud, and B-124, B-124X, and B-130X battery packs using the same BlackVue app.

To connect to the battery pack to the BlackVue App,

  1. Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Make sure the Blackvue B-130X is powered on.
  3. Open the BlackVue App on your smartphone and tap on BlackVue Battery.
  4. Select your battery as the app scans the network.

Follow prompts on the app to complete the pairing process.

While charging, the app will display the expected time to full charge. When the ignition is off, the app will also display the expected remaining usage time based on the current power draw of your dash cam.

If you have any questions, our in-house product experts are to help. Contact us with your questions today and we'll get back to you in under 24 hours.

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