Why Parking Mode is Important - Sample Clips

We get asked this question from time to time here at BlackboxMyCar. To help shed some light to our customers, here are some examples of why its a good idea to have a parking mode capable dash cam.

Protecting Against Vandalism or Theft

Not every video caught is going to necessarily be an incriminating video, but it's always good to have the evidence recorded. A parking mode enabled dash cam can potentially catch a culprit who is vandalizing your vehicle while you’re not around. A number of our customers have caught a neighbour doing damage to their vehicle using our dash cams. The footage can help with pursuing the other party for damages, obtaining a restraining order, or even act as evidence in a criminal prosecution

He parks and checks out my Audi - BlackVue
Stranger folds my mirrors - DR3500

Hit and Runs

A Parking mode enabled dash cam can also catch a hit and run which will help hold the at-fault party accountable. It’s easy for the offending driver to take off after a hit and run if there are no witnesses around, and it’s virtually impossible to catch them afterwards. The dash cam can protect you from having to pay an unnecessary and costly comprehensive insurance deductible.

Vancouver Hit and Stay
Two Hit and Runs in One Week!

What is Parking Mode?