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Thinkware U1000 RADAR

$99.99 CAD

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Thinkware U1000 RADAR

RADAR enables extended parking mode for the Thinkware U1000.

The Thinkware RADAR is an optional radar motion detection module designed to enhance the dash cam’s Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 with ultra-high frequency radar motion detection and buffered recording.

*Energy Saving Parking Mode "Enabled" is required for RADAR motion detection.

When paired with a Cellink NEO Battery Pack, parking mode run-time can be extended to up to 170 hours (7 days).


Ultra High Frequency Radar

The Thinkware U1000 RADAR is designed to be used when the dash cam is on Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0.

*Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 is supported on the Thinkware U1000 dash cam.

When RADAR detects a moving object within the range, the dash cam will switch into Recording Standby Mode and impact detection is set for 30 seconds.

Energy Saving Mode 2.0

If an impact has been made within 30 seconds, the dash cam will save 20 seconds video of before and after the impact.

Without the RADAR, the Energy Saving Mode will trigger recording only after an impact has been made, leaving you without any pre-event evidence.

If no impact is detected within the 30-seconds, the dash cam will automatically switch back to Energy Saving mode and no recording is stored.


Cloud features will be temporarily disabled when the Thinkware U1000 dash cam is in Energy Saving Mode 2.0.


Detection Distance Range

Approx. 7m (23ft)

Detection Horizontal Angle Range

Approx. 80°

Detection Vertical Angle Range

Approx. 35°

Operating Temperature

-30°C ~ 75°C

Operating Temperature

Approx. 35 mAh

Battery Efficiency: Motion Detect

270mAh consumption (33hrs/9Ah)

Battery Efficiency: Time Lapse

270mAh consumption (33hrs/9Ah)

Battery Efficiency: Energy Saving Mode

128.7mAh (70hrs/9Ah)

Battery Efficiency: Energy Saving Mode + Radar

Energy Saving Mode (128.7mAh) + Radar (34mAh): 55hrs/9Ah


1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

*numbers are based on Energy Saving Mode 2.0 + optional RADAR + iVOLT BAB-50


  • Radar motion detection requires optional module, and only enabled in energy saving mode.
  • Due to nature of the radar’s Ultra-high Frequency and the surroundings of vehicles, the distance and degree of detection may vary.
  • The radar is designed to detect sedan or larger sized vehicles. It may not detect smaller objects (such as people or bicycles).
  • To ensure proper functionality, please install Radar Sensor away from anything metallic or other sensors.

Installing the RADAR Module

Installing the RADAR module

  1. Remove the film on the back of the RADAR module.
  2. Attach the RADAR module’s adhesive surface to the upper part of the front windshield. The logo should be facing outside the windshield and the red line should be horizontal.
  3. Press the adhesive part firmly to secure it.
  4. Connect the RADAR module to the dash cam’s RADAR connector.
  5. Turn on the ACC or start the engine to check that the RADAR is powered on.

* Before installation, make sure the RADAR module’s cable length is sufficient and check the cable routing path.

Setting up the RADAR module

  1. From the mobile viewer, tap Dash Cam Settings > Record Settings.
  2. From RADAR, select Enable or Disable. The new setting is applied automatically.


  • Metal materials within the detection range may interfere with the RADAR module’s proper functionality and may cause module malfunction.
  • Do not install the RADAR module on metal material-tinted windshields
  • Install the RADAR module as far away as possible from the metal-material part of the mirror, Lane sensor or built-in ADAS camera.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brian S. (Drexel Hill, US)
Great product

Great addition to my Thinkware U1000 camera!! Radar was delivered in a timely manner and was an easy to install. Would highly recommend the product and the service.

Hi Brian, thanks for leaving a review and for shopping with us! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

T C. (Tuxedo Park, US)
Battery saver

The radar module was super easy to install. This will help save battery when parked for a longer term.

Hi there, thank you for purchasing from us! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and ask. Hope you love the RADAR!

George N. (San Pedro, US)
Well Worth the Money!!

I wanted to wait a few months to try out the Thinkware U1000 Radar Module before I wrote a review. The Radar Module is well worth the money. It works just as advertised. I've been able to review 2 "incident" online from when I was away from my vehicle! Thanks also to BlackBoxMyCar for their great review. It's the reason I purchased the module and it's already come in handy!!

Hi George, thanks for purchasing from us. Good to hear that the RADAR is working very well for you :) Come back anytime!