Comparison: Power Magic Pro vs. Dash Cam Battery Pack

Disclaimer: This review is for the first generation Cellink Battery B which has a main battery connection. The current 1.5 gen Cellink B has an ACC only connection and a slightly increased capacity.

When it comes to powering up your dash cam, there are generally 3 options:

  1. Cigarette Lighter Jack
  2. Hardwiring via Power Magic Pro/Multi-safer
  3. Battery Pack

#1. Cigarette Lighter/12V Jack

By default, dash cams can typically be powered via the Cigarette lighter jack. This is the simplest option and good for temporary applications, however you won't be able to take advantage of features such as "parking mode" which runs the dash cam when the vehicle is switched off. The best permanent solutions to take advantage of parking mode while the ignition is off is hardwiring via Power Magic Pro/Multi-safer, or the use of a Battery pack.

Another disadvantage to using a cigarette jack might be the wires hanging around the centre console and the loss of an outlet which you could use to charge your phone or other accessory instead.

Both allow you to use your dash cam when off, but what are the differences?

#2. Power Magic Pro (Hardwiring Kit)

The Power Magic Pro is special in that it allows the dash cam to be hardwired to the car, without draining the car battery. When the battery drops to a certain level that is user defined, the Power Magic Pro will act to cut off the battery to prevent the car battery from dying. With the Power Magic Pro properly installed, the 'parking mode' function in certain dash cams can be taken advantage of, as the dash cam can now still be powered when the ignition is off.

To hardwire the Power Magic Pro the kit must be connected to an accessory fuse, constant power fuse, and a ground. Check out our various tutorials to learn more about hardwiring!

Who are hardwiring kits for? This device is perfect for people that want the cleanest install possible, with all wires tucking inside the trims of the car. If you are concerned with hit and runs or vandalism while parked it is a great idea to have. It also frees up a cigarette jack in the vehicle.

#3. Battery Pack

The best way to describe a battery pack, is that it is like a standard hardwiring kit that can do more. We currently carry several different battery packs, with the goal of bringing our customers more variety. The battery pack aims at giving more variety in how you want to set up your dash cam. In many ways, it works just like the Power Magic Pro, but it has extra battery inside.

There are three different ways in which a battery pack can be used:

  • It can be hardwired just like a Power Magic Pro, and used just like one. It either uses the car battery to a certain threshold, then switches to its internal battery, or vice versa.
  • It can be plugged into the cigarette lighting jack to power the dash cam and charge the battery while driving, and allow parking mode via the battery pack alone when the ignition is off.
  • With the battery pack's lifespan ranging from 12-72 hours (depending on the model), it can even be charged at home, and put into the car to power the dash cam when the car is off for 'parking mode'.

A more indepth comparison on the different battery packs can be found here

Who are battery packs for? Like the hardwiring kits, these accessories are for the users who want to take advantage of parking mode equipped dash cams. They are perfect for people that park for longer periods of time where the vehicle's battery alone is not enough. The Cellink Battery B is especially popular among electrical vehicle and hybrid drivers who don't want to put any additional strain on the vehicle's battery while it is not running.