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Dash Cam Footage Saves Vancouver Driver Who Found His Parked BMW i8 Smashed - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Dash Cam Footage Saves Vancouver Driver Who Found His Parked BMW i8 Smashed

Nobody knows when a car accident may occur, but having a dash cam provides you the peace of mind that whatever happens, you have solid evidence. This is what Daniel Yoo had in mind when he brought his gorgeous BMW i8 to our Richmond office last August 24. 

He booked a dash cam installation with us on August 24th, and chose one of the best 2K QHD dash cams we are offering, the Thinkware Q1000. It was a great choice, but deciding to have the dashcam hardwired for parking mode with a PowerCell 8 Battery pack was the greatest decision he'd ever made to protect his car.

Yoo’s car is one of his biggest investments. Priced between $149,900 to $169,900, Yoo’s BMW i8 boasts futuristic, iconic scissor doors that are eye candy for everyone – including the offenders. Unfortunately, one of the people who witnessed the i8’s beauty must have enjoyed the view too much… so much that he had to ruin it.

It was midnight of October 6th when he left his car parked in Downtown Vancouver, in the Marina Crescent area by Coopers’ Park. When he returned in the morning, he was shocked to see his BMW i8 smashed, with its windows completely shattered and windshield broken. No mercy.

Sharp glass was all over the place, and Yoo wounded himself when inspecting the aftermath. Upon checking, he found out that someone had thrown rocks at his i8 – because one of the rocks was left on one of his car seats! The damage was devastating.

He checked his dash cam footage through the Thinkware mobile app. There, he was able to retrieve a total of three 20-second videos where the face of the perpetrator was seen, caught in action. The perpetrator, donned in a coat, targeted the i8 with stones several times. He was running, snooping around, when the camera detected loud impacts that triggered alerts. Thankfully, the Thinkware Q1000’s front dash cam captured the entire incident, giving Yoo the assurance that they have solid evidence.

The same day, Yoo promptly took his damaged car to Speedy Glass for repairs, and due to the severity of the damage, he faced a hefty bill of over $10,000. Still, the incident and expense was unexpected, so post-repair, he submitted the dash cam footage to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, hoping that the damage would be covered.

Dash Cam Footage

Thanks to the Thinkware Q1000’s footage, plus the parking mode activated, Yoo was able to prove that he was not at fault. As the ICBC says in its no-fault insurance system, if you're not responsible for a crash, your own Basic Vehicle Damage coverage will pay your vehicle repairs, up to $200,000. Therefore, ICBC covered Yoo’s expenses and repairs for his i8, saving him thousands of dollars.

Daniel Yoo stated: “I’m grateful that I had a dash cam in my car, because I really didn’t think something like this could happen to me in Vancouver. I’ve read about the increasing crime rates in the news, but I really didn’t see this coming. I’m genuinely shaken.”

The Rock/Culprit

The Aftermath

His experience serves as a stark reminder of the importance of investing in vehicle protection, particularly in areas where unwanted road incidents are more common. Here in British Columbia, more than 820 crashes occur daily – not including vandalism incidents like Yoo’s. We’re talking about not just your car, but also your personal safety, so choose a reputable dash cam, and a professional installer like BlackboxMyCar. 

As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure, and whatever model you’re driving – whether it’s a classic or luxury car, installing a dash cam will always be your first line of defense.

The Full Picture

Window Closeup

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