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5 Awesome Gifts Your Dad Would Want This Father’s Day - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

5 Awesome Gifts Your Dad Would Want This Father’s Day

Dad loves cars. Dad loves fixing cars, and he loves driving cars, too. Problem: he already has enough tools and gadgets to fill up a Sears/Canadian Tire, and a new car is kinda out of your budget right now.

We’ve got your back! We asked a bunch of our dad-buds what they secretly want this Father’s Day. Here are our top 5 gift ideas this Father’s Day to help you get the best gift for your dad, every dad.

Best of all, you can get them for $250 or less!

For the "keeping it simple" dad

If your dad likes to keep things uncomplicated (but we all know he deserves more than just the bare essentials) then the Thinkware X1000 is perfect for him: dual-Channel, great image quality, top-notch parking surveillance, LCD touchscreen, no Cloud, no smartphone app.

What really impressed us was the image quality. The Thinkware X1000 is not the first 2K QHD dash cam by Thinkware - the first Thinkware 2K QHD dash cam was the Q800PRO, released back in early-Summer 2019. But what a difference two years make! Integrated blue filter combined with the latest noise reduction technology, dewarp image processing technology, and Super Night Vision 3.0, the Thinkware X1000 delivers great image quality that rivals the 4K UHD Thinkware U1000.

Pre-order the Thinkware X1000 now and receive a $50 OFF discount plus a free 16GB microSD card, which you can keep in the car as a spare.

Regular: $299.99  | Father's Day Special: $249.99

For the "bring on the tech" dad

If your dad is into the latest gadgets and gizmos and is not intimidated by IoT, then we strongly recommend the latest BlackVue DR750X Plus.

Yes, we know it is not 4K UHD nor 2K QHD, but it does capture his drive at 60FPS. It comes in 4 different variants, including the 1-Channel front-only and the 2-Channel front-and-rear.

The DR750X Plus is Cloud-ready dash cam - via the built-in WIFI function or the optional LTE module. Either way, you Dad gets flawless Cloud connectivity and a whole slew of BlackVue Over the Cloud features, like real-time tracking and two-way voice communication.

Get it for Father's Day

Take 5% OFF the DR750X-1CH Plus and the DR750X-2CH Plus when you check out with code "DAD5"

Starting at: $259.99  | With Code: as low as $246.99

Hurry! Special offer ends June 16, 2021.

For the "don't spend too much, please" dad

Let’s face it, dads have plenty of habits that irritate moms, and nothing irritates her more than “dad being cheap.” Perhaps you never understood it when you were younger, but now you appreciate living a bit more frugally. Then, you and your dad will love the Thinkware F200 PRO.

Available in both the 1-Channel and 2-Channel variants, the Thinkware F200 PRO offers 1080p Full HD capture of the drive, multiple options for parking surveillance and recording, plus Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) with audible alerts. It doesn’t come with any Cloud capabilities, but that’s all good because you/dad wasn’t going to spend extra on data just to do random remote live-view or GPS tracking, etc. anyway. Plus, you can still connect the smartphone to the dash cam using the built-in WIFI functionality.

Get it for Father's Day

Father's Day Special: Take $20 OFF the Thinkware F200 PRO 1-CH

Starting at: $139.99  | With Code: as low as $119.99

For the "just enjoy the drive" dad

Whether it’s hot or cold or rainy, vintage supercars, or the boring family van, they never get tired of driving on any one day or from day-to-day. They enjoy driving, period - the scenery, the roads, the act of driving itself. These dads don’t need a fancy Cloud-ready dash cam with the latest parking surveillance technology and all other hottest buttons and functions - they need a practical dash cam that can capture their drive in the best video quality, and for that, we recommend the VIOFO A129 Plus.

The VIOFO A129 Plus is more than just another 2K QHD dash cam in that it gives you the option to record at both 30FPS and 60FPS without compromising the 2K video quality. Video resolution-wise, it sits between the 4K UHD Thinkware X1000 and Full HD BlackVue DR750X Plus, but we have been told by many users that not all 2Ks are the same and the VIOFO A129 Plus is hands-down one of the best ones out there.

Get it for Father's Day

Take 5% OFF the VIOFO A129 Plus 1-CH when you check out with code "DAD5"

Starting at: $139.99  | With Code: as low as $132.99

Hurry! Special offer ends June 16, 2021.

For the "know it all" dad

He thinks he knows about everything that's going on, or perhaps he really does know it all - the point is, this Father's Day, give him a dash cam that shows him everything we wants to know: the road ahead, the traffic behind and the passengers in the back and even GPS to help him track speed and location.

While the VIOFO A139 2K QHD 3-Channel is built for rideshare and taxi drivers, it is the perfect dash cam for anyone who needs to keep an eye on everything and everyone. Plus, it comes with built-in dual-band WiFi support that allows dad to get real-time video preview, playback and download download footage right from his smartphone. He's definitely not going to miss a thing!

Get it for Father's Day

Take 5% OFF the VIOFO A139 2K QHD 3-Channel when you check out with code "DAD5"

Starting at: $269.99  | With Code: as low as $256.49

Hurry! Special offer ends June 16, 2021.

Finish it all off with a Dad Joke

What’s Father’s Day without a good dad joke?

Why is Peter Pan always flying? He neverlands!

What did the buffalo say to his son when he left for college? Bison!

Happy Father's Day Shopping!

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