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Thinkware RADAR Module for the Q1000

A must-have for Thinkware's parking mode

Thinkware RADAR Module

Thinkware's parking mode surveillance is one of the reasons it is popular among security-conscious dashcam owners. Its advanced technology enabled game-changing features like smart parking mode, impact/motion detection, time lapse mode, and energy saving modes.

Thinkware’s Q1000 dashcam is equipped with these. And for the upgraded Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 engineered in this two-channel dashcam, owners are given another option to make the parking mode more secure and efficient thanks to the RADAR module accessory.

What is the RADAR Module?

The Thinkware RADAR Module is a compatible optional accessory for the U1000, X1000, and Q1000 Dash Cams that extends the recording time of Impact video files in Energy Savings Mode 2.0.

How does the RADAR Module work in the Q1000?

The RADAR Module detects the motion of a vehicle-sized object, enabling the dash cam to prepare to save an event clip.

When in Energy saving 2.0 mode, the RADAR Module allows the Thinkware Q1000 to extend the duration of its parking surveillance mode by lowering power consumption. If the RADAR Module detects motion, the Q1000 enters standby mode and prepares to save the event in the event of an impact. If an impact is detected, 20 seconds of footage (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is saved on the micro SD card in a designated folder. When no impacts are detected, the Q1000 returns to energy saving 2.0 and does not save the footage.

How far can the RADAR Module detect motion?

The detecting distance of the RADAR Module is as far away as 7 meters or 23 feet, and the RADAR range is approximately 80 degrees horizontally and 35 degrees vertically.

How do you install it?

  1. Connect the RADAR Module to the Q1000's radar port, then mount the RADAR as close to the top center of your windshield as possible to ensure maximum coverage. Make sure the Thinkware logo is facing out the window.
  2. After mounting the RADAR module, check if the red line on the side of the radar module is horizontal. Your dash cam must be hardwired, and you must enable energy-saving mode as well as their RADAR option on the dashcam. These options are available via the Thinkware app or the PC viewer software.

Note: Before installation, make sure the RADAR module’s cable length is sufficient and check the cable routing path.

How to Disable/Enable the RADAR Module

  1. Connect to the Dashcam via WiFi or Hotspot
  2. Select Dash Cam Settings-> Record Settings
  3. Scroll down to RADAR and select "Enabled" or "Disabled" depending on your preference.
  4. Click the back arrow in the top-left to finalize your changes.

Shop the Thinkware RADAR Module

  • Radar motion detection requires an optional module, and is only enabled in energy saving mode.
  • Energy Saving Mode 2.0 will disable all THINKWARE CLOUD & CONNECTED features.
  • Due to the nature of the radar’s Ultra-high Frequency and the surroundings of vehicles, the distance and degree of detection may vary.
  • The radar is designed to detect sedan or larger sized vehicles. It may not detect smaller objects (such as people or bicycles).
  • To ensure proper functionality, please install Radar Sensor away from anything metal parts or other sensors.

When compared to motion detection parking mode without the radar module, a two-channel Q1000 dash camera can stay up to six times longer in energy saving mode, providing you with more peace of mind.

Add the Thinkware Radar to your Thinkware U1000, X1000, and Q1000 setup to unlock ultra-high-frequency radar motion detection and Energy Saving 2.0 Parking Mode with Buffered Recording.