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What is the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer?

One of the reasons… or probably the main reason why we love BlackVue dash cams in general is its Cloud. We agree that among the dash cam Cloud services available, it’s the BlackVue Cloud that’s the most innovative and user-friendly, making the total BlackVue experience a breeze!

What BlackVue Cloud wants to do is to keep “Me and My Car Connected” – this is why they added cutting-edge technology that allows users to closely monitor their vehicles, and even passengers, as long as they have a BlackVue Cloud enabled dash cam in their dash.

You can enjoy these features through the BlackVue App, but if you wish to have a greater experience when it comes to watching, tracking, or managing your dash cam’s files, we recommend you to use the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer.

In this article, we will show you how to access the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer, along with a walkthrough of its features to keep you, and your car connected!

What is the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer?

The BlackVue Cloud Viewer enables BlackVue Cloud dash cam users to remotely access and manage their devices through a web browser. While designed for Windows / Mac desktop and laptop users, it can also be a good option for users of iPads and other larger-sized tablets as well! Best of all, it’s compatible with all browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11.

How to Access the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer

There are two ways to access the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer. If you have the BlackVue Web Viewer installed in your Windows or Mac device, launch the program and choose “Cloud Web Viewer”. The other way is to open your own web browser, go to, then click “Start Web Viewer” button on the topmost right of the screen.

Either way, you will be led to a login page where you have to enter or create your BlackVue Cloud account.

Creating an account is easy – you just have to provide your name, email address, then create a password. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Google or Apple accounts. If you already have an account, enter your details and you will be led to the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer.

How to Use the BlackVue Cloud Viewer

The BlackVue Cloud allows you to closely monitor your vehicle’s location, live view footage, get updates around its location via Event map, receive push notifications, manage your fleet and more! Here, you also get Cloud storage up to 5GB for free. And with the BlackVue Cloud Viewer, it will be more convenient as you can access all the important information and reports on a bigger screen, in a faster and more efficient way.

Adding Cameras

Once you’re logged in to the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer, you will be shown a pretty intuitive interface. On the left side of the screen, you would see the Camera section. Here’s where you can add your Cloud-enabled BlackVue dash cam. To see your camera in the BlackVue Cloud viewer, you must first connect it to the Cloud which can be done through the BlackVue app.

Check out our all-in-one BlackVue App guide here.

Now that your camera is already added, you can now manage the dash cam straight on the BlackVue Cloud Viewer. You can configure the camera settings, set up the camera profile, remotely update fimrware, reboot your camera, and even remove it from the Cloud. It can also be renamed if you have multiple BlackVue Cloud dash cams!

If you click on the camera, you will see four icons below your device’s details – Playback, Live View, GPS Tracking, and Report. For security purposes, you have the option to allow GPS tracking or not on your device. If you wish to check previous videos, click on Playback, and if you want to access the live footage of the vehicle (or passengers if you have a 3-channel dash cam like the DR770X Box), simply click on Live View. Meanwhile, notifications during impacts are listed down under Latest Events.

Event Map

Another thing you might notice is a huge world map that has tiny numbers on it. Yes, that’s BlackVue Cloud’s new feature called Event Map.

If you zoom in the map, and click on the numbers, you will notice some usernames – they are your fellow BlackVue dash cam users. From here, you will also get information about the location’s surroundings, keeping you in the know of the best routes and road situations. It’s worth noting that BlackVue values your privacy, so the decision to grant location access is entirely up to you. On the map, roads are color-coded from yellow to dark red, indicating the frequency of events recorded by BlackVue dash cams on those roads.

This feature is compatible with all BlackVue dash cams that support Live Event Upload.

For Fleet Management - GPS, Geofencing, and Reports

The BlackVue Cloud is an extremely efficient tool for fleet management. In fact, the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer has a dedicated section for it, covering GPS Tracking, Geofences and Reports. With these features, it’s easier for the fleet manager to locate their vehicles, routes, and even their drivers’ behaviours. Aside from that, you can also use a new feature called Voice Call, formerly Two-Way Voice Communication, where you can talk with people in the car from your smartphone, promoting utmost safety as the driver can speak while keeping hands on the wheel.

BlackVue offers the Cloud for free, but if you wish to unlock more features especially for fleet, you can also upgrade your plan. To date, BlackVue is offering Smart and Fleet plans which cost $11.99 /mo (+ $9 per extra dashcam) and $24.99 /mo (+ $15 per extra dashcam) respectively.

Here’s a complete guide of the BlackVue Cloud features based on Plan:

Managing Your BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer account

Under Fleet, you will also find Management. This allows you to manage your members, groups, and even your BlackVue SIM Card. Again, this is highly useful for fleet – and if you sign up for this, you can access not just one, two, but up to 999 dash cams on your BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer.


Under these sections, you can also change your BlackVue Cloud Viewer’s language, depending on your preference.

What dashcam models are compatible with the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer?

The Web Viewer supports all Cloud-compatible dash cams like the DR970X, DR770X, DR750X, and DR900X, with an exception to DR650GW and DR650S Series. To enjoy all the features of the Web Viewer, including the ability to change your dashcams’ firmware settings, we recommend you to update to the latest firmware.

And that ends our BlackVue Cloud Viewer walkthrough! If you want to know more about BlackVue dash cams, accessories, and Cloud services, contact us and we will be happy to help!