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Manage Everything in a Tap with the New BlackVue App! - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Manage Everything in a Tap with the New BlackVue App!

Of all the dedicated dash cam apps we have downloaded in our phones, we must say that the BlackVue app is one of our favorites. Still, what keeps you ahead of the competition is constant innovation, and we’re happy to be part of BlackVue’s full app overhaul!

Aside from making the dash cam settings configuration more convenient, it is also best in streaming and sharing footage, while maximizing the unbeatable features of the BlackVue Cloud.

We find this app update quite cool, and if you want to see it yourself, it can also be downloaded to both Android and iOS devices - even if you don’t have a BlackVue dash cam. This new app emphasizes community, so feel free to poke around and view footage other drivers have uploaded from their drive!

Now, BlackVue announced that they are going to redesign this mobile app with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, and we will share with you the actual upgrades on this updated software.

What are the Upgrades on the new BlackVue mobile app?

Before you get in, note that the new BlackVue app requires you to log in the first time you launch it. If you don't have login details, you are free to create one or use Apple ID or Google ID - no matter what device and operating system you use.

The new BlackVue app is organized in 4 tabs:

Explore Tab

First is the Explore Tab. Here, you can explore content from the BlackVue Community. It’s like having a social network that’s exclusive for BlackVue users like you!

Here you can check the live view of other drivers from around the world, as well as the most popular and viewed footage uploaded to the BlackVue App! This is super cool.

We did find the performance here a little lacking as the app crashed on us a couple of times, and it was a little slow to view certain users’ drive, but we’re confident that BlackVue will further improve this in the future.

Camera Tab

Next one is the Camera tab. Here, you can manage all your devices such as your BlackVue dash cams which are helpful if you’re managing or using more than one device. Each camera will now have their own profile, allowing you to put their own profile picture, helping differentiate between your different systems. Your BlackVue cameras and SIM cards, plus your connected batteries can also be managed from a single place.

While previous versions of the BlackVue app had different sections for the BlackVue Cloud and BlackVue WiFi, now it’s all in one! Switching between the two is now the press of a button once you’re logged into your camera’s profile.

Event Map Tab

Another new feature is the Event Map tab. The Event Map is a new Cloud feature that combines data from the dash cam with a crowd-sourced map to display events such as impacts, hard brake incidents, and even playback videos, making it ideal for both fleet management and personal driving.

Check out footage recorded in your local area, as well as a general heatmap for the number of events in specific areas; letting you know which areas are at a higher risk than others.

We see a lot of potential in this feature! With enough data, this could replicate what Google Maps has done where we’re able to see live traffic data before our drive.

Profile Tab

Lastly, there's the Profile Tab. Here, you can manage your own profile and access the Help Center or contact BlackVue's Support via call, chat or email in case you have any concerns with your BlackVue dash cam or app.

BlackVue’s chat function is a brand-new introduction, bringing you in-touch with their own chatbot, available in real time. It comes programmed with plenty of dash cam info, so question it to your heart’s content!

You can also find in-depth reading on all app features in the App Manual menu tab too, and even shop BlackVue in the BlackVue shop app tab!

Some Rough Edges with the new BlackVue App

Still, when it comes to complete overhauls like this, there are bound to be some rough edges and areas that can be improved. In the past, BlackVue has helped to fix usability issues with their app.

When this new app was first released, the dash cam community was quite vocal in their feedback, with the difficulty being that the camera requires a BlackVue account to access the app, as well as an internet connection to use the app.

We’ve voiced these concerns to BlackVue directly, and have been told they are having daily meetings in regards to it. Thankfully (and just announced), BlackVue has already included a Guest Mode for direct Wi-Fi access. With this update, users can now access the BlackVue dash cam or its downloaded videos, even without entering the login requirements.

Latest Firmware Improvements

BlackVue prioritizes customer concerns, and we're excited to announce more of the new app's updates on its latest firmware. In addition to direct access, BlackVue also improved the loading speed of all tabs. Bugs have already been fixed, and the app has become more stable since the last update as well.

While customers also want the Camera as the default tab back instead of the Explorer App, BlackVue has made this possible for users who are logged into the app.

Moreover, if your dash cam is not connected to the BlackVue Cloud after registering it, the camera will default to the Wi-Fi connection method. In the event you’re logged in but lost internet access, the Emergency Mode will let you access the Downloaded Videos folder and the camera via Wi-Fi.

For security, BlackVue also removed the auto-sharing option in the Event Map feature. If you want to share your dash cam footage real-time, you can do so by sharing manually.

Even if its main purpose is to serve as a reminder and notification, BlackVue understands how popups can be annoying for some, especially if it shows up every now and then. With this, BlackVue added a new "Do Not Show" Popup option that will hide popups for 7 days instead of just 1 day.

Enjoy the best of the BlackVue app with your BlackVue dash cam!

BlackVue is a brand of innovation, and the upgrade they made to the BlackVue app - which is crucial to all BlackVue owners - is another step to make the ownership experience more convenient. In just a tap, and wherever you are in the world, you are always in the know with the new BlackVue app!

Want to enjoy these features and explore the best of the BlackVue dash cams? Check out our best-selling BlackVue dash cam collections now!

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