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Protecting Your Vehicle from Rain, and Other Environmental Elements

While most of us have grown jaded to the typical weather conditions of everyday life, that doesn’t stop it from affecting the things around us, like our vehicles which go to battle with it all the time so we can stay safe, warm, and dry.

While rain could seem harmless on normal days, this element can cause various problems for your vehicle – not just your dash cam footage! In this blog, we will discuss the necessity of protecting your vehicle from rain and share solutions to help you preserve your car, rain or shine.

How does rain affect my vehicle?

Let’s start with the most obvious case. When it rains, drivers experience difficulties in seeing the road ahead. Rain reduces visibility, making it more difficult to see the road, other vehicles, and hazards. This is why it’s important to keep your windshield wipers clean, or use Rain Guards like the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield if you want to keep your dash cam footage free from rain drops.

Beyond visibility, rain can also be bad for your car’s paintwork. No, rainwater is not pure H2O and it frequently contains impurities, minerals, and pollutants that can damage the paint on your vehicle over time. When precipitation dries on the surface, rain leaves these contaminants behind, resulting in ugly water spots that are acidic.

Speaking of damage, prolonged exposure to rain can also cause corrosion and rust on the metal components of the vehicle, particularly the frame and undercarriage. Just like any other metal, rust can compromise your vehicle's exteriors and be costly to fix.

What other environmental factors can affect my vehicle?

While rain can be a problem for your vehicle, so can the sun. UV rays can fade and degrade the paint, making it appear dull and worn over time. This can also cause interior components like the dashboard and seats to crack or fade.

Aside from the sunlight, snow and ice are also dangerous to your vehicle, and they can swiftly develop on your vehicle in colder climates, causing severe damage. When snow and ice are not cleaned properly, they can harm the paint and, in extreme circumstances, cause frozen mechanical components, making it difficult to start your vehicle.

Moreover, if you live in urban locations, your vehicles are subjected to a variety of contaminants and chemicals, including road salt which can hasten corrosion. Pollutants from the environment can also accumulate on your vehicle, dulling its appearance and possibly causing paint damage.

How can I protect my vehicle from rain and other environmental elements?

The best protection from rain and other environmental elements is to park in a garage. Parking under trees should be avoided since falling branches or sap could cause damage to your vehicle.

Now, if you do not have access to a garage, you can consider investing in a high-quality car cover. Car covers are designed to fit snugly around your vehicle, providing a barrier against rain, UV rays, and other environmental factors.

Moreover, a protective layer of wax for your vehicle can help prevent rain spots from appearing and makes cleaning the car after easier. Wax, like glass-protection compounds, causes rain to bead up and roll off.

Finally, when cleaning your car, make sure to use safe, reliable, and high-quality car care products specially made for environmental elements like rain. Our recommended car care brand? No other than Rain-X.

Features of the BlackVue Cloud

Remote Live View

Similar to Thinkware, BlackVue is also equipped with a Remote Live View feature that gives you access to your dash cam recordings in real time. Whether through the BlackVue Web browser or the BlackVue app on your phone, you can access a real-time video feed from your Cloud-connected dashcam and swap easily between the front, rear or interior cameras.

This gives you on-the-spot access to the dash cam’s surroundings, while also allowing you to communicate with whoever’s driving or riding your vehicle through Two-Way Voice Communications. That’s right, you can talk through the camera with your phone! This is useful for fleet or when providing directions, as it works as a voice call but hands-free!

Instant Push Notifications

If ever something happens to your car, this feature enables your BlackVue dash cam to instantly inform you when an impact OR motion is detected. When an event is detected, your BlackVue will send a notification, accompanied by a snapshot to give you a better idea of the incident.

Remote Video Playback

Sure, your BlackVue may not prevent hit-and-runs. But if they happen, there is a good chance it will capture crucial video evidence through the Remote Video Playback feature. Through this, you can browse all the videos recorded by your BlackVue from your mobile phone or a web browser.

Live Event Upload

With Live Event Upload, your BlackVue can save Event videos in real-time to the Cloud. Not only does it start saving to the Cloud soon after impact, but it also includes the 5-second pre-impact footage.

GPS Tracking

Through the GPS feature, you can instantly visualize on a map your car’s location and speed. On the free plan, you can still access real-time information, but for a detailed history, the smart plan will store 7 days worth of data, and with the BlackVue Fleet pla, you can also access 90-days’ worth of GPS data.

Event Map

Suitable for all BlackVue dash cam owners, the Event Map feature combines data from the dash cam with a crowd-sourced map to display events such as impacts, hard brake incidents, and even playback videos, making it ideal for both fleet management and personal driving. With this Event Map, you can stay in the know about local road conditions, high accident areas, and the general experience of your local community.

Meet Rain-X: Your Car’s Ultimate Protector for the X-treme Weather

Rain-X Original Glass Treatment

Rain-X Original Glass Treatment is a revolutionary hydrophobic formula that changes the way rain interacts with your windshield. When applied, it creates an invisible barrier on your glass that causes rainwater to bead up and roll away. This not only improves visibility but also reduces the need for constant windshield wiper use.

Rain-X Windshield Washer Fluid

Rain-X Windshield Washer Fluid combines cleaning power with Rain-X's patented water-repelling technology. This means that every time you use your windshield washer, you're not only cleaning your windshield but also reinforcing the Rain-X protective layer. It's especially useful for those moments when you need to remove bugs, road grime, or other debris quickly.

Rain-X Anti-Fog

Rain-X Anti-Fog is designed to prevent the buildup of fog on the interior glass surfaces of your vehicle. Fog can be a significant safety hazard, obstructing your vision and making driving treacherous. Whether you're dealing with the sudden temperature changes that cause fog or simply trying to keep your windows from clouding up, this product is your go-to solution!

Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

Over time, headlights can become cloudy, reducing their brightness and effectiveness. The Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to remove oxidation and restore clarity to your headlights.

Once you've used the Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit, it's essential to maintain your headlights. Regular cleaning and the application of a UV protectant can prevent yellowing and cloudiness from returning.

Shop Rain-X Now!

Rain or shine, your vehicle deserves the best protection against the elements, and Rain-X delivers on that promise. Rain-X Original Glass Treatment, Windshield Washer Fluid, Anti-Fog, and the Headlight Restoration Kit are all powerful tools to keep your car looking and performing its best, whatever the weather condition is.

So, whether you're facing a downpour or driving under the bright sun, Rain-X can keep your car protected from them all. Shop your Rain-X Car Care Products now, only here at BlackboxMyCar!