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What is an IROAD OBD-II Power Cable?

How to easily enable parking mode with a plug-and-play solution

How to Enable Parking Mode

If you want to enable your dash cam’s parking mode, you have three options to choose from – hardwiring, using a dash cam battery pack, or using an OBD power cable. While these parking mode kits depend on the dash cam you are using, it is important to know how each of them differs from one another.

In this article, we will focus on the OBD installation using an IROAD OBD power cable, and show you how to activate parking mode through this method.

What is an OBD power cable?

First, let us define what OBD means. OBD is actually short for on-board diagnostics, which is the standardized computer system that all modern vehicles have equipped (models in 1996 and newer). The on-board computer system plays a crucial role in monitoring different electrical sensors throughout your vehicle.

For dash cams, an OBD cable provides a simpler and more convenient method for parking-mode recording over the traditional fuse box hardwiring method.

Instead of using a hardwire kit to connect to the vehicle’s fuse box, which can sometimes be a pain as the location of the fuse box can differ greatly between vehicles, the OBD cable connects to the OBD port which is almost always found on the driver’s side near and around the steering wheel column.

This is all especially true for EVs, where using an OBD cable is ideal to bypass any electrical isues.

Using the IROAD OBD-II Power Cable

Available at BlackboxMyCar, the IROAD OBD-II IM-300 Power Cable is designed to ensure seamless integration for enabling the built-in parking surveillance modes of your dash cam. It has two switches on its side - “S”, which stands for Standard, and “P”, which stands for Parking.

Having this in the S position will mean that power will cut off when the car is off, and setting this to the P position will allow the OBD cable to continue drawing power when the vehicle is off.

Thus, if parking-mode recording is desired, simply leave this to the P position. The voltage and timer cutoff settings can all be adjusted in the IROAD viewer or IROAD smartphone app.

Moreover, the EV and F switches can be used to switch between standard fuel vehicle modes, and one designed specifically for Hybrid and EV Vehicles.

IROAD OBD-II Power Cable Compatibility

Beyond the IROAD dash cams, the IROAD OBD-II IM-300 power cable is also compatible with Thinkware dash cams, activating its parking modes including Motion Detection, Impact Detection, Time Lapse Mode, and Energy Saving Mode.

As no physical hardwiring is necessary, this method should allow for a simple installation, plugging directly into your OBD II diagnostic port. No need to mess with tedious panel removals and hardwiring – simply plug the cable into your OBD-2 port and you're done!

Once the cable is easily installed into the vehicle's on-board diagnostic (OBD) port, your Thinkware dash cam will receive power at all times, even when your vehicle is off, so you can have maximum peace of mind.

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Note for Battery Pack Users:

If you’re using a battery pack like the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8, please note that you cannot connect a dash cam to the battery pack via the OBD-II power cable. You will need a pre-spliced hardwiring kit. Speak to our product experts to learn more.