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Dash Cams and Airbags

The vast majority of customers who purchase a dash cam from us prefer to tuck their wires in their trim. Not only is the visible wire unattractive and distracting but it can also attract thieves and make it very obvious that you have electronics that may be worth stealing in the vehicle. The biggest concern with wire tucking and hardwire installs for many customers are the various airbags in the vehicles. Most new vehicles have airbags in the A-pillar or in the headliner which is where the dash cam's wire is typically routed. 

Running the wires over the airbags is a safe method as the airbag remains operational and cables will not affect its safety performance. Our installer will regularly remove the A-Pillar trim which will expose the airbag and other wiring behind the A-pillar. Most vehicles have a fair bit of wiring going up the A-pillar already as there are wires going up to the dome lights, vanity mirror lights, etc. so it is safe to run your dash cam's wire along these other wires. You can use cable ties or electrical tape to secure the wire in a way that won't impede the airbags whatsoever.

dash cam side airbags

If you are not able to remove the A-Pillar easily and can't run the wire behind the airbag, this is actually okay as well. You can still run the wire up the A-pillar through the weatherstrip between the interior and the door. Running the wire here may result in some bulging of the weatherstrip depending on the vehicle but generally speaking it's still safe to do so. The airbag is designed to burst through the trim of the vehicle and if they were to go off they may damage the dash cam's cables (which are replaceable) but the airbag is still operational in our experience. 

Dash cams have been in vehicles in Korea for more than 10 years and the empirical data from Korea suggests there are no issues with running dash cam wiring beneath the trim of a vehicle. A number of our customers have been in accidents where the airbags have been deployed without issue despite having a hardwired dash cam in their vehicle. We've also done hundreds of installs and have never had to worry about airbags going off spontaneously during the install process while the vehicle is off. If you are hardwiring to the fuse box, we do strongly recommend not to use fuses related to the airbags of the vehicle though, if the camera ends up blowing a fuse for the airbags, they will not work properly in the vehicle. As always, use common sense when you are installing the dash cam and don't do something silly like zip-tying a cable directly on an airbag. We are not responsible for any airbag related issues caused by the installation of the dash cam in your vehicle.

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