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Do dash cam wiring affect your airbags?

How to protect your airbags when you're installing your dash cam

When it comes to dash cam installation, the majority of our customers prefer to have their wirings hidden as much as possible. Not only is the visible wire distracting, but it can also attract thieves by indicating that you have valuable electronics in your vehicle.

The good news is that dashcam wiring can be easily covered up by tucking it into the trim, and routing it through the A Pillars. However, there is one concern that some may find alarming: the A-Pillars, especially for newer vehicle models, contain one of your car's critical safety systems - the airbags.

Airbags consist of a cushion that inflates quickly in the event of a collision, positioned to keep passengers from being thrown against the vehicle's structure. While dash cams act as the eye in an accident, airbags do the work to save both driver and passenger from life-threatening impacts. Because of this, we always get questions from our customers: "Is it safe to run dash cam wires over my airbags?" Let’s find out.

Is it safe to run my dash cam wirings over my airbags?

While airbags may be sensitive, running wires behind them is completely safe. The airbags will continue to function normally upon dash cam installation, and the cables have no impact on their safety performance. The only thing to make sure of is that your wires are tucked in behind your airbags, so if the airbags do get deployed, your wire doesn't come out with it.

In fact, for installations done at BlackboxMyCar, our professional installers usually remove the A-pillar trim, exposing the airbag and other wiring behind the A-pillar.

Most vehicles already have some wiring going up the A-pillar, such as wires to the dome lights, vanity mirror lights, and so on, so it is safe to run your dash cam's wire along these other wires. If you want to make sure that the wires do not interfere with the airbags, you can secure the wire with cable ties or electrical tape as well.

The A-Pillar is difficult to remove. Is there an installation alternative?

If you’re doing the installation yourself and can't easily remove the A-Pillar, that's fine too. The wire can still be routed up the A-pillar via the weatherstrip between the interior and the door.

Just take note that running the wire here may cause some bulging of the weatherstrip depending on the vehicle, but it is generally safe to do so. The airbag is designed to burst through the vehicle's trim, and if it does, it may damage the dash cam's cables (which are replaceable), but the airbag remains operational in our experience.

Things to Remember

If you are hardwiring the fuse box, we strongly advise against using fuses related to the vehicle's airbags. If the camera blows a fuse for the airbags, they will not function properly in the vehicle. More importantly, use caution when installing the dash cam. Avoid zip-tying a cable directly to an airbag in the A-Pillar - that’s when things become a little dangerous.

Need help in installing your dash cam? Let's make it easier for you.

To someone who has never looked inside an A-Pillar or run wiring through one, the dash cam installation may appear complicated. If you want to install a dash cam but are intimidated by the task, we recommend hiring a professional installer for total peace of mind.

If you have questions about the process, or anything about dash cams, send us a message through the form below!