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What is a BlackVue Tamper Proof Case?

Designed For All BlackVue Dash Cams

What is a BlackVue Tamper-Proof Case?

A tamper-proof case is an anti-tampering device that prevents the SD card from being taken out of the dash cam as well as the power cable from being unplugged from the dash cam. This may not be most customers, but it can be hugely important for owners of fleet vehicles who want to monitor their drivers. By using a tamper proof case, the dash cam remains powered on to record footage and video files cannot be deleted.

Right now, BlackVue offers Tamper-Proof cases for the majority of their cameras (see below for compatibility). What’s great about the BlackVue tamper-proof case is that it also prevents the dash cam from being slid out of it's mount, so that the dash cam cannot be removed either. The only method to uninstall this tamper proof case is to use an allen key that comes included with the purchase of this product.

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  • BlackVue DR590W-2CH
  • BlackVue DR590W-1CH
  • BlackVue DR590-2CH
  • BlackVue DR490-2CH
  • BlackVue DR470-2CH
  • BlackVue DR450-1CH
  • BlackVue DR430-2CH

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