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Gearing up for Father's Day - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Gearing up for Father's Day

Hey Dad, thanks! For all the early morning practices and games you took us to. For teaching us how to drive and for picking us up from the curb at 3 am. We’re dedicating this special issue to Dads! No, we’re not just talking about the super dads or the hero dads. We are talking all the guys - guys who are tired and guys who are still trying hard to get it right. This is also for guys who are forever absentminded, guys who get scared sometimes, and guys who are proudly rockin' the Dad Bod.

This Father's Day, BlackboxMyCar wants to thank dads and dad-figures everywhere. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for Dad or you're looking to spoil yourself a little, we've got everything you need in-store this month - just following these steps.

Start by shopping the sale items on our website

Hop on over to our Deals & Promotions section to take advantage of the latest promo codes and coupons, like these ones:

Take 5% Off all orders $300+

Did you know that you can use discount codes on discounted and on-sale items? So, got your eyes on the Thinkware U1000 that’s currently on sale at $50 off? Take an extra 5% off on us! Hurry, offer ends June 12!

Take 10% off the BlackVue DR900S-1CH

It's our Pre-Summer BlackVue Clearance. Take 10% Off BlackVue DR900S-1CH 16GB.

Other BlackVue models are also on sale, like the DR750S-2CH and the DR590W-2CH.

Ready, Set, Sezzle!

Have your eye on the new 4K UHD dash cam? Need an external battery pack to extend parking mode coverage on your car camping trip? We have partnered with Sezzle to give you the option to split your entire order into 4 interest-free payments - just another way to make dash cams affordable for everyone!

Here's how:

1) Choose Sezzle at checkout

2) Your order is processed and shipping just like we normally would (Yes, Rocket Fast Shipping, too!)

3) Sezzle will split your purchase over 4 automatic interest-free payments

Learn more about how Sezzle works.

Browse through our Father's Day Gift Guide

Browse more than a dozen of most-sought-after dash cams and accessories for dads, grandpas, husbands, partners, uncles, brothers, friends - a motley group of mixed ages and interests. We have racked our brains to come up with the best gifts that will make them thank you back! The BlackboxMyCar Father's Day Gift Guide 2020 will be available in the coming week.

Picture this: Black Friday in June

Amazon's Prime Day may be all the rage, but why wait until July when you can get the same (or even more) Black Friday level of awesomeness in June? Best of all, instead of 2 days of savings, we're giving you 2 weeks to shop and save!

Sometime next week, we will run deep discounts across bestselling Thinkware dash cams, including the Thinkware U1000, Q800PRO, F800 Pro, M1 and the FA200! Expect to save up to $150 on your favourite Thinkware dash cam! Promotions are slated to run beyond Father's Day weekend! But hurry, before they're all gone. Select Rocket Fast Shipping to make sure Dad gets his new dash cam in time for Father's Day!

Don’t miss the sale - get on our mailing list! Subscribe and we’ll throw in an extra 5% Discount Code.

Check out our new products, too

Last month, we’ve added a few new Escort and Cobra products to our lineup, including the Cobra Road Scout - an innovative 2-in-1 Radar Detector and Dash Cam.


ESCORT Max 360c


Cobra DualPro 360

Cobra Road Scout

Stay tuned for our product reviews this month!

Are you ready for another round of giveaways?

Vancouver BC, are you ready for another round of dash cam giveaways? This time, we are going on air as a title sponsor of an upcoming Summer giveaway hosted by Vancouver’s Z95.3. The giveaway is scheduled to run 6 weeks, with a whole lot of other exciting prizes up for grabs, including 11 Thinkware FA200 dash cams! Our first radio ad will be going on air starting June 8, but we are super stoked we could hardly wait, so here's a little sound clip for all of you (especially those who are not in the Vancouver-area):

Of course, this giveaway would not be possible without the generous support of Thinkware North America. Tune in to Z95.3's for more contest dates and details!

Tips and insights from our dash cam experts

This month, our dash cam experts will also be sharing more tips and insights, including topics like:

  • The Best Last-Minute Off-the-Beaten-Path Weekend Roadtrips in the US.
  • Motorsports: Dash Cam vs. GoPro
  • The Perfect Dash Cam for Your Truck
  • Dash Cam Solutions for Rental Cars and Car-Share

Exciting reads coming ahead so be sure to follow us on our blog.

Finish it all off with a Dad Joke

What’s Father’s Day without a good dad joke? We’ve got a couple for you:

What do you call a pig in a rickshaw? Pulled pork.

What do most 50-year-old men put inside their cars? Children (and a dash cam)

Cheers to Dads everywhere, for showing us it’s OK to be tired, clueless, and even lost, that it's definitely OK to scream like a little girl over a spider. But most of all, thanks for showing us it doesn't matter the car you drive or the road you take - with eyes on the road and hands at ten and two, you'll get there safely, eventually.

Thanks for driving the world, Dad!

Need help? Come talk to us, now open Saturdays, too!

As of June 1, our office in Richmond, BC has officially opened back up for walk-ins and installations. We are also opening up for Saturdays once again starting June 6th, so, come on over, or hop online and Live Chat with us if you have any questions.

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