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How Does a High-Quality Dash Cam Help During Winter Drives? - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

How Does a High-Quality Dash Cam Help During Winter Drives?

Here in Vancouver, January is a time of the year when our temperature drops to zero – sometimes even lower. For our fellow drivers, this also serves as a reminder to be more cautious due to the tricky road conditions. We’re talking about slippery surfaces, potential visibility challenges, and of course, the cold temperature itself that can ruin electronics – including a dash cam. In this blog, we are going to talk about the importance of choosing a high-quality dash cam to be your watchful eye on those winter drives.

Why Choose a High-Quality Dash Cam During Winter

Despite the similar form factors, not all dash cams are the same, especially when it comes to handling winter conditions. Cheaper models struggle in extreme temperatures, give you grainy footage, and worse? Just shut down and never work again.

That’s why we always recommend choosing a high-quality and reliable Dash Cam, which are tested to endure winters, summers, and all the seasons in between! Below are the top dash cam features to consider, plus how they help during your drive this winter.

Supercapacitors for Power

Don’t worry about your dash cam dying in the middle of the road this winter. Supercapacitors are not only built to beat the heat – they also conquer the cold! Better than lithium-ion batteries, dash cams with built-in supercapacitors can withstand below-freezing temperatures, so you continue to get reliable footage in the harshest of conditions.

Supercapacitors are the sole battery in all models by trusted dash cam manufacturers like BlackVue, Thinkware, and VIOFO, the safe working temperature ranges from -40 to 70°C. All dash cams available in BlackboxMyCar employ supercapacitors, so feel free to choose among our models here!

Advanced Video Resolution for Recordings

Another dashcam feature to consider this winter is video resolution. Due to the snow's reflective appearance when driving, especially in conditions with poor visibility may be more prone to danger. A high-quality dash cam with advanced image sensors, such as the Sony STARVIS 2 allows for recordings of the environment looking more balanced, crisper and more accurate—even in the midst of bright, reflecting snow. Moreover, we also advise using a CPL filter in cold conditions, as it will assist in reducing glare and darkening the video.

This is all especially true in icy conditions, where a small patch of Black Ice can be the cause of an accident. While a low-resolution camera may be unable to capture these details and compensate for the abnormal situation, a high-quality camera can notice these things, and provide you with the definitive evidence you need.

Super Night Vision for Enhanced Visibility

While staying indoors is safer, we understand that going out at night may be inevitable for some drivers. Since the Northern Hemisphere leans away from the sun during this season, we experience shorter days and longer evenings. Can you imagine how challenging it is to drive on a dark road, unaware of what problem spots you need to avoid ahead?

Going beyond quality image sensors, advanced super night vision technology from models like Thinkware Q1000, U3000, and VIOFO A229 series with Sony STARVIS 2 take things up a notch here. Whether you're driving on a poorly lit street or dealing with heavy snowfall, driving signs, slippery license plates, and possible hazards should all be easily visible with a high-quality dash cam.

These long nights contrast a lot with the bright, snow-covered days, and having a camera that can handle both is especially valuable. That’s why the high-quality cameras we’ve listed use ISP tuning software to analyze and compensate for the specific situation they are in, darkening or brightening the video as needed, automatically.

Parking Mode for Protection

Beyond driving, having a high-quality dash cam also protects even when parked, thanks to Parking Mode. When cold weather strikes, so do thieves. In fact, reports show that vehicle theft rises by 25% during winter months because of the longer nights. With Parking Mode activated, your dash cam will be able to capture any mishaps, attempted break-ins or vandalism, helpful for claiming insurance from ICBC.

Batteries of all shapes and sizes are susceptible to severe weather to differing degrees. If it gets cold enough, it will even impact your car's battery. Some dash cameras, like Thinkware, also have a Wintertime Battery Protection setting that prevents vehicle battery issues in the cold, although this sacrifices the duration of parking mode, shortening it.

If you want to make sure that you get the maximum protection of parking mode, we recommend a dash cam battery pack like the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8.

Cloud Capabilities

In the event of a severe winter accident, dash cams with Cloud features like BlackVue Cloud and Thinkware CONNECTED go a step further with emergency response capabilities. Cloud capabilities are indispensable for winter driving safety, particularly in emergencies. Alert Push Notifications and Remote Live View provide real-time alerts and remote monitoring. Video Backup and Auto-Upload also ensure that important footage is promptly saved, which is a must in insurance claims or legal matters after accidents.

Specially designed for fleets, Voice Call functions allow for safe communication within the car, and GPS Tracking assists in emergencies by visualizing your car's location and speed. The Live Event Upload feature captures critical details in real time during unexpected winter events, which provides valuable information for emergency responders. In terms of Cloud Capabilities, our top pick is BlackVue Cloud due to its more advanced functions. BlackVue dash cams also allow you to connect to a mobile hotspot if you need a reliable internet connection during dire situations,

Why You Shouldn't Settle for Less During Winter

Every driver needs a trustworthy dash cam, and that need increases when the roads are covered in snow and the temperature drops. For us, opting for cheap dash cams could result in lost chances to obtain important evidence, subpar quality recordings, or even device malfunction when you least expect it.

Remember, when you choose a high-quality dash cam with features like cloud, parking mode, improved super night vision, superior image sensors, and supercapacitors, you are also investing in your safety and peace of mind throughout the seasons. If you need help in choosing a dash cam this winter, send us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

Drive safe, and stay warm this winter!

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