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An Action-Packed 12th Year at BlackboxMyCar

An Action-Packed 12th Year at BlackboxMyCar

As we mark the twelfth anniversary of BlackboxMyCar, it's incredible to reflect on the journey we've taken together. Over the past year alone, the dash cam landscape has evolved dramatically, with notable releases such as the Thinkware Q200, F70 Pro, BlackVue’s revamped DR970X Plus series, and VIOFO’s groundbreaking VS1 and A119 Mini 2. Amidst this flurry of innovation, our team has remained dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions, ensuring you have the best products to secure your journeys, and even introducing some of our own products!

Join us as we review the milestones of the past year, celebrate our achievements, and look ahead to the exciting future of BlackboxMyCar.

How did we get here?

It’s been a long, 12-year adventure to where we are today, with many different highlights over the years, which you can check in last year’s anniversary blog here. For this year, we’ll be focusing purely on what’s happened between then and now, over the past year.

If there’s been one word on everyone in the Dash Cam industry space this year, it’s been Sony STARVIS 2. Despite debuting early in 2023, discussions and innovation around this sensor have persisted, with dash cam manufacturers around the world recognizing it as the best sensor in the industry, especially for night vision. Manufacturers are still learning how to best make use of Sony STARVIS 2 and its night vision technology, incorporating different variants of HDR (High Dynamic Range) to best make use of the sensor's low-light capabilities.

With this new sensor, BlackVue has been prompted to completely reimagine their DR970X lineup, upgrading all their 4K models to incorporate this sensor in the DR970X Plus Series. VIOFO has also been hard at work, and hasn’t stopped at just incorporating this sensor into their 4k models, but have completely refreshed their ENTIRE lineup to adopt this sensor, even adding entry-level models with it like the A119 Mini 2, which offers some of the best image quality in the market, despite being under $150 USD. Even though the VIOFO A139 Pro released last year used this new sensor, it’s already been fully eclipsed by the VIOFO A229 series, sporting STARVIS 2, not only in the front camera, but also in a 2K rear camera.

Thinkware hasn’t been idle, either. With the release of the Thinkware U3000, their latest and greatest with STARVIS 2, while also updating their entry-level models as well, with the F70 Pro and Q200, albeit without STARVIS 2. Instead, they focused on introducing modern improvements to these models, improving the app connection, and making them some of the longest-lasting parking mode options available.

But the competition isn’t far behind, and they're moving quickly to adopt the sensor, too. VanTrue, 70Mai, and even FineVu have adopted the sensor on a large scale, and they're developing new models with it.

How did we get here?

All of that brings us to present-day May! And boy, have we been busy. Firstly, the community at large has been very active as well, and we’ve been doing what we can to lend them our voice, and share their stories with the world. Take this Jaw-dropping parking incident from one our customers, having his BMW i8’s windshield smashed by a vandal with a rock. We also saw an interior camera capture an off-duty police officer punching a civilian, and, in another situation, a rage-filled driver driving through a parade! All this footage was recorded during this year.

While we’re hard at work to make sure that everyone stays informed on these new advancements and that we have them in stock at our shop here, we’ve also been adding our own inventory of unique items. Just last month, we added a whole slew of new tools and features, all focused on keeping you and your vehicle protected. In our efforts to give back to the community, all of these items are available in our Rewards Program with any purchase! These endless extras include useful everyday items, such as Edgesight Mirrors, Outdoor Multi-tool sets, 21-in-1 precision screwdrivers, and more! To celebrate, we are offering a 15% discount on all these items, just use the exclusive code BB15 at checkout!

We haven’t stopped there either! We’re pleased to introduce our very own Dash Cam, the BlackboxMyCar S-Drive system. The S-Drive is everything you need for driving safety, and connectivity, built-in to a 10-inch screen. While not only a dash-cam and backup camera system, this device is also invaluable for modernizing any vehicle, and upgrading your setup with Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Full control is at your fingertips thanks to the 10” built-in touch screen, which provides crystal-clear images and responsiveness. This seamless, plug-and-play system is an affordable, reliable, and quality product for any vehicle.

And let’s not forget the innovative influencers that keep us on our toes! Be it Vortex Radar, thoroughly testing a fake 8k das camera and showing its faults, or Panzer Platform, showing off a full I/M inspection through a multi-channel dash cam setup, including one under his hood!

Where are we going?

2024 has already been an exciting year, and the rest is already primed with plenty of surprises. While we can’t fully pull back the curtain, we can provide some small teases on what’s to come.

VIOFO, for example, has made headway in a full overhaul of their app, and has plans to release an OBD cable in the coming months, allowing for a plug-and-play parking mode alternative to hardwiring. Their team has also been hard at work to further improve use of the Sony STARVIS 2 image sensor, writing articles on advanced subjects like the difference between DOL HDR & Clear HDR.

Of course, Thinkware and BlackVue are also hard at work, and we can expect further improvements from them, but no news as of yet.

The team at BlackboxMyCar is working diligently to release new products and add-ons, update our knowledge base to keep everyone informed, and, in the coming months, release a new and improved version of our Referral Program. 

We'll be adding more products over the year, and making your car safety journeys even easier.

We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Philips, introducing their first dash cam to North America: the Philips GoSure GS5101D 2K Dual-Channel.

To celebrate this milestone, we're offering a FREE Philips Air Purifier (a $150 value) with every Philips dash cam purchase, while supplies last. This collaboration marks the beginning of many innovative ventures with Philips, and we look forward to future advancements that will enhance our mutual success.

Stay safe out there this year, everyone!

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