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The Most Memorable Dash Cam Moments in the Last 11 Years - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

The Most Memorable Dash Cam Moments in the Last 11 Years

If you have read our special anniversary blog released last week, you might now have a good idea on the numbers and milestones that we have accomplished for the past decade and one - from the sum of business days, orders shipped, team members, plus the total number of brands we have worked together with.

With pride, we have already partnered with 16 globally renowned dash cam and automotive accessory brands over the past 11 years. So, for this week’s special anniversary review, we will take a trip down memory lane and look back at the coolest dash cams and accessories that have laid the foundation for who BlackboxMyCar is today. Now, let’s hit rewind!

BlackboxMyCar’s Favorite Dash Cams and Accessories from 2012 to Present

FineVu CR-500HD (2012)

Released in late 2012, the FineVu CR-500HD is one of the first premium dash cams to have been introduced to North America. This small and discreet front-only dash cam (which only weighed 88 grams) was one of the first dash cams that we've ever carried in BlackboxMyCar!

The CR-500HD was reliable, and how it was embraced by our customers pushed us to carry more FineVu dash cams like the FineVu GX1000 and FineVu GX300. We can’t deny that FineVu has a special place in our hearts, as it is one of the first South Korean brands that we have trusted and worked with.

VIOFO A119 (2013)

BlackboxMyCar was created around the same time that VIOFO started, and we partnered with them to offer the A119 model to the North American market. This was one of the first budget-friendly dash cams to succeed here; no big bells and whistles, just a solid dash cam with great recording capabilities.

This partnership proved to be extremely fruitful, and we've been strong partners with VIOFO ever since for the last 10 years. If you are looking for dash cams that’s heavy on the features but light on the pockets - from dual-2K to triple-channel 4K UHD like the new A139 Pro? VIOFO got you covered.

Cellink B Battery (2014)

When dash cam battery packs were just being introduced to the world by EGEN in 2015, we are proud to say that BlackboxMyCar is the first North American company to import these parking mode activators, starting with the Cellink B Battery.

This has paved the way for the many battery packs that we see today; including the Cellink Neo, BlackVue B-130X Ultra Magic Battery Pack, and our very own BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8!

BlackVue DR750LW-2CH (2014)

Did you know that before the rise of the premium screenless Blackvues like the DR970X and DR770X series, the South Korean brand once designed dash cams with LCD screens?

One timeless example is the BlackVue DR750LW-2CH dash cam, similar to the Roadview Panorama S and the VIOFO A118C2. Aside from its dual-channel configuration, this BlackVue’s LCD screen was also touch-enabled! Yup, truly ahead of its time!

SkyView G1 (2015)

In 2015, we tried our hand in creating our first in-house brand at BlackboxMyCar called SkyView, starting with the G1 and G6 full HD dash cam models. We had fun using and reviewing these dash cams, and they are still up in our YouTube channel! While this was a short-lived endeavor, we did learn quite a bit from the project, and allowed us to apply our discoveries to future in-house projects including the BlackboxMyCar BI-750 Battery and the PowerCell 8 Battery Pack. 

eCell Focus Blackbox Dash Cam (2015)

Now, here’s one of our staff favorites! We loved the innovative approach that eCell took with the eCell Focus, where it had a separate box specifically for the processor, and the cameras themselves are all segregated.

The eCell Focus was a great option for security, and reminds us of the new BlackVue DR770X Box dash cam that is uniquely designed with a Box, and three separate and super secured cameras.

BlackVue Cloud (2015)

Talk about a huge step forward in 2015 for dash cams with the introduction of BlackVue Cloud, their Cloud-based service! While Cloud computing may be everywhere nowadays, this service was revolutionary for dash cams at the time.

BlackVue introduced its Cloud service in 2015, starting with the BlackVue DR650GW models. Since then, it has become unstoppable and sought-after by drivers and fleet managers. Best of all, the Cloud can now be easily accessed through LTE dash cams or the external CM100G LTE module.

BlackSys CH-100B (2016)

We brought the BlackSys brand to North America back in 2016 through the CH-100B model. This dash cam was definitely ahead of its time, being one of the first premium dash cams that could take pictures! Yup, imagine screenshots!

The CH-100B had an adjustable 3-axis g-sensor setting, allowed users to control the sensitivity in parking mode, and also introduced region-based motion detection to the world. Region-based motion detection is now present in all BlackVue dash cams!

Celot LED Light (2016)

Lights, camera, Celot! Indeed, the Celot LED light was one of our favorite dash cam add-ons way back in the days when night vision wasn't as powerful in dash cams like how it is now in the Thinkware U3000. The Celot LED Light had an internal G-sensor that would automatically illuminate bright LEDs when an impact is detected, giving great visibility in darker environments!

IROAD OBD-II Cable (2019)

OBD-II power cables for dash cams may be popular today, but not so much back in 2019! We were looking for easier ways for customers to be able to achieve parking mode for their dash cams without the hassle of hardwiring, and thus became the IROAD OBD-II Power Cable!

Customers were then able to power their dash cams just by plugging the cable into their vehicles' OBD port. This is also compatible with Thinkware dash cams. We are offering this accessory at BlackboxMyCar!

Sentrym L1 Projector (2020)

With our next foray into new in-house brands, we introduced a new home brand called Sentrym in 2020. For our first product, we brought forth the Sentrym L1 mini 3D projector to North America.

Considered as the lightest mini 3D projector in the market, the ultra-portable Sentrym L1 had built-in Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi, allowing users to play all of their media with one tiny device. We want to keep everything handy, but heavy on the features, so watch out for more products under Sentrym coming soon!

Thinkware Radar Module (2021)

This was fairly recent as an add-on device that was first introduced with the best-selling flagship Thinkware U1000, but was in response to customers who didn't drive that often and wanted parking mode protection over a longer period of time. This radar module not only extended the parking coverage but also reduced power consumption during parking mode. Now, this feature is already equipped and built-in the new U3000 dash cam.

BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 (2021)

The BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8 battery pack is not the first in-house battery pack that we've ever brought forth (that honor actually goes to the very successful BI-750 way back in 2020).

Nevertheless, we are proud to say that the PowerCell 8 was the highest capacity dash cam battery at 96wH/7,500mAh on the market at the time of its introduction, and has proven to be the best and most reliable battery pack in history.

How to Hardwire Install

And our list of favorites goes on….

From dash cams, to battery packs, power cables, and Cloud services, we surely had tested and experienced a lot of them before we have finally become product experts ourselves!

Such an exciting 11 years it has been, and we look forward to introducing more products for you soon. Not to spoil, but we've got big plans in 2023, so stay tuned for more. The best of BlackboxMyCar is yet to come!

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