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5 Ways Dash Cams Protect Female Drivers

5 Ways Dash Cams Protect Female Drivers

Let’s start with an interesting fact. While you may think that male drivers dominate the road, did you know that women hold 51% of driver's licenses in the United States across all age categories? Still, studies show that while more women are licensed to drive, men are more likely to cause accidents as they are prone to engaging in risky driving behaviours, such as speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, and driving under the influence.

Driving itself does come with a new set of challenges and concerns, with women drivers showing more concerns over incidents, vehicle breakdowns, scary parking lots, and vengeful exes. Anyone who’s asked a coworker to walk them to their vehicle after-dark knows this worry, and we’re here to say you aren’t alone. Even when no one’s available to lend a helping hand, we have an answer: Dash Cams.

From a Woman's Perspective

As a female driver myself, I have unfortunately experienced being judged and taken advantage of by a male driver in a car crash, but I was able to defend myself and speak the truth through the lense of my dash cam. I was driving when a public transport vehicle crashed into my SUV’s rear, totally wrecking the liftgate and rear bumper. When he saw that I was a young female driver, he tried to accuse me of stopping abruptly, that's why he hit us. When I told him and the authorities that I had a rear dash cam and I got everything recorded, the driver suddenly froze.

Through a 20-second dash cam clip, I proved my innocence, while providing the police officer the evidence that the male driver was actually speeding and overtaking. That exact moment gave me the peace of mind that no matter where I drive, my dash cam can protect and defend me from any possible danger on the road.

While dash cams can be perceived as daunting to install, and only for the tech-savviest of us, the reality is that dash cams are for all drivers, and can easily be installed in seconds. In this blog, we’ll share with you how these tools can help empower your driving, making your journeys safer and more secure. All at a budget price and only taking a few seconds to mount!

5 Ways Dash Cams Protect Women

1. Your Constant Protection On The Road

Imagine having a reliable companion at all times, even when you are driving alone – that’s how a dash cam works. If you often drive in a high-traffic location and get involved in an incident, a dash cam can show law enforcement or an insurance company that you were not at fault, while also capturing license plates and road signs.

If you've been in a serious crash, a victim of a hit-and-run, or even a minor fender bender, your dash cam footage could be the only eyewitness you have. Moreover, if you are pulled over during a traffic check, you can also record video and audio of the incident, which helps you eliminate 'he-said, she-said' situations. Not only does it protect you from danger – it also protects you from huge costs, and the stress of defending yourself!

2. A Dash Cam Can Be Installed in Seconds

Believe us, it is not a complicated device. In fact, installing a dash cam on your vehicle’s windshield only takes seconds. These devices are truly plug-and-play, and will work as soon as you turn on your vehicle. Simply mount the dash cam on your windshield, plug the cable into your car’s cigarette lighter adapter, and you are good to go! It’s as simple as plugging in your charging cable to your smartphone.

3. Protects You From The Creeps

We understand that parking lots, especially those that are shadowy at night, can cause anxiety. It’s worrying to leave your precious car unattended, especially when you return to find unexpected dings, scratches, or worse! The good news is dash cams now integrate a parking mode feature to serve as silent guardians, which continually records even while the car engine is turned off – all you have to do is to hardwire it, or have a dash cam battery pack.

Beyond parking mode, Cloud services are also helpful in these situations. Dash cams with the Cloud, such as BlackVue, can send you notifications in real-time in the event of an incident or impact, thanks to Push Notifications. There’s nothing better for your zen and peace of mind than having an ever-vigilant protector, notifying you of any incidents that occur at the vehicle! Learn more about how Cloud dash cams can help you here.

4. A Dash Cam Helps You See Every Angle

A front dash cam is helpful, but what if the incident happens in the rear, or inside the vehicle itself? Based on experience, a multi-channel dash camera is best because it provides a thorough picture of all angles during roadside situations.

Because the lenses capture the front, rear, and sides of the car, you can also minimize blind spots, best for driving in congested crossings. Meanwhile, for female drivers who frequently ride with passengers, we also recommend getting an IR dash cam to capture what’s happening inside the vehicle. Beyond safety, you can also use the interior dash cam footage to record travel memories, or some carpool karaoke with your friends!

5. Less Expensive Than You Expect

Contrary to misconceptions, there are high-quality dash cams that are reasonably priced and truly affordable, suitable for first-time drivers and students. Models like the Thinkware F70 Pro and the VIOFO A119 Mini 2 are priced around the $100 price tag, but are designed to deliver solid features. Despite the low price, these dash cams can offer long-term benefits in terms of savings and costs, particularly when it comes to insurance.


Celebrating International Womens Day

Now that you know how a dash cam can protect and empower drives, it’s time to do your part. If you’re a female driver, or have one in your household, or within your circle of friends, be the first to let them know how a dash cam can protect them. If you want to go the extra mile, you can be the one to give them one as a gift, in celebration of the special week dedicated to them!

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