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How to Upgrade to the BlackVue DR970X Plus Dash Cam Series

How to Upgrade to the BlackVue DR970X Plus Dash Cam Series

BlackVue is going big, this 2024, making their premium dash cams better than ever. If you loved the BlackVue DR970X and DR770X dash cams from last year, the recent launch of the all-new DR970X Plus could be the sign for you to say hello to clearer, sharper 4K UHD views with BlackVue.

As much as we love the old BlackVue DR970X and DR770X, the newer BlackVue DR970X Plus dashcam – from the one-channel, dual-channel, IR, LTE, and Box variants – is now a smarter choice with fresh features like Sony STARVIS 2 sensors, SubStream Technology, easy LTE connectivity, up to 512GB and a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

BlackVue DR970X Plus 4K Series Dash Cam Sample Footage

BlackVue DR970X Plus 4K Series Dash Cam In-Depth Review

For the functions, plus the Cloud? It’s really worth the upgrade. Still, once you've decided on the new DR970X Plus series, one of the questions you might have is, "Is there anything from my old BlackVue that I can keep before upgrading to the Plus?" Let’s find out in this blog!

Which Cables are Compatible with the new DR970X Plus?

Power Cables

First, let’s talk about the Power Cables. The BlackVue DR970X Plus includes a hardwire kit and cigarette lighter adapter power cable in every package, which are also compatible with the previous X and X Plus Series models. However, they are not compatible with the power cables from models prior – the BlackVue DR650S, DR750S, DR900S – or the DR750-2CH LTE and DR750X-2CH LTE Plus.

All X Plus models include a 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter if you want a plug-and-play solution. If you wish to hardwire your dash cam into the vehicle’s fuse box and activate 24/7 parking mode, BlackVue has made it more convenient by including the hardwire kit in the package.

Note that with the X Series – the DR590X, DR750X, DR900X – the power adapters have been upgraded to "3-wire type" to permit direct hardwiring and take advantage of the camera's built-in voltage monitor feature. Now, the DR970X Plus uses the same 3-wire type power adapters, thus they can be reused. Unfortunately, the power cords from earlier BlackVue dash cams (such as the S Series and previous built-in LTE variants) are not compatible. For comparisons, check out the table below:

3-wire Power Cables
(for ignition-based Parking Mode support)

2-wire Power Cables
(PMP Required for parkign mode)

  • DR970X Plus Models
  • DR970X LTE Plus Models
  • DR970X Box Plus Models
  • DR970X Models
  • DR970X LTE Models
  • DR770X Models
  • DR770X LTE Models
  • DR770X Box Models
  • DR900X, DR900X Plus Models
  • DR750X, DR750X Plus Models
  • DR590X Models
  • DR750X LTE Plus Models
  • DR750 LTE Models
  • DR900S Models
  • DR750S Models
  • DR590W, DR590 Models
  • DR650, DR650GW Models

Rear/Interior Camera Cables

Coaxial Video Cable Compatibility

With the BlackVue DR970X Plus, the coaxial video cables are also the same as the earlier S (DR900S), X (DR750X), and X Plus (DR900X Plus) series. Meanwhile, the DR590X, DR590W, and DR590 versions all employ a video cable, specifically analogue and phone TRRS jack types, making it incompatible with the DR970X Plus.

Which Accessories are Compatible with the new DR970X Plus?

Mount Compatibility

All DR970X Plus models have the same front camera, which was also upgraded from F/2.8 to a bigger F/1.7 lens capturing light for clearer footage. This also comes after the slight change in the field of view, with the DR970X Plus covering up to 146-degrees compared to the older DR970X’s 155 degrees. As a result of the larger lens, the front camera mounts of the new models have been altered to accommodate this modification, and are a few inches larger. Despite this, the good news is that the camera will still fit onto older mounts. Due to the larger lens, if you’re using the old mount, make sure the lens does not hit against your windshield, if so, the mount will need to be replaced.

Rear and Interior Camera Compatibility

The rear camera angle has also been modified from 139-degrees to a narrower 131-degrees, despite having the same image sensor from the previous models. The BlackVue DR970X Plus is compatible with DR970X, DR770X, DR900X Plus, and DR750X Plus rear cameras, including rear cams like the RC110F and RC1 models; interior infrared cams like the RC110F-IR, RC1-IR; and truck rear cams including the ERC110F and ERC. Rear cameras from all earlier models than these models are not supported.

Micro SD card

The BlackVue DR970X Plus’ memory card capacity is another notable update. While previous models supported up to 256GB micro SD cards, the DR970X Plus now supports up to 512GB. This increased storage capacity allows you to shoot more footage and keep it for longer periods of time without the need for frequent card changes. Your old SD cards will work with this unit, just make sure they are suited to handle their high-quality recording!

Also ensure that the SD card is fully formatted through a computer before inserting into your new model! Otherwise information from your previous camera could be improperly imported to the new model.

Tamper-Proof Case Compatibility

In terms of extra security, the DR970X Plus and DR970X LTE Plus are incompatible with previous Tamper-Proof Cases, and BlackVue announced that dedicated Tamper-Proof Cases will be announced soon. On the other hand, the DR970X Box Plus variants have built-in tamper-proofing by default, including a lock-protected main unit and screw-locked cameras.

Box-Unit Compatibility

The BlackVue DR970X Box-2CH Plus is in a unique predicament, with the only similar system being the DR770X Box 3-CH. Unfortunately, the main cameras of these systems are not compatible, and you will not be able to use these units interchangeably.

Upgrade to the new BlackVue DR970X Plus series now!

The BlackVue DR970X Plus is an exciting upgrade for Cloud dash cam users, delivering enhanced performance and functionality with fresh features like 4K UHD resolution, Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors, image stabilization, dual-band WiFi, maximized 512GB storage, 2-year warranty for long-term reliability.

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