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[REFURBISHED] BlackVue DR900X-2CH IR Plus (Cabin View) 4K Dash Cam

Original price $634.99
Original price $634.99
Current price $326.99 CAD
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Current price $326.99 CAD
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Sold Out
Professional Installation Available

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What does refurbished mean?

All Refurbished irems are tested for functionalities and defects. This unit comes with 12 Months Warranty.
May show signs of mild wear and tear and may not include all original packaging or user manual.

BlackVue DR900X-2CH IR (Cabin View) Plus 4K UHD

New and Improved 4K Clarity.

Keeping the same ultra-stealth design and no-hassle Cloud integration, the DR900X-2CH IR Plus offers several fundamental upgrades from its predecessors - an improved image sensor, Seamless App Pairing and Mobile Hotspot capabilities. Protecting your vehicle inside and out has never been easier!

Front & Interior


Built-in GPS

Up to 5GHz Wi-Fi

Cloud Alerts

Parking Mode

4K UHD has never looked better!

With its 8-megapixel CMOS sensors, you can capture the road ahead in 4K Ultra High Definition at 30FPS - that's 4 times more clarity and details than Full HD. Even when playback on a Full HD monitor, 4K UHD allows you to zoom in without any noticeable pixation.

The DR900X Plus front camera produces crisper 4K videos than its predecessors. The difference is actually quite noticeable when looking at side-by-side footage. You can clearly see finer details from a longer distance.

Capture the inside in Full HD

Powered by a Full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensor, the IR camera records in-cabin activities in Full HD at 30 frames per second at a wide 139° view angle.  

Designed with taxi and rideshare drivers in mind, the DR900X-2CH IR Plus' interior IR camera truly sees in the dark, even pitch-black lighting conditions, thanks to its integrated infrared LEDs that activate automatically based on the ambient light.

The IR camera connects to the front camera via a 1.5m coaxial cable - long enough so that you're not limited to just the front windshield placement option.

Built-in Parking Protection

With advanced parking mode technology, your dash cam protects your car, recording videos when it detects movement or impact, even when you're not there. Buffered recording even includes the few seconds before and after the triggered event, so you get the complete picture.

With built-in voltage monitoring, you can hardwire the dash cam to your car's fuse panel without the need for additional accessories. That way, when you leave your vehicle, the DR900X Plus goes into Parking Mode while monitoring the voltage from your vehicle’s battery and shuts down if the voltage gets too low.

Free BlackVue Hardwiring Kit included to unlock parking surveillance out-of-the-box.

PMP & Dash Cam Battery Pack Compatibility

The DR900X Plus is also compatible with the BlackVue Power Magic Pro (PMP) and external battery packs such as the BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack.

Mobile Hotspot Function

Turn your BlackVue into a Wi-Fi router for your car and your passengers. With Mobile Hotspot Function, you can turn the DR900X Plus into a mobile internet router for up to five devices. This means you and your passengers can now use your BlackVue’s internet on your laptop, portable game console, tablet or mobile.

To connect to the BlackVue, simply open your devices’ Wi-Fi menu, select the BlackVue and enter the dashcam’s Wi-Fi password.

Be in the Know, Wherever You Go

With ultra fast dual-band built-in wi-fi & GPS, you'll know what's happened in blazing speed. Download your footage through 5GHz wi-fi, literally 2X faster than other dash cams running on 2.4 GHZ wi-fi. No more lengthy buffering when you're trying to figure out who (or what) bumped your car. Get location data right through your desktop or smartphone app viewer, all at the touch of a button.

Built-in port for the external BlackVue WiFi Router module offers hassle-free Cloud connectivity anytime, anywhere. Enjoy powerful Cloud features include instant push notifications, remote live view, GPS tracking, Cloud backup storage and two-way voice communication, all via your free BlackVue Over the Cloud account.

Bring-Your-Own SIM Network Compatibility

This CM100G LTE-M is the North American version and is only compatible with North American SIM cards from T-Mobile, Telus, Rogers, Bell and their MVNOs.

The CM100G LTE does not work with 5G cards and is not compatible with any SIM cards from AT&T and Verizon.

*Requires 4G SIM cards from T-Mobile (or relative providers)

Seamless Pairing with the BlackVue App

Effortless setup. With Seamless Pairing, just power the dashcam, then easily connect from the BlackVue app and follow the simple instructions, without leaving the BlackVue App.

Whether you want to browse your dashcam’s files and settings or connect your dashcam to the Cloud, Seamless Pairing makes everything easy and intuitive.


Interchangeable Secondary Camera

The DR900X Plus comes with a universal secondary camera port on all front camera units - this means you can easily swap out the infrared interior camera for a regular rear camera or even an exterior IR camera to fit your changing needs.

Videos & Reviews

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What's Included

  • Front Camera
  • Infrared Interior Camera
  • Interior Camera Connection Cable
  • 12V Power Cable
  • BlackVue Hardwiring Power Cable
  • MicroSD Card
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • Cable Clips
  • Mounting Tape
  • Pry Tool
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1-Year Warranty


Resolution (Front | Interior)

4K UHD @ 30 FPS | 1080p Full HD @30FPS

Image Sensor (Front | Interior)

8MP CMOS Sensor | 2.1MP Sony STARVIS CMOS Sensor



Parking Mode




Wide-Angle View


Operating Temperature

-20°C - 80°C (-4°F - 176°F)

Loop Recording


Maximum SD Card


LCD Screen








File Format

H.264 / .MP4

Country of Origin

South Korea


1-Year Warranty

See helpful BlackVue questions and answers on our FAQ Knowledge Base.

Customer Reviews

Based on 278 reviews
Kevin O. (Miami, US)
Amazing Dashcam (once you’ve set it up)

This is bar none the best dashcam I have ever had.

Setup: I highly suggest downloading the BlackVue viewer on your desktop/laptop, formatting your new MicroSD card with it. From there, download the latest firmware and extract it into the MicroSD card before inserting it into your camera. This will cause the camera to install the firmware. I say this because in my case, the software didn’t upgrade cleanly over the air and some of the indicator lights were acting weird until I did the above. From there, installation is a breeze. Take your time running the wiring and figuring out how you’re going to route cables and you will be fine. I purchased mine with BlackVue’s B-130x battery and that was a very simple set up. Read the manual and take your time for the wiring. Pairing with the app is a breeze and straightforward.

Video quality: The recordings are extremely good quality. I can easily read plates even at night. I do have a 70% Crystalline tint on the front windshield and 40% on the back, so it does help significantly cut down on glare. Daytime recording is also excellent and smooth. I would’ve liked to see 60fps, but as we all know, that is not the only factor when it comes to smoothness.

Parking Mode: the sensors pick up any movement at all such as a door being opened. This can be adjusted from a scale of 1-10 for three different types of motions. I have mine set to the max and although I do get an alert each time I get back to my car, I’d rather have it like this because any little vibration at all will trigger a recording.. This is a small price to pay to have ultimate parking security in my opinion. I tested with myself and family purposely hand pushed bumpers, opened doors, gently hit glass with their hands, and every single time it would send me an alert. There are two parking modes - Time Lapse and Motion Detection. I tried both and Time Lapse seems to have the best reliability in recording everything before and after an event. In my testing, the time lapse mode yields about two days of parking recording time with both cameras enabled and about 24 hours in motion detection mode both with the B-130X battery.

Cloud connectivity: This is the sore point of this setup to get working properly. Once you’re set up, you’re good to go, but it is painful especially with the lack of knowledge out there. The dashcam can work with its LTE connection as well as Wi-Fi both set up. The camera automatically prefers WiFi and falls back to LTE. I have my car WiFi with the same name and password as my home internet and it works well, but I suggest making a DHCP reservation on your home network as sometimes the dash cam tends to get stuck with the IP assigned by your in car WiFi if you do this. For the LTE portion, this is where things get hairy and I can see why a lot of people badmouth the app and camera. To keep it plain, the BlackVue SIM is pretty much useless. I could not get it to work at all even for the free trial period. The SIM included is for Telus wireless, yet there is no instruction as to what APN to use. As a result, the SIM card just sits there and doesn’t properly work. Ever. From my research and testing. The only types of SIMs to work reliably in these is Prepaid SIMs. I found the easiest way to get this to work is to go to the T-Mobile store and request a prepaid SIM card for hotspot/tablets. It is $10 per month for 2GB and $20 for 5GB. It will cost you an additional $10 for the first month since it includes the cost of the SIM kit. You do not have to give them any IMEI info. They do look at you with confusion when you bring the camera and they have no idea how to get it to work. In the app, for your SIM setup, enter as your APN and you’ll be connected within a couple of hours after the SIM is activated by TMO.

The app: I’m not sure if it’s that the manufacturer updated the app or I simply have the best luck in the world. The app works perfectly. I haven’t had it crash a single time. It is a bit annoying that you do need to pay a subscription to get access to all the features, but there is a free mode that gives you plenty of cloud connectivity time. The pairing process is extremely easy.

Conclusion: this dashcam is excellent in all aspects and its only weak point is the difficulty of getting LTE connectivity to work. This could be avoided with better instructions. I am very happy with my purchase and I will definitely consider BlackVue for my next dashcam.

Luke L. (Richmond, CA)
Simple and solid

I purchased this to replace my previous 7-year-old BlackVue camera. The construction feels rugged and well built, and I was able to reuse most of my old hardwire set-up for this camera so installation was quick and easy. It actually took me far longer to loosen the adhesive enough to remove the old camera from the glass than the time it took me to install and set up the new one.

Once running, I'm impressed by the image quality and clarity of this new model. Plates and details are fairly crisp even at night. It's probably a good idea to upgrade the SD card to a larger size though as the included SD card will only store about 3 days worth of combined driving and parking mode footage at the highest quality for me.

Unlike my old camera where it was possible to adjust the length of each clip, it seems the new BlackVues will only record in 1 minute clip intervals which is slightly annoying since it results in A LOT of clips that you need to sift through and sometimes would cut an event that you're trying to review into multiple files, which means a lot of jumping back and forth. That's about the only gripe I have and personally it's not enough for me to take off a star, although I wish they would restore the ability for the user to adjust clip length in the future.

Todd A. (Denver, US)
Upgraded My Dashcam

I had Blackvue’s older model I purchased in 2019, and it’s been a workhorse. I traded cars and I was not able to remove all of the wiring including the power box. I just upgraded to the DR970X-2CH in my new car. The same easy install, but the picture was much better than my old DR900-2CH. I really enjoyed the old dashcam, and the best part the dashcam saved me $1,000’s in ONE lying cop! Do yourself a favor and get your Blackvue today!