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Upgrading from the BlackVue DR590X to the
BlackVue DR770X Dash Cam - Is it worth it?

If you are to ask us about the best premium, entry-level dash cam we have, it’s the BlackVue DR590X. Capturing full HD resolution, and having built-in Wi-Fi and Parking Mode, we have proven that this dash cam has been capable of delivering what dash cams are expected to do.

Years after, BlackVue launched another series of full HD dash cams, particularly the DR750X, the DR750X Plus, and the most recent, the DR770X. While they all capture 1080p, it is worth identifying the differences. BlackVue has recently released new updates from the DR750X and DR900X, they did not update the DR590X to a newer version. In this article, we will go over the features of the older DR590X and see if it’s about time for you to switch to the DR770X.

Is the DR770X’s design better than the DR590X?

In terms of design, both the BlackVue DR590X and DR770X are built screenless. With an all-black tube shape and adhesive mount, both dash cams keep their overall award-winning design simple and stealthy, allowing you to hide it right up behind your rear-view mirror.

From afar, the two might look similar, but the DR770X is actually designed with more heat emission holes to keep your dash cam cooler and help dissipate more heat. It is also important to note that the DR590X has an operating temperature of -20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F), while the DR770X can withstand harsher temperatures at -20 °C − 80 °C (-4 °F − 176 °F).

Talking about the dashcam buttons, the DR590X sports a Wi-Fi button to turn the connectivity on and off. By default, the wifi for this unit is off, so the wifi button will need to be pressed each time you want to connect. With the DR770X, the Wi-Fi button is perpetually on, but it now includes a Format button and a touch sensor to help the driver avoid unintentional event triggers such as dangling air fresheners, caused by the proximity sensor of the DR590X.

For the rear camera connection, the BlackVue DR590X comes with an analog cable, while the DR770X now has a coaxial cable. The rear cable, and rear camera, would need to be changed between these models.

What makes the DR770X worth the upgrade: Temperature resistance, touch sensor, better heat dissipation, coaxial cables

BlackVue DR770X

Both are full HD dash cams. Does the DR770X capture better than the DR590X?

When it comes to recording video footage, there are similarities between the DR590X and the new DR770X. Both are under BlackVue’s full-HD dash cam category. Both are equipped with 2MP Sony STARVIS sensors. Both can capture a 139-degree field of view. Both are capable of recording up to 2 channels, and both are compatible with the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield weather guard.

While it seems the two dash cams deliver the same image quality, the newer DR770X stands out. The DR590X captures 1080P @ 30 frames per second. On the other hand, the DR770X also captures 1080P - but up to 60 frames per second. This means that the DR770X captures smoother, fluid videos even at high speeds, which is very crucial in documenting license plates for evidence.

Moreover, the DR770X is also equipped with an upgraded SigmaStar CPU and ISP tuning software. These fresh features improve the DR770X’s video quality, specifically dynamic range, balance, and contrast. The DR770X also comes with multiple recording options to improve video recording quality, highlighting an "Extreme" recording mode that increases the bit rate of the front camera to 25Mbps, higher compared to the DR590X’s maximum 12Mbps. This means the DR770X allows for higher bitrate recording which means less compression, larger file sizes, and better video quality!

What makes the DR770X worth the upgrade: Higher frame rate @ 60 fps, new SigmaStar CPU and ISP tuning, multiple recording modes with Extreme bitrate

Looking for a larger increase in image quality? The DR970X has the same recording options as the DR770X, but delivers stunning 4K UHD resolution with an 8MP Sony STARVIS sensor!

Do they have the same level of Parking Mode security?

The DR590X, despite being an entry-level dash cam, has the same advanced parking mode features of a BlackVue. Both come with a free hardwiring kit to activate the parking mode feature.

Apart from motion and impact detection, the DR590X and the DR770X are also equipped with Buffered Recording, which is crucial in recording seconds before and after an event. If you want to extend your parking modes, the DR590X and the DR770X are both compatible with the B130-X Ultra Magic Battery Pack or the BlackboxMyCar PowerCell 8.

Still, the DR770X does take the edge in parking situations due to it’s advanced connectivity features, allowing you to stay connected to the camera and vehicle remotely, bringing us to our next topic

What makes the DR770X Connectivity Features stand out from the DR590X?

Let’s talk about the similarities first. Both the DR590X and DR770X are equipped with basic Wi-Fi connectivity. Both have GPS, although the DR590X requires an external GPS module, while the DR770X has it's own built into the unit.

Now here comes the major upgrade. While the BlackVue DR590X can connect you to the BlackVue App if you want to check out your recorded footage. Unfortunately, it is not capable of connecting you to the BlackVue Cloud - which is BlackVue’s most advanced and interesting feature.

Compatible with newer BlackVue dash cams, the DR970X and DR770X series, the BlackVue Cloud is a free service that enables a driver or owner to track what’s happening to the vehicle anytime, anywhere. In just a few taps, you can access Push Notifications, Remote Live View, GPS tracking, Cloud storage backup, Two-way communication, Live Event Upload, and Event Map using your smartphone or PC. Best for personal, ride-sharing, fleet, and RVs!

Another is that the DR770X is compatible with the CM100G LTE module that transforms your dash cam into a mobile hotspot device. No need to look for an internet connection elsewhere while driving, as the dash cam can already provide you with it!

What makes the DR770X worth the upgrade: built-in GPS, Cloud Connectivity with Remote Live View, Live Event Upload, Push Notifications, Two-Way Communication, Video Backup, Event Map, CM100G LTE module compatibility

Should I switch from the BlackVue DR590X to the DR770X?

With the upgraded video resolution, enhanced form factor and weather resistance, and Cloud connectivity, we can confidently say that the DR770X (priced at $379.99) is worth having over the DR590X ($239.99). If you wish to settle for the basics, the DR590X makes a decent choice. However, we think there’s a ton to miss in the new DR770X.

More than that, the switch is easy as they both use the same power cable, just switch out the rear cable, rear camera and mount, and you’re good to go.

Both the BlackVue DR590X and DR770X are available in BlackboxMyCar. You can also check out our exclusive signature bundles to get everything you need for your BlackVue experience.

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BlackVue DR770X-2CH

BlackVue DR590X-2CH

Video Resolution

1080p Full HD @60FPS | 1080p Full HD @30FPS

1080p Full HD @30FPS | 1080p Full HD @30FPS

Image Sensor

2MP Sony STARVIS Sensors

2MP Sony STARVIS Sensors

Field of View

139° | 137°

139° | 116°




Parking Mode






Operating Temperature

-20°C - 80°C (-4°F - 176°F)

-20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)

Loop Recording



Max SD Card



LCD Screen






Cloud Connectivity









Country of Origin

South Korea

South Korea

Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty