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Thinkware U3000 vs. VIOFO A139 Pro 4K UHD
Dash Cam Comparison Review

2023 is indeed a stellar year in the 4K dash cam scene, starting off with the launch of three new dash cams from some of the most popular brands – the BlackVue DR970X, the VIOFO A139 Pro, and the latest addition, the Thinkware U3000.

While the BlackVue DR970X has improved 4K video resolution with new SigmaStar CPU and ISP tuning software, it’s the competition of the VIOFO A139 Pro and Thinkware U3000 that is making a louder buzz in the dash cam community, considering these two are the industry’s first dash cams equipped with the most advanced Sony STARVIS 2 image sensing technology.

Even if both the VIOFO A139 Pro and Thinkware U3000 have the same image sensor, there are still a lot of differences and individual features to distinguish between the two, and we will go through them for you in this review, one by one. We’ll dive into image and video recording capabilities, parking mode, safety and convenience features, Cloud connectivity, and pricing comparisons to see which among these 4K dash cam kings are more worthy of the crown.

This will be a tough competition between these two titans, so strap in!

Thinkware U3000 vs. VIOFO A139 Pro Form Factor

Let’s start off with the Thinkware U3000 and VIOFO A139 Pro’s physical attributes. The Thinkware U3000 is a 4K UHD dash cam, available in front-only and front-and-rear configurations. On the other hand, VIOFO made the A139 Pro available in single, dual, and triple-channel systems which are highly recommended if you’re driving a ride-sharing vehicle, or simply want to record what’s happening inside your car.

Talking about its form factor, the Thinkware U3000’s head unit is built with a premium, matte black finish, designed with cross ventilation grills underneath to improve the dash cam’s cooling system. Its head unit is longer, with a vertical lip that hangs down from the front camera as the U3000 had a radar sensor built into its front and rear cameras. Overall, still looks discreet, though it will hang lower.

On the other hand, the VIOFO A139 Pro, unlike the previous, chunky VIOFO models like the A129 Pro, is now designed screenless. The unit hugs the windshield much more than the Thinkware U3000 with no overhang, however the body itself is wider overall.

In terms of design, we think that the Thinkware U3000 displays a more premium feel than the A139 Pro. Other than that, both are easy to hide and install behind the rearview mirror of any vehicle. Both are built without a screen, and recorded footage can be viewed in the dedicated Thinkware Dash Cam link app or VIOFO app.