Introducing the IROAD X9

Introducing the new X9 from the award-winning Korean manufacturer IROAD!

The X9 is a sleek and compact unit, designed for heat and engineered for quality.

The highest quality components have been used in IROAD’s flagship dash cam model, bringing you a competitive dash cam with features that you’ve come to expect

BlackboxMyCar is proud to be the exclusive authorized supplier of IROAD products in North America

Feature list

Hot or not, the X9 can take it

As the IROAD X9 is built for temperatures between -35°C (-22°F,) and 90°C (194°F), it’s not surprising that IROAD is one of the top dash cam choices in tropical countries throughout Asia.

Built with an all-glass lens, the optics are resistant to shifting or melting in extreme heat.

Countries like Singapore and Hong Kong love IROAD dash cams, and they experience high heat and humidity all year-round.

Record in high definition, wider than ever

The X9 records in remarkable high definition with Full HD recording capabilities on both the front and rear cameras. This high quality 1080P footage is recorded at 30fps.

Boasting wider camera angles than its closest competitors at 150° degrees for the front and 145° degrees for the rear, you can be certain that with the X9 you’re truly covered.

Engineered for Quality

With its high quality build and sleek high-end design the X9 also combines an abundance of high-end features in its modern body.

For the utmost reliability, the video recordings are automatically saved in a main memory unit, much safer than traditional file formats.

The JDR file format does not require memory card formatting regularly and an automatic rebooting function guarantees the safety of the X9 and your data.

Reliably sharp and clear

The front camera uses the proven Sony STARVIS premium sensor, which ensures crystal clear images both at day and at night

Recorded footage is bright even in low light environments, and the sharpness guarantees you won’t miss any of those important surrounding details like street signs or license plates numbers.

Watch like an owl

X-Vision is IROAD’s intelligent nighttime feature. It automatically analyzes the surrounding conditions and adjusts the recording brightness as needed (up to 3 times higher), to give outstanding night-time visibility.

X-Vision works alongside the Sony sensors to bring you clear, crisp footage in both parking and driving modes

Protected, even while you're gone

When parking mode is enabled, the X9 will automatically safeguard event footage from both front and rear cameras from overwriting in the event that motion is detected on, or around your vehicle.

The unit’s X-Vision feature works in conjunction with parking mode to bring you clear, crisp images, even at night

Automatic Power Cut-off

With a power consumption rate of only 2.9W, the X9 uses significantly less power than other similar leading dash cams.

The battery discharge prevention feature also safeguards your battery consumption and prevents your car’s 12 volt battery from being depleted. The dash cam’s recording is automatically stopped when the voltage reaches a certain pre-set level

Ease of use

All of the video files recorded with your IROAD X9 dash cam can be downloaded straight to your smartphone without having to take the microSD card out or by plugging said microSD into your computer.

Simply use the free iPhone or Android app and the X9’s built-in WiFi connection to download video clips or change the camera’s settings.

The IROAD PC Viewer also allows for easy and convenient viewing of your recorded videos. Your GPS route history and speed record can also be viewed via the PC viewer.

Other Features


The X9’s built-in Wi-Fi can conveniently connect automatically to the mobile app upon opening, making it simple to pair the unit with your device to review or extract footage from the camera.

What’s more, the latest version of the firmware is regularly updated through the server once connected.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The X9 provides a powerful audio and visual warning system, alerting the driver to sudden Lane Departures, Front Collisions and Front Vehicle Departures.

By smartly detecting road markings the unit is able to caution the driver to sudden road changes such as lane drifting or tailgating, effectively sending signals which could prevent accidents.

Format Free Auto-Recovery

IROAD improves file stability by using its own unique file storage format, meaning that recordings are automatically saved and safeguarded.

The JDR file system does not require regular formatting or automatic rebooting as with other file types.

Rotatable Lens

The modern and stylish design features an all-glass lens which is rotatable up to 90 degrees for easy re-adjustment once installed.

This means that once the mount is attached to your windshield, it’s there to stay and there’s no need to remove and weaken the adhesive for repositioning the camera.