The standard BlackVue DR750S-2CH is one of our most popular dash cams right now, but even with the Sony STARVIS sensor equipped rear camera, this system may not be adequate for recording the interior of your vehicle during the night or under poorly lit conditions. This is where the DR750S-2CH IR comes in!

What’s different with IR?

IR stands for infrared, and is a technology that was originally developed by the military. IR lights are able to capture video detail under pitch black or dark environments, and thus perfect to record the vehicle’s interior.

The IR lights are incorporated into the rear camera of the DR750S-2CH IR and is meant to point inside the cabin. This makes the DR750S-2CH IR extremely useful for rideshare customers so that they can record what happens inside the car. In addition, the 145 degree wide angle lens will allow you to capture everything, from side to side.

There are no changes to the main unit, so you can still expect crystal clear videos in 1080P Full HD at 60FPS. This also means that you will be able to enjoy BlackVue’s Over the Cloud service! For a more detailed review of the regular DR750S, click here!

The DR750S-2CH IR also comes with a shorter coaxial cable, which makes it very easy to tuck away excess wire after you’ve mounted the cameras, so that you can mount the front and rear cameras right beside each other on the front windshield.

Why do I need IR?

If you are a taxi or rideshare driver, then having the IR camera is a must. Having a clear view of the cabin even in pitch black conditions will make sure that you are protected from unjust complaints and he said/she said situations at all times. For a better look at the DR750S-2CH IR, check out this video made by BlackVue themselves!