BlackVue DR750S-2CH Dash Cam Long Term Review

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH was first released back in 2017. Since its launch, it has remained as one of our best-selling dash cams thanks to its high video quality and features such as parking-mode recording and WiFi/smartphone app integration. To support its product, BlackVue has constantly updated the unit’s firmware to address any issues that have arisen. After some long-term testing, we wanted to let our audience know our experience with this dash cam. As it's now 2018, there are still many things that BlackVue has done to the DR750S-2CH that make it one of the best 2-channel dash cams out on the market today.

Here’s a quick recap of the what the DR750S-2CH is capable of. It is a full featured two-channel, Full HD dash cam, with excellent video capture quality thanks to the superior Sony STARVIS sensors and a high bitrate Hl3559 processor. This pair of STARVIS sensors represents the pinnacle of dash cam sensors, has proven to offer the best light sensitivity along with high dynamic range to capture both dark as well as bright scenarios. With the faster processor, the camera can pick up even more information. Depending on the selected mode, the DR750S-2CH is able to capture up to 1080P at 60 frames per second for the front camera. With 60 frames per second, the footage is smoother and more details are captured over the more commonly found 30 frames per second other cameras. Recently BlackVue has released a new firmware for the DR750S-2CH to enable, what they call, "Extreme-Mode." The new model allows one of the highest bitrate of 25Mbps recordings in recent cameras, allowing the video to have an even higher amount of detail than it has ever had before.

As always, BlackVue cameras have a remarkable parking mode recording built-in. In the DR750S-2CH, it even has voice notifications similar to Thinkware products. When parked, the dash cam will self-detect that the vehicle has stopped moving and will enable the parking mode. With the help of a trusted Power Magic Pro kit or even a Cellink NEO, the dash cam will be able to offer around the clock surveillance for the vehicle. While the driver is away from the car the camera will activate recording by detection of motion as well as shock. Once triggered, the camera will create an incident file in a separate folder on the memory card with these distinctive folders, there's no need to worry about regular recordings overwriting critical footage. One of the newest additions to the DR750S-2CH, which hasn't been available on the older models, is voice notification. If the unit detects any incidents, the DR750S-2CH will notify the occupants once the vehicle starts, via the built-in speaker.

As this is a top-of-the-range camera from BlackVue, the DR750S-2CH also has some other useful features as well. One essential item is BlackVue’s Over the Cloud. To date, BlackVue is the only manufacturer that has the most completed and functional Cloud services for dash cam usage.With BlackVue Cloud, you're able to remotely log in to the camera to view live footage and previous footage, as long as you provide the dashcam with a cellular connection. Thanks to its built-in GPS, the dash cam is also able to record vehicle speed and location, allowing users to track every move. Live View is also enabled to give the user the ability to see precisely what the camera sees. With the built-in mic and speakerphone, you’re even able to talk to the occupants. This two-way feature is handy for fleets, as communication can easily be used when needed.

BlackVue DR750S-2CH Sample Footage

Overall, we're very happy with the DR750-2CH. With every firmware update, the camera just gets better and better. The new extreme mode allows this camera to exceed past a lot of its competitors, and its abundance of other features allow it to go head to head by the best in the market. With its heritage, there's no doubt that BlackVue will get better with every update and we can't wait to see what else BlackVue can do with this fantastic camera. For those who are looking for a simple to use, sleek profiled, 2-channel dash cam, the DR750S-2CH is a top contender by all means.

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