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BlackVue DR590W-2CH Long Term Review

It’s been a few months since the DR590W-2CH was released, so we wanted to give our honest opinion on this dash cam. The DR590W-2CH is the down-to-earth dash cam from BlackVue. It excludes higher end features like BlackVue Cloud found in the DR750S and DR900S, but it still has Wifi and even a GPS option. If you are looking for good video quality and ease of use without the premium options found on higher-end models, then this is a great choice!

The DR590W-2CH is similar to other BlackVue units of the past; with its sleek cylindrical shape the unit is small and elegant. Because the DR590W-2CH lacks some of the more advanced features found in the DR750S and DR900S, the unit is physically more discrete to compensate. Up front, the DR590W-2CH incorporates a Sony STARVIS sensor, one of the best sensors on the market today. This sensor allows the DR590W-2CH to capture both day and night footage with a high volume of details in each frame. Both front and rear channels capture at a high 12 Mbps bitrate, allowing for the highest amount of detail at every incidence. While it doesn’t excel next to the high-end cameras, it slots nicely in the middle of the pack by offering good video quality that we can trust.

As with the DR590-2CH, the DR590W-2CH is very similar, in fact, the only difference between the two is WiFi. WiFi connectivity on dash cams allows the user to connect from the dash cam to their smartphones when in range. The dash cam emits a WiFi signal out, and the smartphone can connect to the dash cam like any hotspot. This feature allows the user to pull footage from the dash cam quickly and efficiently without the need to remove the memory card and use a computer to view the footage. WiFi makes pulling footage and sharing the footage so much easier.

Like many quality dash cams, the DR590W-2CH also offers a parking mode feature. When the camera senses the unit hasn’t moved for a small duration of time, it will automatically change from continuous recording to parking mode. Once activated, the dash cam is now a surveillance device. With every knock that’s detected by the G sensor, or every motion detected by the camera, the dash cam will automatically start recording and capturing those moments. Since the DR590W-2CH has buffered parking mode, it can even start to capture a video clip a few seconds before the incident occurs, producing a video clip of what happened just before and immediately after the incident, thereby telling the whole story of the incident itself.

The DR590W-2CH hits the sweet spot of dash cams by offering what users need without additional frills. Pricing is also perfect, as it’s priced in the middle of the segment making it more affordable for those looking for a mid-ranged model. Pair the DR590W-2CH with a Power Magic Pro or a battery pack like a Cellink NEO, and you’re on your way to an excellent setup for your vehicle.