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Perfect Gifts for Mom and Dad That Will Impress Everyone - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Perfect Gifts for Mom and Dad That Will Impress Everyone

Show them how much you really love them

Kids are so busy nowadays: school, soccer, hockey, piano lessons, field trips, playdates, camps, the mall, and the list goes on. Mom, drive me here! Dad, drive me there! There is no doubt about it - parents deserve a whole lot of love and this holiday season, let’s add a dash of fun to their boring routine drives by giving them one of these perfect dash cams.

From routine to adventures, Magic!

Both the Thinkware U1000 and the BlackVue DR900S are best-in-class dash cameras that pack the latest technology and the most advanced features to deliver maximum protection for both vehicle and passengers.

Video quality:  4K UHD Front; 2K UHD Rear | Field of view: 150° | WiFi: Yes | Cloud-ready: Yes | Parking mode: Yes   | ADAS: Yes | Memory card: microSD card up to 128GB

The Thinkware U1000 is reliable, smart and it captures the road ahead in 4K, which comes in handy when the guests are over for dinner this Holiday season - Mom and Dad can loop home videos of the family summer road trip or that long drive to your big tournament in 4K glory on the big screen, which sits on top of the fireplace, and oh my, look at all those trophies on the mantel! Yes, you make them proud!

Did we mention that the U1000 is also the only true 4K dash came that comes with ultra-high frequency radar motion detection? All you need is the optional RADAR Sensor! The RADAR Sensor is a U1000-specific add-on module that is designed to enhance its Energy Saving parking mode with buffered recording.

Energy saving + ultra-high frequency radar detection + buffered parking recording, and top it off with the U1000’s built-in capability to send push notifications with video footage - now that’s a gift that will get you nominated for World’s Best Kid.

Video quality:  4K UHD Front; Full HD Rear | Field of view: 162° | WiFi: Dual-Band | Cloud-ready: Yes | Parking mode: Yes   | ADAS: No | Memory card: microSD card up to 256GB

The BlackVue DR900S-2CH is another 4K UHD dual channel dash cam that offers amazing Cloud features, which is what Dad needs if he’s always complaining about being stuck at work and missing out on all the fun family adventures on the road. With the two-way voice communication via the BlackVue Over-the-Cloud service, Dad can now use his smartphone to join in on all the heart-to-heart conversations, the silly sing-alongs, the backseat bickering, and even a round of the License Plate Game.

Got Questions?

With the Thinkware U1000 Dual-Channel or the BlackVue DR900S-2CH on board, Mom and Dad’s drive will never be the same anymore, and that much-dreaded drive to the mall just to meet Santa looks so much more darling in 4K UHD. Got questions about the BlackVue DR900S, the Thinkware U1000 or even the Thinkware U1000 Radar Sensor? We’re always here to help. Make sure to check out our Stocking Stuffers Guide for optional accessories and add-on that can turn these great dash cam gift ideas into even better ones. Stay tuned for more Holiday Gift Guides on our website and our YouTube channel for all of our fabulous holiday favourites.

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