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Not All Clouds Are The Same | BlackboxMyCar Blog - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Not All Clouds Are The Same | BlackboxMyCar Blog

It seems nowadays, every manufacturer is offering Cloud features with their latest dash cams. But not all Cloud features are the same!

So, which one is best? In this article, we will take a dive into five different Cloud services and show you want to expect from each one:

BlackVue Over The Cloud

What is it?

BlackVue Over the Cloud, or BlackVue Cloud, is an add-on service for Cloud-compatible BlackVue dash cams.

There are three price plans available for the BlackVue Cloud service: Free, Smart and Fleet. Unless you are a small business owner with a few company vehicles to manage or a fleet manager with an entire fleet to look after, the Free plan is more than enough for your daily commute and road trips.

The BlackVue Over the Cloud is right for me because:

The best usage of BlackVue Over The Cloud is with parking mode.

Let’s consider this scenario: while you are stuck in a meeting at the office, your car gets hit. Since your BlackVue is in Parking Mode, it detects the impact and records a video that includes the few seconds leading to the impact. With BlackVue Over the Cloud enabled, you would get a notification of the incident via the BlackVue Cloud app. A clip of the incident will be auto-uploaded from the dash cam to the Cloud. With handy features like Remote Video Playback and Remote Live View, you can access the clip as well as check on your car right on your phone.

In other words, when you combine parking mode with BlackVue Cloud, you get access to your car anytime, from anywhere via the BlackVue app.

What’s included

  • Push Notifications
  • Remote Live View
  • Remote Video Playback
  • Emergency Alerts
  • GPS Tracking
  • Two-way Voice Vommunication
  • Video Backup/Cloud Storage
  • Firmware upgrade over the Cloud

Dash Cam Compatible with the BlackVue Over the Cloud:

What else do I need?

You will need an internet connection for your dash cam, and for that, you will need a third-party WiFi hotspot, like a mobile hotspot device, a car-embedded hotspot, or even your smartphone.

Now, say you don’t have a mobile hotspot or a car-embedded hotspot, and you don’t want to use your smartphone as a hotspot device, don’t worry, BlackVue’s got you covered. BlackVue has a plug-in LTE connectivity module and a dash cam with a built-in nano-SIM card reader. Either way, you will need that SIM card.

How much data do I need?

You are only using data when connected to the Cloud. Video recording does not require data. In other words, until you connect to the Cloud, you're not using any data, and how much data you need depends on how often you connect to the Cloud. If you’re a light Cloud-user and you only use the Cloud for remote live view or as backup storage, then you can get by with 2GB a month. However, if you are always connected to the Cloud, utilizing all the Cloud features to the max, we recommend a data subscription plan that gives you more GB (i.e., 4GB).

we recommend talking to your mobile service provider for a data-only add-on to your existing plan.

Thinkware Cloud

What is it?

Thinkware Cloud is an add-on service for Cloud-compatible Thinkware dash cams. Taking advantage of a mobile or car-embedded Internet connection, Thinkware Cloud connects you to your dash cam so that you an see in real time where your car is and what's happening around it using the Thinkware Cloud app on your smartphone or tablet.

Unlike BlackVue Over the Cloud, Thinkware Cloud is entirely free of charge - there is no tiered pricing.

The Thinkware Cloud is right for me because:

Thinkware doesn't offer a plug-and-play LTE module or dash cams with built-in LTE connectivity. In other words, Cloud connection relies on third party hotspot devices. You can definitely use your phone as a hotspot for your dash cam, but that would only work if you continue to keep your phone inside the vehicle, even after you've parked.

Because of the that, Thinkware Cloud is more suited for tracking the vehicle while it's on the road: geofencing, strong impact notifications, live GPS tracking. So, if you are a parent or a small business owner, then the Thinkware Cloud can help you monitor your vehicle and driver(s) on the road.

What’s included

Thinkware Cloud comes with the following features:

  • Strong impact notification while driving and parked
  • Remote live view
  • Locate vehicle (Live GPS Tracking)
  • Geofencing
  • Video Backup/Cloud Storage
  • Firmware upgrade over the Cloud

Compatible dash cams

Thinkware F800 Pro, Q800PRO, U1000

What else do I need?

You will need an internet connection for your dash cam, so you will need a third-party WiFi hotspot, like a mobile hotspot device, a car-embedded hotspot, or even your smartphone.

Tips and Tricks when using Thinkware Cloud

We have had some customers reach out to us for assistance with Thinkware Cloud and after many trial-and-errors, here are a few tricks you can try to get it up and running quicker and easier:

  1. Change the SSID and password of your hotspot to something simple, like 8 alphanumerical characters - this trick has been confirmed with Thinkware to work!
  2. Ensure Network Functions are turned on in the Settings
  3. Ensure your hotspot is turned off until the Thinkware Cloud app prompts you to turn it on
  4. If you are getting the "Could not find a hotspot" error message, simply force close the Thinkware Cloud app and restart the connection attempt


What is it?

withCLOUD® service is GNET’s new Cloud service, replacing the discontinued G-SYINCLOUD, a fleet management Cloud system. GNET withCLOUD® is free to use.

The GNET withCloud is right for me because:

You manage a fleet of companiy vehicles. With all the features available with GNET withCLOUD®, we can’t help but think that GNET is geared more towards fleet management.

What’s included

GNET’s withCLOUD® offers some of the other Cloud features that you will find with BlackVue and Thinkware.

  • Live Streaming
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Driving Analytics
  • Geofence
  • Video sharing - withCLOUD® allows you to share driving videos and watch shared driving videos with the GNET withCLOUD® community

Compatible dash cams

GNET G-ON2, G-ON3, G-ON4 and G-ONQ

What else do I need?

You will need to connect your dash cam to the withCLOUD® server via WiFi. You will need a mobile hotspot device, a car-embedded hotspot, or your smartphone. GNET dash cams allow for multiple WIFI networks to connect to the Cloud, so if you want to use your home WIFI network, you can do so as well.

Nexar Cloud

What is it?

With the Nexar Pro or the Nexar Beam, your incident files are automatically backed up onto your free Nexar Cloud account. You can also use the app to trim recorded footage and manually create a clip of any part of your drive, to upload it to your Nexar cloud. Nexar is one of the more affordable options when it comes to Cloud-storage.

Nexar Cloud is right for me because:

With features like 1-Click Accident Report, the Nexar Cloud is designed for driving monitoring and is very evidence-focused. This Cloud service is very user-friendly, and we are confident that new drivers and those new to dash cams and Cloud would find it manageable.

Compatible dash cams

Nexar Pro, Nexar Beam and Nexar One

What’s included

Once you’ve paired your Nexar dash cam with your phone, you will have access to Cloud features like:

  • Free backup
  • Emergency contact alerts
  • Accident report
  • Where did I park?

Note that Nexar Cloud is primarily a Cloud storage service and doesn’t offer some of the Cloud features that you’ll find with BlackVue, Thinkware, and GNET, such as geofencing.

What else do I need?

Because Nexar started out as a smartphone app, their Cloud service relies heavily on your phone, particularly the iPhone. This might also explain why some of the Nexar features are only available on the iPhone at this time.

How much data do I need?

Nexar only uploads clips cloud following an event detection or manual push. Besides, you can trim any portion of your footage before sending it to the Cloud, so you can control how big the file is. No extensive data plan is required. A 2GB data plan would be sufficient.

Nextbase Cloud

What is it?

Nextbase Cloud is a free file storage service available in the MyNextbase Suite and is available for all their dash cams, from the 122 to the latest 622GW.

Nextbase Cloud is right for me because:

MyNextbase Cloud is a file storage and sharing platform for larger 4K files. It makes sharing with your family or insurance company easier. Videos can be password protected to ensure security.

What’s included

You get the following features:

  • Unlimited storage for up to 30 days
  • An encrypted file sharing link

Note that Nextbase Cloud is primarily a Cloud storage and file-sharing service and doesn’t offer some of the Cloud features that you’ll find with BlackVue, Thinkware, and GNET, such as geofencing.

Compatible dash cams

Any Nextbase 2-series dash cam, including the 322GW, 422GW, 522GW, and 622GW.

How much data do I need?

Clips are uploaded only if you push them, which you can do so using your home WIFI, so no additional data plan is required.

Once the file is uploaded to the Cloud, it stays on the Cloud, and you are only sharing the link and password. So, there is no transfer of files there.

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