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Capturing Progress: A Year in Review with BlackboxMyCar - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Capturing Progress: A Year in Review with BlackboxMyCar

Every year, things just keep getting bigger and better. This 2023, BlackboxMyCar has soared to greater heights with new opportunities, networks, and milestones that made the year another one for the books. As we come to a close, let’s take a look at what we have achieved as a company, and what we have contributed to the driving community. Ready? Let’s dive in!

2023’s New Range of Dash Cams for Every Driver

One of our year's high points was the launch of not just one… two… but 19 new dash cam configurations. Like what we always say, we don’t want you to settle for mediocre footage, and we remained committed to that statement by bringing our best-selling Sony STARVIS 2 dash cams — the Thinkware U3000, the VIOFO A119 Mini 2, the VIOFO A139 Pro, and the new VIOFO A229 Pro and A229 Plus series.

Apart from the Sony STARVIS 2 dash cams, we also launched upgraded BlackVue dash cams best for the Cloud and fleets – with the BlackVue DR770X and DR970X LTE models, and the DR770X Truck dash cams. We also released the new Thinkware F70 Pro, which has been our top budget-friendly dash cam with advanced parking mode features.

We saw 2023 as a big opportunity to serve the overwhelming driving demands and needs of drivers. Also adding to our tech arsenal, we recently launched the BlackboxMyCar SmartDrive with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Display – our all-in-one infotainment solution, which also has a front dash cam and a rear backup cam. Beyond these devices, our new add-on items like the SmoothPress Vinyl Scraper, Pencil Tire Gauge, BlackboxMyCar Edge Sight Mirrors, and Microfibre Towels ensure that insight is a breeze, and help ensure drivers stay as aware of their vehicle as possible.

850 New Dash Cam Installations

2023 has also been a busy one in our Richmond B.C. office – especially downstairs, in our install site! From electric cars, sedans, and SUVs, we are proud to say that we have hardwire installed a total of 850 dash cams, and battery packs as well, this year alone. Can you imagine? Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our professional installers. They will show off their superb skills to you if you book an appointment here.

360 New Pages and Blogs

As dash cam experts, we also take responsibility for providing our customers and interested dash cam users out there with the right and timely information (and stories, too!). With our desire to keep more people informed, we have achieved this goal by adding 360 new articles and blogs on the BlackboxMyCar website! That’s nearly 1 page a day, every day this year! We believe that by giving our community access to thorough information, we enable them to make decisions regarding their road safety – in just a few clicks!

62 New YouTube Videos

Beyond written articles, we are also proud to say that our YouTube channel has become another learning hub! From in-depth reviews, sample footage for newly launched dash cams, how-to videos, set-up guides, exclusive event features, and our favourite Beat the Heat series, we have totalled 62 new videos, plus many more shorts, reels, and TikToks. These videos have also been our way of communicating with our audience. Got a question? Drop them in the comments below any of our videos!

30 New Social Media Influencers

This year has also been stellar for our social media, especially with TikTok, Instagram, and our budding network of social media influencers! Thanks to our collaboration with over 30 dash cam and driving enthusiasts, BlackboxMyCar was able to spread the word about our newest products, giveaway contests, plus more tips on driving safety. Best of all, we have made new friends!

169 Google My Business Reviews

At the end of the day, it’s about making our customers happy. This 2023, we have received a total of 169 positive Google My Business reviews, not to mention the amazing 5-star company and service reviews our clients post on our website and, which you can find on our social media! Knowing that our customers are pleased and satisfied with our team, services, and products also leaves a big smile on our faces – so, please keep them coming!

5 New Charities

Spreading the dash cam love not only to the cars and drivers but also to the community where we live! This year, BlackboxMyCar supported 5 new charities, including Tigger's Dog Rescue, RAPS Animal Hospital, KidSafe Project Society, Transit Museum Society, and Canuck Place Children's Hospice. For us, these donations have strengthened our dedication to social responsibility and improving the lives of those in need, bringing a huge impact outside the automotive industry.

Still the same, 1 goal

Amid all our accomplishments, our main goal remains unchanged. Looking back on the turning points that created 2023, it's clear that innovation, community, and the tireless pursuit of our only goal—bringing protection and peace of mind, one vehicle at a time—have fueled BlackboxMyCar's journey.

Before the year ends, we want to thank all of you for being a part of the BBMC this 2023. As we welcome 2024, we hope to capture more progress through new and improved products and services, plus more reasons to bring protection and leave smiles on more drivers and passengers’ faces.

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