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What to Do When Your Dash Cam Arrives - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

What to Do When Your Dash Cam Arrives

So, you've just unwrapped a dash cam as a holiday present from your loved one, or as a reward for yourself! Now, the question is, what do you do next? How do you inspect the unit properly, and how do you know if everything is working correctly?

If you’re caught in the middle of this scenario, fret not! In this article, we'll walk you through the first steps to take after receiving your driving companion, the dash cam.

How do I Check a Brand New Dash Cam?

1. Unbox the package

As soon as you receive the package, open it up and take a good look at the unit. In some cases, external factors during the shipping process may impact the condition of your dash cam, so it’s highly recommended to check your dash cam upon arrival.

Ensure it's sealed, and free from visible damage or defects. The vast majority of Dash Cams come with a factory seal to ensure the contents are not disturbed, with some exceptions, like Viofo or Open-Box items. Check for a user manual, mounts, adhesives, power cables, micro SD cards, and any secondary cameras. Typically, accessories are stored at the bottom of the box, so be sure to pull all the tabs to find everything.

2. Power it up

The next thing to figure out is… is the device powering up! The most critical step is checking if your dash cam is working, and you can do so by connecting it to a constant power source using the provided 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter. If your dash cam has a screen and it’s not lighting up, it’s easy to determine if it’s defective. If your dash cam is screenless, you can check its operations through the dedicated mobile app. Still, when you're turning on the dash cam, an LED light, sound, or voice recording will notify you that your dash cam is turned on.

If you are connecting to the cigarette socket in your car, you’ll likely need to turn the vehicle on.

3. Check the Micro SD Card

Next up, is the micro SD card. Do note that the dash cam won’t work without this tiny accessory as it is in charge of storing and recording the footage. When inserting the SD card into the slot, do not force it. If the card doesn't fit, try flipping it the other way and gently insert it until you hear a click, which means it's securely in place. To release the card, press it lightly, and it will pop out as it is spring-loaded. Additionally, for the optimal health of the card, it is advisable to format the SD card at least once every 30 days. Learn more about memory card formatting here.

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity

Next, let's explore Wi-Fi connectivity. A feature in recent dash cam models, WiFi works with the dedicated smartphone app that can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. What you need to do is to activate the Wi-Fi mode and establish a connection between your dash cam and smartphone. This feature allows for easier control, live-feed viewing, and access to additional settings.

5. Check the footage

Finally, let's dive into the dash cam's video capabilities – the most important feature, especially when you’re gathering evidence! To check the footage, please ensure the lens is clear, focused, and free from defects, while also testing and adjusting to different angles to guarantee optimal vision. Keep in mind that your dash cam's lens serves as your eyes on the road, so clarity and video quality should be a priority.

Ensure that the footage isn’t unfocused, as can occur with some awkward viewing angles. A blurry license plate is no good!

New Year, New Dash Cam!

And that completes the initial dash cam setup process! If you purchased a dash cam from us and have encountered any issues, rest assured that we are committed to ensuring quality with our 30-day-return policy and one-year-warranty. Again, we strongly encourage customers to inspect the dash cam as soon as it arrives, so you can test and maximize its features and functions not only for the holidays, but for the years to come!

Want to know more about how to take care of your dash cam? Check out our guide here. 

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