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Upgrading from the VIOFO A129 to the New A229 Pro and Plus Series

Are you thinking about upgrading your VIOFO A129 dashcam to the latest VIOFO A229 Pro and Plus dash cam series? While it may be a good decision, you might also be wondering which accessories can be reused from your old setup! In this article, we'll discuss which accessories you can replace or keep after the upgrade.

Upgrading from the VIOFO A129 to the new A229 models

The original A129 and the new A229 Pro may look similar with the 2.4-inch LCD screen for the front camera, but there have been significant advancements under the hood. Here’s a list of the upgraded accessories:

VIOFO A229 Plus

VIOFO A229 Pro 2CH/3CH

1. The Rear Camera

The most noticeable update of the VIOFO A129 to the A229 is the rear camera, which now features a SONY Starvis 2 sensor. Available in both A229 Pro and A229 Plus series, the rear dash cam is now equipped with 5MP IMX675 sensors, capturing 2K QHD @ 30 frames per second. This version improves image quality and low-light performance. The rear camera has also adopted the slim and discrete design of the A139 rear cameras, a definite upgrade. However, this also means that you can no longer use the old rear camera of the A129 for this model.

2. The Interior Camera

The VIOFO A229 Pro and Plus series includes a new feature that the A129 did not have: support for an additional interior-facing camera. Just like the A139 Pro, the new A229 now has a three-channel configuration, this time through an Analog to USB-C cable. This upgrade expands the capabilities of your dashcam to have in-cabin security best for Uber, Lyft, and fleets.

3. The Cables

For this new series, VIOFO has also updated the cables. For the rear camera, the Viofo A129 used a USB cable, and the A139 Pro used a mini coaxial cable. However, the A229 Pro now uses USB Type-C ports on both ends of its rear camera connection. You'll need new wires to support your upgraded configuration.

Beyond that, the power wiring for the front camera is another significant modification in the A229 Pro and Plus. Unlike the A129’s USB cable, it now uses a USB-C power cable, same as the A139 Pro. This means it is compatible with the HK3-C, and the HK4 hardwire kits. If you have a standard USB hardwire kit, you will need to rewire.

4. GPS Mount

While the GPS mount appears to be the same as the one used with the A129, the A229 Pro/ Plus have received internal modifications. Due to the improved Ultra-Precise Quad-Mode GPS systems, the A229 Pro/Plus are not compatible with previous mounts. While the previous mount can still physically handle the new dashcam, the GPS function will not work.

5. CPL Filter

The Circular Polarizing Filter, which reduces glare and improves image quality also needs to be replaced if you’re upgrading to the A229 Pro from the A129 series. What’s compatible with the A229 Pro and A229 Plus is the same CPL filter for the A139 Pro and T130. Pair it with the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield and say hello to extra clear footage!

6. Micro SD card

VIOFO’s memory card capacity is another notable update in the VIOFO A229 Pro. While the A129 supported up to 256GB micro SD cards, the A229 Pro now supports up to 512GB. This increased storage capacity allows you to shoot more footage and keep it for longer periods of time without the need for frequent card changes. Your old SD cards will work with this unit, just make sure they are suited to handle their high-quality recording!


Upgrade to the new VIOFO A229 series now!

The VIOFO A229 Pro and A229 Plus are an exciting upgrade for A129 users, delivering enhanced performance and functionality with fresh features like Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors, HDR vision for all cameras, dual-band Wi-Fi, Voice Controls, Quad-Mode GPS and improved VIOFO app! Find out more about what’s new in the A229 Pro/Plus Here.

While the outside may appear to be the same, the interior changes, new secondary cameras, updated cable connectors, and increased micro SD card capacity make this the best budget friendly dash cam deal. Click here to show the VIOFO A229 Pro and A229 Plus now!