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Thinkware Q200 2-CH Dash Cam In-Depth Review
Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Thinkware Q200, the latest innovation from Thinkware, designed to elevate your driving experience. As Thinkware's new entry-level 2-channel model, the Q200 promises to deliver enhanced image quality, seamless connectivity, and the renowned reliability that Thinkware is known for. Join us as we delve into what makes the Q200 a noteworthy upgrade from its predecessor, the F200 Pro.

Reasons to get the Thinkware Q200

BlackVue Dash Cams BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE Cloud Dash Cam

✅ 2K QHD front camera and Full HD Rear Recording
✅ Super Night Vision 2.0
✅ Intelligent Parking Modes: Auto-Event Recording with Buffered Parking Mode, Time Lapse, and Low Bitrate Recording
✅ Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
✅ Supercapacitor
✅ Included 32GB SD card + 256 GB storage capacity

What’s inside the box?

  • Thinkware Q200 Front + Rear Camera
  • 32GB Thinkware SD card with Adapter
  • 12V Car Charger
  • Thinkware Hardwire Kit
  • External GPS
  • Trim Removal Tool
  • Cable Clips
  • Windshield Mount
  • Spare Mounting Tape
  • User Manual

Thinkware Q200 Design

Sleek, unobtrusive, and designed with discretion in mind, the Thinkware Q200's compact form factor ensures it blends seamlessly into any vehicle interior.

If the body looks familiar, it’s because, yes, the Thinkware Q200 looks almost identical to the F200 Pro dash cam. instead of pure black, the front plate is now grey, while the body itself remains black with the same form factor.

Since the body is so small with no physical screen, the unit is mainly controlled through its Wi-Fi app and the two buttons on the rear of the unit, the REC and Wi-Fi buttons, to pause/mark recordings and toggle Wi-Fi, respectively. The Thinkware Q200 will hang off of the mount, not staying flush with the windshield, allowing for the whole unit to be rotated to fit any windshield. Despite its modest design, the Q200 does not skimp on functionality, offering a robust suite of features that enhance both its utility and ease of use.

Thinkware Q200 Video Quality

At the heart of the Q200's appeal is its exceptional video quality – 2K QHD at the front and Full HD at the rear, capturing every crucial detail on the road. Enhanced by the Super Night Vision 2.0 technology, the Q200 guarantees crisp, clear recordings even in low-light conditions, while its comprehensive 125° field of view ensures broad coverage without significant distortion. Super Night Vision 2.0 remains active

The Thinkware Q200's front camera uses a 4MP Omnivision sensor, recording 2560 x 1440 at 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, the rear camera uses a 2.1 MP Omnivision sensor, recording 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps as well.

When viewed side-by-side with the 1080p of the predecessor of the Q200, the Thinkware F200 Pro, the image quality is significantly improved, especially when it comes to capturing vibrant colours and night recordings.

While the built-in lens prevents a CPL filter from being added, we recommend a BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield to keep the view rain- and glare-free.

Thinkware Q200 Parking Mode

Now we can start getting into the aspects that make Thinkware dash cams special, with unique parking modes. Q200 dash cam also offers 3 different parking recording modes:

    • Auto-Event Detection with Buffered Recording
    • Time-Lapse Recording
    • Energy Saving Mode 2.0

Starting with the standard, Auto-Event Detection with Buffered Recording. With this mode, the Auto-event detection will automatically record for 45 seconds while a moving object is detected, and if any impact is detected, it’ll give you footage 15 seconds before and 30 seconds afterwards. Buffered Parking mode is a core feature of any core parking mode, giving you a full understanding of any incident.

Time-Lapse recording is also very common in dash cams, constantly recording at 2FPS as a solid option for those parking in high-traffic areas.

Things get much more interesting with Energy Saving Mode 2.0, which allows the camera to last 3 times longer while parked. In this mode, the camera stays asleep until an impact is detected, recording afterwards. Furthermore, with the newly added Long-Term Parking setting, the dash cam will automatically switch to Energy Saving mode when your standard parking mode is close to running out of power, letting the camera continue recording much longer than it would, all without your involvement. The Thermal Protection, which automatically switches to Energy Savine Mode 2.0 when the unit reaches extreme temperatures, when other cameras would simply shut down.

Regardless of the parking mode chosen, you’ll need to hardwire for this with the included hardwire kit, or with a plug-and-play OBD cable which allows for an easier alternative.

Thinkware Q200 Connectivity and Convenience

The Q200 stands out for its seamless connectivity, featuring integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that allows for easy interaction with the Thinkware app. This connectivity not only simplifies the setup and customization process but also makes accessing and sharing your recorded footage a breeze.

Simply turn on the camera wifi, and you can connect in seconds, through this unit’s built-in Bluetooth. This Bluetooth allows for a seamless connection can be used to perform basic functions like changing settings, only relying on the camera’s wifi for heavier tasks like viewing footage.

But Thinkware doesn’t stop there! The 2-channel model includes an external GPS and offers plenty of advanced features, including speed-tracking, red light camera alerts, and ADAS features. These ADAS features are helpful for having an extra set of eyes on the road, warning you of any lane departures, forward or rear collisions, or front vehicle departure warnings.

Buy the Thinkware Q200 now!

The Thinkware Q200 2-channel dash cam is an excellent staple model for anyone’s first foray into dash cams, as a reliable and intuitive model. With its exceptional video quality, advanced safety features, and user-centric design, the Q200 is an ideal choice for drivers seeking comprehensive protection without compromising on price or performance. Equip your ride with the Thinkware Q200 and confidently drive, knowing every journey is well-documented and secure.

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