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Thinkware F70 Pro 1CH Wi-Fi In-Depth Review

Everything you need to know about the Thinkware F70 Pro 1CH

Thinkware F70 Pro In-Depth Review

It was 2018 when renowned South Korean dash cam brand Thinkware released an entry-level dash cam that captured the hearts of drivers looking for a budget-friendly, but highly reliable driving recorder – the Thinkware F70. It’s a tiny, single-channel, full HD dash cam that doesn’t have the bells and whistles, but definitely does the job in protecting cars - especially with its parking mode. However, there was still a lot to improve in this dash cam, and a good example is it not having Wi-Fi capabilities, an industry norm now.

Five years later, Thinkware has launched a new and improved version of the F70, touting all-new Thinkware advanced features, suitable for the increasing demands of this era’s drivers – the all-new Thinkware F70 Pro, which is now available at BlackboxMyCar! In this in-depth review, we’re going to show you the upgrades on this dash cam, along with the perfect scenarios where this small dash cam would be superior for you.

Reasons to get the Thinkware F70 Pro 1-CH Wi-Fi Dash Cam

Thinkware F70 Pro Design

Say hello to Thinkware’s tiniest modern dash cam. Similar to its F70 predecessor, the Thinkware F70 Pro is a single-channel dash cam built to fit and hide behind the rear view mirror, fitting seamlessly into your vehicle. With a measurement of only 3.23 x 1.3 x 1.35 inches, we can confirm that the F70 Pro is legal in all states in the USA and provinces in Canada, as it falls under the below 4-inch requirement.

If we were to compare it with other single-channel dash cams like the VIOFO A119 Mini 2, we can say that the F70 Pro is more mini, especially since it doesn't have a screen, with a horizontal body instead of vertical. The glossy black finish makes it look more elegant, while the ventilation grills in front help this dashcam do a great job of cooling. It’s also built with a supercapacitor, so we can really say that the F70 Pro is built for the heat!

In front, you can see the camera lens and the mount connector. On the left side, you’ll see the REC button, while the right side includes the GPS port and Wi-Fi buttons. The microphone and speaker are placed behind, useful for recording audio. Underneath, you can see the memory card slot of the F70 Pro which can support micro SD up to 128 GB — an upgrade from the F70’s 64 GB maximum capacity.

Thinkware F70 Pro Image Quality and Recording Capabilities

If you’re looking for a camera that captures vibrant colours in any lighting conditions, go for the Thinkware U3000 or other cameras powered by Sony STARVIS 2. The Thinkware F70 Pro can’t give you that cinematic quality, as it only captures Full HD (1920P x 1080P) at 30 frames per second. However, you can still reduce glares and reflections when driving with the compatible Thinkware CPL filter, which also works with the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield for all-weather protected footage.

But, don’t underestimate the power of the Thinkware F70 Pro, as it still records reliable footage especially during the day – thanks to its 2.1 MP CMOS sensor that also sports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). When it comes to night recording, you can activate the Super Night Vision feature during parking mode to see the license plates and road signs better.

Yes, we do wanna stress that unlike the F200 Pro, Q1000, or U3000, the Thinkware F70 Pro only has Super Night Vision during Parking Mode, and not continuous recording. Still, useful in recording details especially when you’re away.

While the Thinkware F70 Pro doesn’t record the best footage, we still recommend this for drivers who often drive during the day. In terms of coverage, the F70 Pro can capture more lines ahead with its 140-degree field of view. For us, it’s not really for the auto enthusiasts who prefer movie-like footage, but for those who just want to have decent proof and protection when driving.

Thinkware F70 Pro Parking Mode Capabilities

In terms of footage, we can say that the quality of the F70 Pro meets standard full HD qualities. However, when it comes to parking mode, that’s where the F70 becomes a real pro! If you leave your car overnight, the parking mode feature of this dash cam can detect motion and impacts, while also having the same advanced features of the most expensive, above the $500 range Thinkware - the U3000. 

We’re talking about Energy Saving Mode 2.0, and Smart Parking Mode. Energy Saving Parking Mode 2.0 extends the coverage duration exponentially by keeping the F70 Pro in power-saving mode during inactivity. This drastic increase in energy efficiency means this Thinkware unit will keep your vehicle protected for much longer than any other camera option out there in this range, offering 23 days of parking mode with a battery pack.

On the other hand, Smart Parking Mode prevents heat-related damage by automatically switching to low-power mode if the temperature inside the vehicle gets too high, still recording while other units shut down. Therefore, if you usually park your vehicle under the sun, or live in warm places like Texas, Florida, and Arizona, the F70 Pro can still continue doing the job for you.

And as expected from Thinkware’s advanced systems, the F70 Pro also supports buffered parking mode, capturing 10 seconds before and after an incident. This gives you the peace of mind that during incidents, you’ll be able to capture the whole story.

Aside from these parking mode capabilities, what we love about the Thinkware F70 Pro is its compatibility with both hardwiring and OBD installation to activate parking mode. However, these accessories are not included in the package so you will have to purchase them separately.

Thinkware F70 Pro Convenience Features

Sure, we mentioned that the Thinkware F70 Pro is an entry-level dash cam. However, aside from the advanced parking mode, Thinkware also sprinkled plenty of modern features and improvements to this tiny dash cam. Safe to say, its tech is highly similar to the U3000, but with a lower price tag.

First, the built-in Bluetooth. If you want to manage settings, stream, download, or share footage from your F70 Pro, you can do so with the Thinkware Dash Cam Link App. While other wifi dash cams require a fair bit of trouble to connect to each and every time, Bluetooth makes everything easier. Now, with Thinkware’s built-in Bluetooth connection, pairing to your smartphone only takes a matter of seconds, which can be time-saving and helpful in the event that you need to recover footage immediately, like for traffic violations and proving scenes with authorities. While Bluetooth stops there for other brands, that’s not the case here. This unit can use Bluetooth to perform basic in-app functions like change settings, and go through event logs, only switching over to WiFi when a heavier hand is needed, in the case of streaming/downloading videos.

Speed Camera & Red Light Camera Alert System

We also appreciate that the Thinkware F70 Pro is built with a speed camera and red light camera alert system, allowing you to get real-time information on upcoming obstacles and avoiding what you need to avoid – tickets and violations. However, do note that for this feature, you must have the F70 Pro’s external GPS installed as well.

The icing on top, you don’t have to worry about your footage being deleted. Thinkware also sported the F70 Pro with an Anti-File Corruption feature that eliminates data corruption and the need for frequent formatting. This technology safeguards stored video files on the memory card, protecting against data loss and fragmentation, while also prolonging the card's lifespan.

Our Final Thoughts on the Thinkware F70 Pro

Compared to 2018’s Thinkware F70, the 2023 Thinkware F70 Pro has definitely evolved in terms of features and functionality. While it is not as advanced as 4K dash cams like the Thinkware U3000, we can say that it is a dash cam that does its job well in terms of protecting the driver all throughout his ride, and even when parked.

Despite being an entry-level dash cam, the Thinkware F70 Pro is still something we would recommend, especially in terms of long-term reliability backed up by the Thinkware name. For under a hundred dollars, you can get full HD, advanced parking modes, safety camera alerts, and built-in Bluetooth capabilities from a dash cam brand with one of the world’s strongest reputations.

Again, you know what you're getting with the F70 Pro. It's not the best footage nor the best dash cam, but you're getting something that you know is built to last.

It doesn't have the bells and whistles that you'd come to expect from a dash cam above the 500 dollar bracket, but that's what this dash cam is for – for new drivers, for people who want protection, and for those who want to give their loved ones safety and extra eyes on the road.