New to Dash Cams? Become an expert with our 5-minute guide!

If you want to improve the performance of your drivers and enhance your protection on the road and elsewhere, you are in the right place. Dash cameras offer many benefits to both drivers and fleet managers and require minimal effort and investment. In fact, we partnered with Northbridge Insurance to make the most advantageous offer. From precise night vision to multiple coverage angles, to online communication, our dash cameras come with state-of-the-art features that will help you improve your vehicles. Browse our catalog and take advantage of this fantastic offer!


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  • New to Dash Cams?

    Don’t worry! Follow these quick guides to learn the basics of what dash cams are all about. We'll go over features that you should definitely consider when finding the perfect dash cam setup, as well as guides to setting up your dash cam!

    1. What dash cams are and what each feature means
    2. Glossary of some common dash cam terms
    3. How to install your dash cam
    4. How to start recording and the different types of footage
    5. Reviewing your dash cam footage
  • What are Dash Cams?

    Click on the infographic thumbnails below to view the whole infographic and learn more!

    What is a Dash Cam?

    Our easy to read infographic goes in depth to explain why dashcams are a great idea for you and your business

    What does ___ mean?

    This infographic explains many common Key Terms & Features that we mention often on our website

  • Glossary

    1 Channel Refers to a dash cam setup with only one viewing perspective, typically placed at the front of the vehicle.
    2 Channel A dash cam setup with two pieces and two viewing perspectives. Units are typically placed at the front and rear of the car.
    Hardwiring Kit It connects the dash cam to the car battery for a source of continuous power which means that you can keep your dash cam running while you're away. A primary example of a hardwiring kit would be the Power Magic Pro.
    Micro SD Card Mirco SD cards are memory cards that stores dash cam footage. Our Northbridge Client Packages come with a bonus 8GB protection card in the case of unexpected emergencies such as memory card failure. (Read More)
    Locking Box A great solution for fleet managers who want to prevent people from tampering with their device. It clamps around the camera and is locked using a special screwdriver tool. The memory card and power cable cannot be removed with this piece equipped. This means that footage cannot be deleted by formatting the card nor can they prevent recording by unplugging the camera.
    IR Infrared equipped Dash Cam. These models are built to film in dark environments such as the inside of the vehicle at night. All of the IR dashcams we carry are 2 Channel systems, with the front unit dedicated for exterior filming and the secondary "rear" unit for interior recording.
    Parking Mode Most dash cams we carry come with parking mode. By hardwiring the dash cam or equipping a battery pack to your vehicle, the dash cam would be able to act as a CCTV even when the vehicle is turned off. Equipped with motion-detection technologies, parking mode conserves energy by only recording when motion detection is triggered in the vicinity.
  • Installing your Dash Cam

    Click on the infographic thumbnails below to see them in bite-sized pieces, or click the link below them to view the whole infographic!

    Plug-and-Play Installation

    Dashcams can be as simple as plug-and-play. All of our devices come with a standard cigarette lighter cable which can be inserted into your 12V/24V power outlet.

    Hardwire Installation

    Hardwiring a dashcam can be as easy as 1-2-3. This method allows the dash cam to charge safely right from the source and gives you access to parking mode.

    Battery Pack Install

    Sometimes your vehicle's battery can't provide the charge a dash cam needs. A battery pack is designed to, meaning you can have parking mode and have it for longer!

    2 Channel Dash Cam Install

    Sometimes your vehicle's battery can't provide the charge a dash cam needs. A battery pack is designed to, meaning you can have parking mode and have it for longer!

    4 Channel Dash Cam Install

    Sometimes your vehicle's battery can't provide the charge a dash cam needs. A battery pack is designed to, meaning you can have parking mode and have it for longer!

  • Recording Footage

    It's easy to start using your dashcam. Simply plug it in, and turn it on. Your camera will automatically capture three-types of footage when in use:


    While the truck is being operated, the dashcam will record continuous video footage of the road and its surroundings.


    Parking mode allows the dashcam to record video footage when the truck is parked, turning it into a surveillance system. When this feature is activated, the camera will only record video when shock or motion is detected. If someone hits your truck and drives away you will have evidence of a hit and run. The user can adjust sensitivity to shock and motion from the PC software.


    When the G-sensor notices an impact (e.g., a sudden acceleration/deceleration or a crash), it automatically flags the footage for safekeeping (so it doesn't accidentally get deleted by the loop recording). This means that all your critical incident videos are recorded separately, making it easy for you to access them.

  • Reviewing Footage

    Once you've installed your dashcam software onto your computer, you can review the footage that your dashcam has captured while on the road.

    Dashcam footage can be an effective and educational resource tool that can be used for driver training. Demonstrate both the do's and the don'ts with real footage taken from the perspective of one of your drivers in one of your vehicles. Having real footage provides you with the ability to reinforce effective driving techniques in a variety of road and weather conditions.

    Driver trainers and supervisors are always looking for appropriate scenarios to provide coaching and guidance to drivers. Footage obtained from a dashcam offers realistic scenarios and provides the coach with the tools to effectively demonstrate areas of concern, as well as celebrate areas where the driver reacted appropriately.

  • Firmware Update Guidlines

    Dash cam manufacturers frequently make improvements to their software by adding features to existing cameras in order to optimize performance. If you find that your camera isn’t performing like it should, try formatting your microSD card and updating the firmware to the latest version before contacting our support team. This can save you time and get your Dash cam back on track quickly.

    Prior to making any updates, please read the notes in the firmware release to see what additions or changes have been made.

    Thinkware Cameras

    1. Go onto the website and visit the support page: Thinkware Download.
    2. Select the series and model you are using. If the F770 is selected, all of the download links will say F770 at the bottom.
    3. Download the latest firmware that is available.
    4. Format your microSD card. For cards that are 64GB+, please ensure that these are in the exFAT format.
    5. Once the new firmware is downloaded, unzip the downloaded file into the root directory of your MicroSD card.
    6. Insert the memory card into the dash cam and turn it on.
    7. Your dash cam LED lights will blink for a while, as the firmware upgrade may take up to 10 to 15 minutes.
    8. Once the dash cam is done upgrading, the following message will be relayed: "Upgrade is now complete, continuous recording will now start." Ensure your dash cam begins continuous recording before turning it off so you do not cause permanent damage.

      If the firmware upgrade continues for more than 5 minutes or the download fails, it means that firmware file is corrupt.

      In cases like this, please delete the download .bin, .rom or .pkg ile and re-download the firmware file into MicroSD card.

      After doing this, continue the upgrade from 4th step.

    BlackVue Cameras

    1. Access the BlackVue homepage (BlackVue Downloads) from your computer browser.
    2. Download the latest firmware for your model from the Downloads page.
    3. Unzip the downloaded firmware (zip files).
    4. Insert the BlackVue SD card into your computer using the USB reader provided with your dashcam.
    5. Format the microSD card in the Viewer. If you're using a Mac, after clicking the Format button, choose MS-DOS (FAT) in the Disk Utility.
    6. Copy the BlackVue folder to the SD card.
    7. Insert the SD card into your BlackVue dashcam and turn the power on to start the upgrade.
    8. The dashcam will reboot automatically after downloading the upgrade. Then it will start recording.

Our Recommendations for You

Take advantage of these amazing package deals that were specially selected and put together for Northbridge clients. Of course, feel free to shop the rest of BlackboxMyCar with your exclusive discount as well!

Thinkware F770

The F770 is one of our favorite and most trusted cameras for fleet applications. Compared to other commercial rated cameras, the F770 would definitely be one of the sleekest in design on the market. This dashcam is also compatible with the Thinkware IR (infrared) camera which can be used to monitor the interior of the vehicle even in pitch black conditions.

This is great if you have new drivers, or if you just would like to know exactly what level of involvement (or lack thereof) your driver had in an incident. The video quality on both front and secondary cameras is exceptional, as it records at a considerably high bitrate thanks to a high-end Ambarella video processor. A parking mode function provides added security when the vehicle is off, which is triggered by motion and impact detection. This allows for around the clock protection for your vehicle and cargo.

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Thinkware F100

The Thinkware F100 is the most affordable full HD/HD dual channel dashcam system on the Thinkware Lineup. It is also the successor to the entry-level Thinkware F50. This new camera is available with either a regular rear-facing camera, or an IR cabin facing camera rear camera, which makes it a great choice for fleets and rideshare individuals. The F100 camera is very popular with heavy-duty vehicles as it is able to withstand vibrations as well. There is no Wifi capability, and no GPS built into this unit, which ultimately works in favor of its reliability rating in the long run.

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BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR TRUCK

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH IR TRUCK is an alternative to BlackVue's DR750S-2CH dual channel dashcam. The main difference found in this truck specific variant is that the rear unit is waterproof for exterior mounting and is specially designed for the commercial vehicle market. This rear unit (ERC100F) records at 1080P FHD just like the standard rear camera but is equipped with true infrared lighting for the best night time quality.

This unit also comes with a 15m (49ft) waterproof coaxial cable, making it an ideal choice for longer vehicles, such as ambulances, fire trucks, RV’s, or any box truck in general. All versions of the DR750S-2CH support BlackVue Over the Cloud which allows access to the device from anywhere in the world if the dash cam is paired to the internet via a data hotspot. It's the perfect tool for managing fleet vehicles as you can track the vehicles locations, stream video, 2-way communicate, and more if paired with a mobile internet hotspot.

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