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BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck Full HD Cloud vs. VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam Comparison Review

In our decade-long experience of selling dash cams, BlackVue has been one of our favorite brands in terms of premium design and cutting-edge features - although we must say that is also one of the more expensive selections in the industry.

We highly recommend BlackVues - from personal, ridesharing, and even fleets. One of BlackVue’s latest models, the DR770X-2CH Truck focuses on a unique IR rear camera, designed to be bolted to the exterior of the vehicle, mainly for trucks. So, how does it compare against the competition?

In this article, we will take a look at two fleet dash cams - the BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck and the more budget-friendly VSYSTO 4CH Truck dash cam. Let’s see which one is the better, more worthy companion for you.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck vs. VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam: Camera Capabilities

We put the BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck to a test and found out that it captures the same like the rest of the DR770X series. With an upgraded Full HD Sony STARVIS image sensor, it records at a wide 139° view angle at a higher 60 frames per second to give the smoothest image quality under any light for its front camera. With twice the number of frames per second, motion blur is greatly reduced, giving you important license plate detail even in fast-moving objects.

Based on our test, what makes this different from the standard DR770X is its weather resistance. The external waterproof rear camera of the BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck has a 137° angle of view and 2.1MP Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor augmented by 6 IR LEDs. The luminosity sensor detects ambient brightness, activating automatically the IR lights for clarity in total darkness.

We compared it to the VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam. In terms of configuration, VSYSTO has up to 4 channels, particularly on the front, rear, on the left and right sides. However, although it has 4 screenless cameras, we saw that it only has a 140-degree field of view which can be streamed simultaneously through a 7-inch LCD display monitor that comes with the package.

Some of us might think that having this 4-channel dash cam is better than the two-channel DR770X-2CH. While the BlackVue DR770X-2CH has the world-leading 2MP Sony STARVIS image sensor that delivers 1080P @ 60 FPS, the VSYSTO 4CH Truck dash cam is only equipped with a GC2053 or GalaxyCore image sensor, and the maximum frame rate is only 30 frames per second. Thus, expect unclear footage for all its cameras around.

Here's a review from Raymond that we found on the VSYSTO on Amazon. He installed it into his semi truck, and he found that his dash cam was too dark and hard to determine what was actually being viewed. This is why we're recommending the BlackVue DR770X-2CH instead because the Sony STARVIS image sensor has excellent night vision and can avoid these issues altogether. After all, you need a dash cam that works in all light situations, so that's why in our experience, we really like the DR770X-2CH. This especially applies t the IR rear camera, with excellent night vision.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck vs. VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam: Design

We see BlackVues as sleek, stealthy and simply designed dash cams. The BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck’s front camera is shaped like a tube and is built screenless, which is easy to install right behind the windshield.

We understand the role of commercial vehicles for the fleet - it’s to stay on the go, whatever the weather conditions and setting may be. Because of this, they built the DR770X-2CH Truck with a rugged metal waterproof casing to increase resistance. The external rear camera is built to withstand most weather conditions as well. This model also comes with a 15m high-quality waterproof coaxial cable, long enough for trucks, trailers, and most large vehicles.

The VSYSTO 4CH dash cam has 4 tiny weatherproof, IP67-rated cameras like the DR770X-2CH Truck, and one display screen where you can watch the videos. The display screen is 7-inches big, so it could be possibly distracting for drivers.

Oftentimes, these huge screens are just being kept in the glove box or under the seat as there are some states where having devices on the windshields are considered illegal. For the external cameras, even though they are built waterproof, they can only be mounted by using an adhesive - not bolting. Therefore, if your truck gets exposed to different weather conditions, they will potentially become loose overtime.

While both dash cams are built waterproof, we highly recommend to use the BlackboxMyCar Aqua Shield to keep the front camera view clear from harsh weather elements like rain, dust, and glare. We've tested it and in case you're wondering, your windshield wipers do not affect the Aqua Shield because of how thin it is too!

BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck vs. VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam: Parking Mode

BlackVue didn’t make us worry even a second when we left our car parked. With advanced parking mode technology, your DR770X-2CH Truck automatically records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle when left unattended. It’s not just an ordinary parking mode - it also offers time lapse and buffered recording that includes the few seconds before and after the triggered event, so you get the complete picture of an incident.

The DR770X-2CH Truck comes with a free BlackVue Hardwiring Kit so you can connect the dash cam to your car's fuse panel and your BlackVue will go into Parking Mode when you leave your vehicle, without the need for additional accessories. Of course, for extended recording times we still strongly recommend using the Power Magic Ultra Battery B-130X or the PowerCell 8 Battery Pack.

The VSYSTO 4-CH Dash Cam can also activate parking mode through hardwiring, where you have to purchase the kit separately. Moreover, its parking recording is not as advanced as BlackVue as VSYSTO only has motion detection.

And if you’re leaving your VSYSTO 4CH Dash Cam for a long period of time, especially in hot weather, it might not last long. One thing to note is that this dash cam, despite having waterproof cameras, is only built with lithium ion batteries. This means it’s more prone to overheating, unlike the DR770X-2CH Truck that’s built with a supercapacitor.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck vs. VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam: Connectivity Features

We consider the BlackVue Cloud as one of the best services available. Yes, connectivity is a strength of BlackVue. This is a suite of innovative ‘connected’ features that unlocks the true power of your DR770X-2CH Truck and remotely connects you with your vehicle which is very useful for fleets.

Aside from built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth for Seamless Pairing, you have an instant companion that can watch over your car, inform you immediately of incidents such as impacts through Push Notifications to your Apple or Android phone.

BlackVue didn’t give us a hard time connecting to drivers’ location and activity - all we did was connect to the BlackVue cloud app to enjoy Remote Live View, Video Playback, Auto Upload, Two-Way Voice Notifications and Push Notifications.

Unfortunately, this is not a priority of the VSYSYTO 4CH dash cam as it only offers GPS. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cloud? They’re all non-existent in this multiple-channel dash cam.

BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck vs. VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam: Pricing

The DR770X-2CH Truck is up on our website, and we pride ourselves as North America’s largest dash cam supplier. The VSYSTO 4-CH dash cam truck? You can get one on online marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay. The price of BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck is at $489.99, higher than the VSYSTO’s $298.99. 

Verdict: BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck vs. VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam - Which is better?

We are confident that BlackVue knows how to satisfy customers in the dash cam and car surveillance scene. From passenger cars, to commercial vehicles, BlackVue has a solid dash cam carefully engineered to deliver all types of driving demands, particularly the DR770X-2CH Truck.

On the other hand, VSYSTO has been a pick for low-cost dash cams that are equipped with basic dash cam features. We checked out reviews on wherever it’s available, such as Amazon, and most of them speak of VSYSTO as a poor quality dash cam, just like what Dmitriy posted here.

We mean, there are some products from China which are tested to deliver outstanding performance like VIOFO, so we don’t want to generalize the quality of Chinese products. However, we still hope VSYSTO can address this concern and improve their dash cam further.

If you would check out the reliability and performance, BlackVue won’t have a hard time justifying its price tag. But with VSYSTO’s video resolution, non-Wi-Fi, non-Cloud and mediocre security features? It might be a really tough challenge.


BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck Full HD Dash Cam

VSYSTO 4CH Truck Dash Cam

Video Resolution

1080p Full HD @ 60FPS

1080p Full HD @ 30 FPS

Image Sensor

2MP Sony STARVIS Sensors

2 MP GalaxyCore Sensors

Field of View






Parking Mode






Operating Temperature

-20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)

-10°C to 65°C (14°F - 149°F)

Loop Recording



Max SD Card



LCD Screen






Cloud Connectivity














Lithium Ion Batteries

Country of Origin

South Korea


Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Maximize Fleet Protection and Performance with the BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck!

The BlackVue DR770X-2CH Truck is a fully-featured, and fully-functional dash cam specifically designed for the fleet, delivering best performance with built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, waterproof design, and Cloud connectivity. Protect your fleet with the DR770X-2CH Truck, now available at BlackboxMyCar!

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