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Highway Havoc: When Tesla Met Honda, Leaving $5000 Worth of Damages. Off Hwy 91, Richmond, BC - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

Highway Havoc: When Tesla Met Honda, Leaving $5000 Worth of Damages. Off Hwy 91, Richmond, BC

For our colleague Jenny, things changed when she got involved in an accident along the highway – an incident that happened in less than 5 seconds, but made a long-term impact on her life.

Driving along highways is exciting, especially when the traffic is light, and you have the open road right before you! You get the thrilling speed, your favourite music, while also enjoying the view. For those who drive to school or to work, driving also becomes a great way to kick off and pump up the day…. Not until someone hits your car.

On the morning of September 22nd, Jenny began her daily commute to our Richmond office. She was taking her usual route along Hwy 91, eyes on the road, hoping that she would arrive at work safely – little did she know that her journey would take an unexpected turn.

While she was driving along the highway, a merging Tesla quickly cut into her lane, which swiped the side of Jenny’s Honda. She was shocked by the impact, so Jenny stopped and put her vehicle to the side, only to find out that the right panel of her car was already damaged.

The good thing is that her Honda had a dash cam installed, a Thinkware Q1000 front and rear camera. In the aftermath of the collision, she immediately checked her Thinkware app to see what happened. The merging vehicle changed lanes right after the solid line ended, despite having more space in their own lane,” Jenny said. After the accident, she took her Honda to a car body repair shop, incurring around $5,000 in expenses.

When asked about the effect of the incident, Jenny shared how challenging driving has been for her:

“I was extremely startled… Even the months following the accident, I struggled mentally while driving. I was always anxious, and my heart raced because I never knew when a nearby vehicle might merge unexpectedly.”

It was during this period that the true impact of the incident manifested itself, affecting Jenny's confidence on the road.

The 19-second dash cam video caught by her Thinkware Q1000 became proof for Jenny when she reported the incident to ICBC. She added, “Fortunately, I had a dashcam, making it very clear whose fault it was.” Beyond repairs, ICBC also provided her with three-months of massage therapy to alleviate pain and trauma when driving.

Here, we learned how having a dash cam is essential, especially if you are a daily commuter. Her Thinkware Q1000’s front, especially the rear dash cam’s 2K QHD resolution, ensured that the details of the Tesla were captured, emphasizing the importance of having a multiple-channel dash cam.

Thanks to the dash cam footage, Jenny was able to have her expenses covered while also receiving additional support for her wellness. Hopefully, Jenny’s story will be a reminder that sometimes, the best defense is not just a good offense, being wary of other drivers, but a reliable dash cam by your side to act as a silent witness when the inevitable happens.

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