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BBMC sends out over $6500 worth of donations for KidSafe Project Society - - BlackboxMyCar Canada

BBMC sends out over $6500 worth of donations for KidSafe Project Society

The first half of the year has been amazing for BlackboxMyCar, and we owe it to our customers, and the community whom we share the same goal with – to keep our loved ones safe wherever they may be! As we began the second half of the year, we also took our time to give back by showing our support to one of Vancouver’s charitable institutions, KidSafe Project Society.

It was 1993 when the Vancouver School Board, along with core group supporters, established KidSafe Project Society. The organization aims to build a safe space for children especially when school vacation starts.

During the winter, spring, and summer breaks, as well as after school, KidSafe Project Society provides kids with educational programming, place-based field trips, and an all-time favourite – unlimited snacks! All these became possible through the supervision of dedicated trauma-informed specialists, volunteers, and most importantly, the generosity of corporate partners.

KidSafe as an organization reaches 800+ children annually, with 95% of children surveyed saying that their problems feel smaller when they’re at KidSafe, and 100% stating that they feel happier when they’re at KidSafe.

We were inspired by how KidSafe Project Society has shown the kids of Vancouver that they are being heard, and they matter. So, BlackboxMyCar happily gave over $6500 worth of donations for the kids and the amazing people behind KidSafe.

Aside from the loads of toys, we also donated Nextbase 322GW and 422GW dash cams, Nextbase rear and in-cabin cameras, plus all the needed accessories for their vehicle surveillance cameras.

Manufactured in the UK, the Nextbase dash cams we provided at KidSafe Project Society are highly-rated for their premium quality and performance, while also having convenience features that other dash cams don’t have, such as Alexa Integration, Emergency SOS alerts, and Intelligent Parking modes. With these award-winning dash cams, drivers of KidSafe’s service vehicles will have the peace of mind that they get to transport the kids, or their items safely and surely.

KidSafe Project Society will be holding an Annual Golf Tournament this 18th of August 2023, which BlackboxMyCar will be supporting as well. This is KidSafe’s largest fundraising event, bringing in critical funds for their after-school and break-time programming. So, if you wish to donate, be a donor, volunteer, or know more about their programs, check out their official website here.

Through this partnership, we hope that KidSafe Project Society becomes a safer space, not only within their activity areas, but also within their journeys. We would like to thank KidSafe for letting us be part of this advocacy, and protecting you on all your daily duties through the dash cams. Let’s help keep our community a safe space for kids to be free and express themselves, through the watchful eyes of dash cams!

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