[Rideshare Bundle] Thinkware F770-2CH IR 64GB

[Rideshare Bundle] Thinkware F770-2CH IR 64GB

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  • Rideshare Bundle: Thinkware F770-2CH IR 64GB

    This Thinkware F770 bundle offers the best-selling 2-channel dash cam of 2017 in a bundle catered for our rideshare customers. Full HD 1080P recording is offered on both front and rear cameras, setting this pair of cameras apart from other systems that only offer 720P interior recording. With the infrared lighting on the rear camera lens, the interior camera can pick up facial details even in pitch black conditions, making it a perfect solution for protecting a rideshare driver late at night.

    Interior facing dash cam footage can be crucial in protecting a driver against false complaints, harassment from passengers, and more. While the Thinkware F770 and rear camera are fairly discreet, in some states you might need to let your passengers know you have a camera recording in the vehicle, for that reason we've provided a set of our surveillance stickers which might even help deter certain behaviors.

    In addition to the impressive recording capabilities, the F770 also has a suite of advanced driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning, speed/red light camera alerts, and forward collision warning.

    We're also including the hardwire kit to free up any power outlets in the vehicle as well as take advantage of parking mode recording (if installed in such a way). Add-a-fuses will help keep that installation professional and clean. The F770 will come with the largest 64GB memory card as well as a 16GB backup card that we recommend keeping in the glove box.

    Note that there's a choice of interior camera cable. We have the straight-tipped 1 foot cable which is the easiest to install but will not allow the flap on the F770 to close properly. We also have the 25 foot rear camera cable that will let you mount the infrared camera on the rear window or elsewhere in the interior for a different perspective. Which cable you choose will depend on your desired mounting position.

    This Bundle Includes:

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    Thinkware F770 [Review]
    Our flagship dashcam offers Full HD recording, WiFi, GPS, and Parking Mode all in a very discreet form factor. The rear camera is one of very few on the market that features a Sony sensor and 1080P Full HD recording. Check out our review of the Thinkware F770! This Rideshare Bundle includes an upgraded 64GB memory card as well as a 16GB.

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  • Specifications

    Resolution Front: Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS | Rear: Full HD 1080P @ 30 FPS (optional)
    GPS Built-In
    Parking Mode (CCTV Mode) Built-In
    G-Sensor Built-In
    Wide Angle View 140° 
    Operating Temperature -10 ~ 60 °C / 14 ~ 140° F
    Loop Recording Yes
    Maximum SD Card 64GB (Micro SD)
    LCD N/A
    Wi-Fi Built-In
    Microphone Built-In
    Speaker Built-In
    File Format H.264 / .MP4
    Country of Origin South Korea
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty