Escort Redline Radar Detector

Escort Redline Radar Detector
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  • Summary

    The Escort Redline uses an industry leading dual forward-facing antenna system to deliver a 60% improvement in performance on all radar bands. This helps the Redline detect radar from a range of up to 14 miles in ideal conditions which in terms of range makes it a market leader for windshield-mounted detectors. Compared to the higher end Escort Max 360, the Redline doesn't have the GPS functionality and directional alerts. However detection range is greater than the Max 360. It is also compatible with Escort Live which uses the smartphone's GPS for real-time alerts.

    Escort Redline Quick-release Windshield Mount Coiled SmartCord Power Adapter User Manual Quick Reference Card 1 Year Warranty
  • Features

    Exclusive TotalShield Technology

    Next Generation Laser Protection

    Clear Digital Voice Alerts

    Mute and AutoMute Audio Controls

    Advanced AutoScan Processing

    Ultra-Bright High Definition Display

    City Mode Filtering

    Compatible with ESCORT Live!

  • Specifications

    Radar Signal Detection Yes
    Laser Signal Detection Yes
    Radar Detector Detection Yes
    POP Mode Detection Yes
    Display Yes (4 Brightness Levels & Full Dark Mode)
    Signal Strength Meter Yes
    Audio Alerts Yes
    Voice Alerts Yes
    AutoScan and TSR False Rejection Yes
    Community Threat Sharing Yes (Escort Live Subscription Based)
    GPS N/A
    Bluetooth Optional (SmartCord Live Enabled)
    Speed Notification Yes
    Red Light Camera Alert Yes
    Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty