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BlackVue DR750X 3-CH Plus Dash Cam Installation by LoveYourRV

Dash cams are useful for all types of vehicles - particularly those that are driven frequently. But have you ever wondered how it might be useful for special vehicles, such as RVs, where you not only get to drive, but also stay and live at every day?

Meet Love Your RV

Meet Ray from Love Your RV Youtube channel. Since 2011, Ray and his wife have been traveling in North America and Canada as full-time RVers. They’re using a pickup truck, and this has been their long-drive and long-stay companion for years.

We found their story and daily interesting, and we’re excited to know how a dash cam would be beneficial for them during their trips! That’s why we sent them one of the most sought after three-channel dash cams in the market, the BlackVue DR750X 3-Channel Plus.

Installing the DR750X 3CH Plus in an RV

Ray had the BlackVue three-channel system to his 2018 Ram 3500 truck. To maximize the functionality of the dash cam’s parking mode and Cloud connectivity, Ray decided to hardwire install it to his vehicle - which seemed to be a breeze for him as he had already tested other premium dash cams like Thinkware as well.

Love Your RV is a Youtube channel that aims to teach and show fellow RV enthusiasts how things have worked for them through their travel blogs and RV-related product reviews. In his video, he showed what’s inside the BlackVue DR750X 3-CH Dash Cam box - which includes the BlackVue DR750X’s front camera, rear camera, and the in-cabin IR camera to record all-around footage in their RV. He also showed the hardwiring kit - from the cable wires and pry tool - which are all conveniently included in the package of this dash cam.

Testing the Three-Channel

As soon as he completed the BlackVue DR750X 3-CH installation, Ray took his RV out on a spin - in one hot and sunny afternoon in the desert where he’s in. The BlackVue DR750X 3CH is just perfect for RVers like Ray who experience all types of weather conditions - as this dash cam is capable of operating in temperatures from -20°C up to 80°C (-4°F - 176°F). A perfect travel buddy indeed!

Looking at the video quality, Ray mentioned how impressive the clarity and sharpness of the footage is, as well as the wide-angle lens that captured everything in his line of sight. Since it’s a three-channel system, we had a view of the RV’s front and rear, and we also captured how Ray was smiling while he was driving with the BlackVue through the in-cabin cam.

Boosting the Battery

In the rear camera footage, Ray showed that he’s currently using a solar panel to collect energy for his batteries. He also mentioned how beneficial having a battery pack for a dash cam is, so you can maximize parking mode without affecting your RV’s engine battery.

That’s correct, and for the BlackVue DR750X 3-CH Plus dash cam, you can actually use a dedicated BlackVue B130-X Ultra Power Magic Battery Pack or a BlackBoxMyCar PowerCell 8 Battery Pack which is suitable for all dash cam brands.

Why the Cloud is Cool

Finally, Ray also checked out the BlackVue Cloud’s feature in action, which allowed him to access footage remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. He accessed the Live View from the Cloud and saw what was going on around his RV through his dash cam real time. It also has a GPS feature, so it also revealed that Love Your RV was in Arizona. He also mentioned how a great feature the BlackVue Cloud is for keeping an eye on his RV, even when it’s unattended.


Love Your RV will release an in-depth review of the BlackVue DR750X 3-CH dash cam soon, so stay tuned for his updates and travel with this dash cam. For now, you can also watch the actual vlog and RV dash cam installation video of Ray through this link here!