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Thinkware X1000 vs. FineVu GX1000 2K Dash Cam Review

Worth a Thousand Words: Which Dash Cam Delivers Better Image Quality and Features?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

For drivers who need evidence for insurance claims and accidents, a picture or footage may also be worth a thousand bucks, or even more.

If you want to invest in a dash cam with outstanding image quality for both front and rear, while enjoying numerous driver features, the Thinkware X1000 and the all-new FineVu GX1000 are what we recommend. Find out which of these work better for you.

Review: Thinkware X1000 2K Dash Cam

Popular for its stunning image quality, the X1000 records at a native 2616 x 1964p resolution and scales it down to 2560 x 1440p for enhanced video sharpness, detail, and clarity during your car surveillance video playback.

Both the front and rear cameras are fitted with the Sony STARVIS IMX335 5.14MP sensor to capture 156° of crystal clear video in 2K QHD at 30FPS.

Moreover, the Thinkware X1000 provides the best camera quality through lens optimization that accounts for tinted windows and the angle of the windshield.

Distortion is corrected by Thinkware's Dewarp image processing technology.

Does the Thinkware X1000 have Night Vision?

The X1000's Super Night Vision 3.0 recording capabilities goes beyond the existing night vision technologies, and improves the noise reduction in low-light situations compared to previous Thinkware models.

Also integrated in the X1000's front lens is a blue filter that is found in flagship smartphone cameras. The blue filter adjusts the amount of light on the fly to ensure sharper, cleaner images in different light situations.

What are the X1000’s convenience and safety features?

For convenience, the X1000 features an IPS panel on its 3.5-inch screen to view your video footage with accurate colors from any viewing angle in no matter the time of day. Alternatively, you can also use the free Thinkware Desktop Viewer to playback the saved footage on your microSD Card.

Adding another layer of safety, the X1000 is equipped with Parking Surveillance mode that is automatically activated when you turn off the ignition, and captures footage when a motion or impact is detected so you have video evidence of mishaps like hit-and-runs while you’re away from your vehicle.

By only providing minimal power to essential components while in Parking Surveillance mode, Thinkware’s proprietary Energy Saving 2.0 technology allows the X1000 to remain on standby for about 576 hours, or 24 days, while the vehicle’s ignition is off. You can unlock parking surveillance out-of-the-box with the Thinkware Hardwiring Kit.

How can the X1000 assist me in my driving?

The Thinkware X1000 offers a suite of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features such as Lane Departure Warning System, Front Collision Warning System, Urban Front Collision Warning System, and Front Vehicle Departure Warning. 

With the optional GPS Antenna, the X1000 can also record your vehicle’s driving speed and provide its precise location and route identification on the map - this feature not only provides comprehensive driving data in case of an accident, but it can also be used to track your holiday travel routes.

Review: FineVu GX1000 2K Front + Rear Dash Cam

Freshly released in December 2022, the FineVu GX1000 is designed to be FineVu's first camera with 2K QHD in front and 2K QHD in the back - having the same resolution with the Thinkware X1000.

FineVu GX1000's Image Quality and Recording Capabilities

The FineVu GX1000 features the most recent 5.1MP Sony Exmor R STARVIS image sensors in the front camera and another set of 5.1MP in the rear. Both have the same image sensors, allowing you to see the road ahead as well as the traffic behind you.

The GX1000 provides excellent 2K QHD @ 30FPS video footage, aided by HDR and Auto Night Vision, which optimize video quality by automatically tuning to deliver bright images in low-light and high-contrast settings.

What features of the GX1000 does the X1000 don't have?

While both have the 2K QHD front and 2K QHD rear camera resolution, the GX1000 also boasts cutting-edge safety features that the Thinkware X1000 is not equipped with. While Thinkware has Energy Saving mode, the GX1000 developed advanced tech features such as the AI Damage Detection 2.0, AI 2.0 Temperature Monitoring, and Auto Language Adjust functions.

What is the AI Damage Detection 2.0 update on the GX1000?

In the event of an impact, the AI Damage Detection automatically scans the entire vehicle body structure using machine learning technology and sensors.

The damaged area is divided into eight directions and reported in different impact size levels. When you get back into your car and start the engine, the GX1000 will notify you of the impact, and the device will show you which area was likely hit as well as a video clip of the incident.

Above this new feature, the GX1000 also includes a number of safety features, such as an Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS), Speed Camera Alert and Driving Rest Guide.

What is the AI 2.0 Temperature monitoring feature of the GX1000?

While some dash cams easily shut down when exposed to hot regions and temperatures, the FineVu GX1000 ensures that it will continue to do its job even if it becomes hot.

With the new AI Heat Monitoring feature, FineVu GX1000 is designed to withstand high temperatures in hotter climates, constantly monitoring the ambient temperature and switching to Power Saving Mode if extreme heat is detected.

What are the GX1000's Convenience Features?

The GX1000 has a Power Saving Mode to ensure that you get the most out of your dash cam. This is equivalent to the X1000’s Energy Saving Mode.

When parked, the GX1000 consumes only 0.06W for two channels with its GPS connection turned off. It also has the Smart Time Lapse feature, which ensures that impacts and events are properly captured while tripling, if not quadrupling, the storage capacity on your microSD card.

Unlike the X1000, the GX1000 lacks a screen, so playback will be viewed on the app, which is more easy and hassle-free due to the built-in FineVu WiFI connectivity.

FineVu also improved the user experience by adding low voltage shut off features, anti-flicker, and new 15 fps settings, all of which can be controlled via phone app.

Product Comparison: Thinkware X1000 vs. FineVu GX1000

Thinkware X1000

FineVu GX1000

Resolution (F+R)

2K QHD @30FPS | 2K QHD @30FPS

2K QHD @30FPS | 2K QHD @30FPS

Image Sensor

Sony STARVIS IMX335 Sensor - 5.1 MP in front + 2MP at rear

Sony STARVIS IMX335 Sensor - 5.1 MP in front + 5.1 MP at rear

Parking Mode






Wide-Angle View






Operating Temperature

-20°C - 70°C

-20°C - 70°C

Loop Recording



Maximum SD Card



LCD Screen

3.5-inch LCD Screen











Special Features

2K QHD (2560 X 1440) @30fps 5.14MP Sony STARVIS, 3.5″ LCD, 156° Wide Angle Lens, Super Night Vision 3.0, Parking Surveillance Mode, Time Lapse and Energy Saving Mode, Road Safety Warning System (LDWS/FCWS/uFCWS/FVDW)** GPS Port for External GPS, Free 32GB micro SD, Antenna PC Viewer, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

2K QHD and 5.1 MP Sony STARVIS image sensors for both front and rear cameras, Night Vision, Smart Time Lapse Feature, Voice Controls, Heat Resistance, Free Samsung 32 GB sd card, FineVu app, Parking Mode, Speed Camera Alerts, Driving Rest Guide, Free Hardwiring and Cigarette Cable, Wi-Fi, GPS, AI Damage Detection 2.0, AI Parking 2.0, 1-CH recording, Power Saving Parking Mode, Bitrate Control, Up to 9 Languages, 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Verdict: Thinkware X1000 vs. FineVu GX1000 2K QHD Dual Channel Dash Cam

In terms of image quality, both the Thinkware X1000 and the FineVu GX1000 are best bets for their 5.1MP Sony STARVIS sensors and 2K QHD for both front and rear cameras. Both also have Night Vision and HDR which are highly-recommended to capture clear evidence even in low light conditions.

For security and convenience, the FineVu GX1000 has more up to date features compared to the X1000. Apart from the standard ADAS, the GX1000 is also built with smart functions such as AI Damage Detection, AI Smart Temperature Monitoring and Auto Language Adjust to 9 languages. The X1000, on the other hand, only has Korean and English language options.

The price is also close, but the GX1000 gives more value for money. Although both offer a free 32 GB micro SD card, FineVu offers more with a built-in GPS - which the X1000 doesn’t have. Moreover, the 3-year warranty of the GX1000 is more than enough to prove how reliable this dash cam is.

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